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What is Obama thinking?

Posted by revkharma on June 29, 2009

Let’s look at some recent events here. There may be some instruction in the the nature and form of our President’s thinking.

Obama has reached out to those opposed to the political system embraced historically by the USA. Achmedinajad in Iran, Chavez in Venezuela, Lula in Brazil, etc. ( leftist thugs in the USA like the ‘New Black Panthers’ who had charges dropped just before they would have been convicted of illegal voter intimidation)

Now, look at recent events.

Israel’s new Prime Minister stands firm against Haman and Hezbolla. He refuses to kowtow to the conventional wisdom of ‘following the ‘peace process’. This is a process which has allowed terrorist organizations to gain more and more credibility while the legitimate security interests of a freely elected, liberty loving nation are tossed into the gutter.  Obama’s policies pressure Mr. Netanyahu to cede more land, surrender more freedom even in the face of an implacable foe who refuses even to grant Israel’s right to exist.

The election in Iran appears to have been massively fraudulent. While there was polling data in advance to indicate that the incumbent would win a close election, the results have been nearly universally condemned as entirely made up.

The people of Iran, seeing that their wishes are ignored protest. It takes days for the US president to respond. Even after it is clear that repression and violence are being deployed on a massive scale, Barack Obama cannot seem to rouse himself beyond token statements that ‘everyone should remain calm’. He refuses to make any statement of support for ‘democracy’ in Iran.

Next, the President of Honduras attempts to run a ‘referendum’ which will enable him to violate the constitution of his country and assume a second term. The Congress voted that this was illegal. The Supreme Court ruled that this was unconstitutional.

Yet he pursued the referendum anyway. Eventually the Supreme court ordered the Army to step in, and remove him from office and allow the leader of Congress to assume the presidency. Obama has stated that he is ‘deeply concerned’ by the news.

Why the difference? Why would Obama respond rapidly to one, and respond to the other only after pressure from political opponents as well as some allies?

The Thuocracy in North Korea tramples on any and all agreements to which it is a party. This has been the pattern for decades and multiple administrations have followed the dead ent of negotiations with them. Now Kim and his army detonate weapons, fire missiles and threaten to annihilate the US. In face of this, Obama says ‘there will be consequences.’

What I see here is a pattern. If the ‘incumbent’, who exercises authority, has such power threatened, then Obama will condemn it. Achmedinijad holds power. The opposition is attempting to remove him, to prevent him from continuing his agenda. Obama is opposed.

Zelaya in Honduras violates his constitution, and attempts to extend his term. The constitutional, legal authorities thwart him, and Obama supports him. He must be defended . Why does  it Obama chose some leaders to object to and gives others a pass? It seems that as long as someone maintains power, he is credited with the right to keep it, no matter the legal, moral or constitutional violations he committed to maintain that position of power.

Is he setting an international precedent? Is he attempting to set the stage for future actions in his own administration?

We shall see.


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  1. James said

    And not a WORD about Michael Jackson! The audacity!

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