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In My Spare Time – Right?

Posted by brotherkharma on May 19, 2009

The Rev and I have had many discussions surrounding this website, and for some reason he still encouraged me to provide input.  My initial reaction was that I would be thrilled to bloviate (apologies to Mr. O’Reilly) on a number of things that interested only me.  I would have no problem driving down the readership of this site.  My next reaction was to agree, as long as expectations were low and the submissions could be staggered and unreliable.  Underwhelmed by my enthusiasm, the Rev did not rescind his invite, which I interpreted as acceptance.

I found myself with a lot of opinions, and an outlet.  This was tremendous!  I mulled over some issues and ideas, wanting my first post to make a splash.  I sat down and began to write something, but the dog needed to be walked.  Well, I’d think about it on the walk and get started the next morning.  Several next mornings and a slew of track meets, softball games, booster club meetings, Taekwondo classes, book reports, leaky pipes, deadlines at work, client meetings (yes, I do actually have to work for a living, I’m not a liberal blogger), doctors appointments and other “trivial” things later, I still had nothing.  I told the Rev I was trying the best I could, but was interrupted by life. 

My next attempts faired slightly worse.  I actually went backwards by completely forgetting what I had wanted to write about.  It was obviously compelling and of a burning urgency to the world.  Somehow, I just could not work up the passion to ignore life to write about politics.  Something must be wrong with me.  I mentioned this to the Rev again and he pointed back to my “interrupted by life” excuse.  He suggested that if I had time (seriously, he did), I might want to expand on that. 

I thought about that for a while, not too long lest I forget what I was thinking about.  Then it hit me.  The major uphill battle that Conservatism faces is our complete and total ineptness at staying “me” focused.  The left has us beat hands down, and have for years.  I was raised by two people (of different genders, actually married – gasp!) who did whatever it took to ensure good things for their children.  Sacrifice was something they did by choice and out of love, not demanded of others to enhance their position.  I have tried to follow that example, because I admire the people who set it. 

There are tremendous issues facing us every day, and there are always important points to make on each one.  There is only one spring choir concert a year, and I am running out of those.  There is only one first varsity wrestling match.  The left can whip up professional protesters and seminar callers in an instant. If they can prevent themselves from being interrupted by life to stay focused on the issue du jour, then they have convinced me I am on the right side (pun intended).  We went through all of this in the 70’s (pending Ice Age vs. Global Warming;  Jimmy Carter and détente vs. Barack Obama world apology tour insisting we are not a Christian country) and survived, even thrived again 10 years later.  This country can get through anything.  I am not sticking my head in the sand and saying pull me out in 8 years, but a lot of voices are starting to sound shrill.  I would love to explain in detail why there is no need for panic, but please pardon the interruption, my life is calling.  Maybe after I pick up a sick kid from school I’ll have time to write it all down.




3 Responses to “In My Spare Time – Right?”

  1. Tim said

    This is so very true. People get caught up looking at the “big” picture and don’t take enough time for their day-to-day lives. It is important to make time for things like politics, and especially your faith, but we forget ourselves. I’d leave a longer comment, but I have to walk my dog with my father.

  2. James said

    Why would you keep your head buried for 8 years? In four we should be cleaning the Oval Office again . . .

    • brotherkharma said

      Surely you are not suggesting that the messiah is fallible, and would possibly lose an election. Therefore, I can only conclude that you assume an enhanced time frame for our political salvation. In four years all problem will be solved, and we will be cleaning out the oval orifice because we no longer need it, right? Saint Bill the Baptist paved the way by forever breaking the economic cycle, if you recall. In the years AB (after Bill), there are no more recessions or depressions. I think it was Panetta who told us that, but I’m not sure. Anyway, now the chosen one – oh! That’s not the right title, that would imply selected, not elected! The anointed one will now eliminate the need for the presidency. Again, a throwback to the 70’s when were told if someone as brilliant as Jimmy “bunny target” Carter was unable to handle the office, then no one could. Remember talk of a new constitutional convention to replace the president with a triumvirate? I guess He-For-Whom-We-Have-Been-Waiting will wipe out even the need for that.

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