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Idiots on Parade

Posted by revkharma on June 7, 2009

Relaxing this morning, I was sitting on the patio, reading the morning paper. Included in it is the weekly junk mail called Parade. Over the years this ‘journalistic endeavor’ has moved more and more to a parody than a magazine. The editors preach their liberal gospel even in the fawning celebrity gossip pages contained in the front.

This morning was an even wilder and more silly bit than I have seen in quite a while. It’s easy to dismiss it as junk and move on, but I think this takes more thought and deserves more attention than the usual tripe they print. Buried amidst stories trumpeting Hollywood stars ( Did you know Kyra can actually DANCE??? and Suri is well dressed!) comes something called ( now don’t laugh) ” The Intelligence Report”. The gem on display today is headlined:

Despite Recent Violence, Gun Laws Are Softening

The bit features a photo of a fierce faced woman apparently at a gun range. Of course to make it interesting she’s dolled up in some sort of cleavage baring  shimmery top. ( Imagine the discomfort should a wayward spent casing find its way there!) The story goes on to decry the fact that so many states are actually allowing law abiding Americans to exercise their second amendment rights! Worse still, they say, is that the congress has ( oh the HORROR) allowed Americans to carry their own weapons in federal parks, pursuant to local state laws.

The editors use an old diversionary tactic in the hit piece. In one line they say:

While it wouldn’t necessarily lead to more mass shootings, they say,

In the next paragraph they quote another expert, who clearly links any guns to mass shootings:

“We have the equivalent of a Virginia Tech massacre every day in this country. It’s just not all in one place,” says Daniel Webster of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research.

We could dance all day over the silliness of this drivel, but the more serious point is clear. Any time there is any advance in protecting freedom, individual freedom in particular, the media will do whatever it can, wherever it can to attack it.  The anti gun advocate quoted above works for a university. Like many Johns Hopkins will benefit from significant federal funding for it’s research.  Mr. Webster’s particular research is funded by the fiercely anti gun Joyce Foundation.   There is a deeply rooted web of such groups which work diligently to portray individual rights in general, and Second Amendment rights in particular as dangerous to the greater good.

The headline of the piece is a clear indicator of the disconnect between reason and advocacy.  Perhaps  someone with a calmer head, and slightly better powers of reason would see the link. The reason that governments are heeding the call by citizens to remove restrictions on a fundamental right  is simply that individuals wish to protect themselves rather than wait for the bankrupt government to do so. Concerned citizens will do what it takes, especially when the government which confiscates so much of wealth returns less and less to those who actually earned it.

Oh, one more thing, there’s a link at the end of the article. Parade is asking for comments. Anyone wanna send them some thought provoking critique of the pile of goo they printed this week?

Keep the Faith!

The Rev


One Response to “Idiots on Parade”

  1. James said

    That song in “Dumbo” about Pink Elephants is stuck in my head now. Thanks alot.

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