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Request For Info

Posted by revkharma on July 24, 2009

Ok, I found a small bit of information about what is called NLE 09, a FEMA mock exercise and anti-terrorist practice.( Hat tip to AXxiom for Liberty, and Red Dirt Report, with another from PrisonPlanet) You can follow this link and read the actual FEMA press release.

Does anyone out there have connections to someone actually participating? Is this for real? In the context of the last seven months, I can only wonder just exactly what it is that FEMA is preparing for? Could it be Janet Napolitano’s ‘ Right wing crazies? Are they practicing for all the pro life protesters ?

Let me know what you find, what you think.

I’ll follow up with what I can find also.

Keep the Faith

The Rev


One Response to “Request For Info”

  1. securityscene said

    Further details on the NLE 2009 exercise can be found here;

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