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Senator Grahamnesty Strikes Again

Posted by revkharma on July 29, 2009

So, the Senate Judiciary committee has sent the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the full Senate for approval. The Wise Latina Woman ( I still wonder if it’s possible to be a wise Latina man–perhaps the lgbt crowd can dig into that one) received a single vote from a republican. Well, at least a person who serves with a letter ‘R’ after his name.  Recall when the hearings commenced one senator who said something like ” barring a total meltdown, we can expect you to be confirmed”. Senator Lindsey Graham has once more shown the way to cross the aisle and hand not just a numeric victory but a strategic victory to the leftists in power in this country.

Judge Sotomayor has said that it is at the appellate court level that legal policy is made. Of course she made joking retractions once she realized she was being recorded, but her intent is clear.  On the appeals court level, all her decisions are subject to review by the US Supreme Court, as well as being restricted by precedent. Once she is seated on the Supreme Court, there is no further review. The Congress has proved itself unwilling and incapable of exercising any Constitutional oversight of the Supreme Court. They have realized that by permitting the courts to make the calls they want made, congress can escape culpability in the eyes of the voters. This is why the makeup of the Supreme Court is so important. This is why it must be guarded. This is why it was important for Senate opponents of the policies of the current administration to stand on principles and resist , even in the face of inevitable loss, the appointment of yet another opponent of the clear and original intent of the founders to the Supreme Court.

Lindsey Graham won election to replace the late Strom Thurmond. Much can be said of ‘ Ol Strom’ but at least he harbored no expansionist views of the government.  Graham assumed his mantle, publicly identifying his campaign that way. Once in office he has followed his idol Senator John McCain in pursuing accommodation  with the opposing party in a way which could make Vichy Frenchmen proud.

For years many have said the problem in government is the incumbent crowd. Once in office, politicians simply go along, and do whatever will keep them seated in DC. Here is a clear case.  If ever there was a time for those who call themselves ‘Conservatives’ to stand firm, this is it. If ever there was a time for those who cherish the ideals of the Constitution to stand up, this is it.  If you have ever said, ” It’s time to throw the bums out!” it is clearly time to stand firm and have the courage of your convictions. Don’t hide behind party loyalty any more. Putting party first only puts the country second.

From this moment I will work and will encourage and drive and shout and cajole for Senator Lindsey Graham to be voted out of office. Regardless of the costume, I will cast a vote for whoever seems most likely to defeat him in the next vote for his seat in the United States Senate. I will seek the most likely person to uphold true and realistic Constitutional principles. But, should it come to a choice between Senator Lindsey Grahamnesty and some hack wearing a donkey suit, this time the donkey gets my vote. After all, what will be the effective difference? Graham and his deal making pals have essentially supported the Dems anyhow.

It is time for change. If you are in office, you should be turned out. Graham MUST go.

Keep the Faith

The Rev


4 Responses to “Senator Grahamnesty Strikes Again”

  1. Thanks for joining the team! Where was everyone last fall when we had a nearly unfunded libertarian-conservative Democrat running against him?

    Gaham spent something like $10 million in 2008 to beat virtual unknowns in the primary and fall elections by blanketing the airwaves with his lies about his being a conservative. Add the $305 million in earmarks used in FY 2007 alone to buy votes and reward campaign donors and it was difficult for the challengers (both of whom I actively and monetarily supported) to get any traction with the media. The media here and nationally are very friendly to Graham and the other fascist liberals in both parties.

    Graham is the “Corporate Welfare Queen.” He is a puppet of the mega-corporations as well as one of the biggest promoters of big government. He has cynically traded their campaign contributions for taxpayer money and eschewed principles as he has maneuvered between being a liberal and a somewhat socially conservative Senator in order to maximize his exposure. The only thing you can count on with Graham is that he will do whatever gains him money, power, or exposure.

    If you REALLY want to know what’s driving him in his Sotomayor vote, look at how he and Lieberman were treated by Obama at first with their being consulted on international matters. After that, Lindsey has been virtually ignored.

    I have it on very good authority that Graham wants a cabinet level appointment and would probably take less than that if offered. He took it upon himself in this approval process to play both good cop and bad cop himself. He wanted to show Obama in his harsh grilling of Sotomayor that if he were to be further ignored, he can cause a lot of trouble. He also wanted to show, with his vote of approval, that he can defy his constituents and openly support Obama. He only publicly rationalizes his vote as being one in his quest for a more “rational” confirmation process.

    The reason for all his constant political maneuvering is that Graham is going to make a run for President. He’s going to follow McCain’s footsteps and ignore his home state while pursuing his political career. He thinks he can keep the money coming in for repeated attempts for the nomination over the next decade or so.

    I know that it sounds pathetic, but Graham is arrogant beyond belief. He really does think most people like him. The liberal media certainly do–at least when he defies conservatives. His sycophants in the party here and on his staff are, no doubt, constantly pouring flattering poison in his ears. He’ll find out soon just how much and how many people really dislike him.

    Graham has already put himself in a poll of Republican possible nominees and, of course, polled dead last. This will not deter him, however. As I’ve said, he’s arrogant. He wants Obama to “promote” him beyond his Senate seat in order to gain national attention. Graham knows he needs more national recognition and executive branch experience would add a lot to his resume. A Presidential appointment would put him in a place of national prominence from which he can campaign and, he thinks, appeal to a wide variety of big government donors and voters from both major parties.

    • deaconkharmafuture1 said

      Oh we were with you last fall. I voted for Buddy, but unfortunately we saw how that turned out. I think Buddy could make another attempt, or someone else could make a run and I’d vote for them. Sad thing is, just to unseat that sap, I’d even vote “D”. To be clear though…These days, I’d prefer a third party candidate to both R and D now. R and D seem to be both eating from the same plate, just on different sides. I’m pretty done with the 2 parties and would love an alternative. I used to be an ardent user of the “don’t waste your vote” statement with regards to 3rd party. Nowadays, I just have to vote my concscience.

      • I think what happened is that too many people here in SC (attracted in part by Palin though operating mostly out of fear of Obama’s socialism) pulled the straight Republican ticket due to simply not knowing anything about the Dem in the race.

        I’m there with you on the third, fourth, fifth, etc. parties. It’s time to flood the political arena with so many parties that parties mean much less than the individual. Then we’ll be back closer to where our Founding Fathers originally meant us to be.

  2. Spook said

    Nex ut Tyrannus!

    With the tyrants in Congress scheduled to return to their districts within the next week of so, it is a good time to effect the “Window War”. Personally, I’d prefer effecting “Operation Consequence” but, unfortunately not enough freedom loving Americans have arrived at that level of awareness.

    Remember, Silence is consent.

    If you, like me, do NOT want an armed rebellion to break out, get off your arses and MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Otherwise, we may have no other choice in the near future.

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