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Posted by revkharma on August 12, 2009

This morning I got an e-mail from a friend, asking my thoughts on Obamacare. Here’s my response.

Ok, that sir, is a truly loaded question.

Here’s my best answer:

I will need to start with some background, so I hope I don’t bore you.

One of the things I have learned is that we can’t take government actions at face value. As far back as the beginning of the twentieth century,when programs were put in place by our government,  they were saying one thing and planning something else. The Architect of Democracy, Woodrow Wilson was a man of deceit when it came to government plans. Wilson was one of the first true visionaries who wished to bring about a ‘Progressive’ vision to the nation. They generally believed that the common man was not competent to handle his own life, and those enlightened progressives could direct things better for us. It was then that the idea of compulsory education for all children evolved. The leaders knew that if they would be able to take children away from the family they could gradually inculcate the ideas of government in a stronger and more permanent way in the minds of citizens. The public education system was designed with one goal in mind. To produce good and cooperative citizens willing to do the things the State deemed essential.

Creating a social welfare program, administered by the State accomplishes a major part of this goal. By gradually and steadily making people dependent upon subsidies from the government, instead of a network of family and community, the progressives are able to exert more and more control upon the individual. For example, when confronted with the idea that the Payroll Taxes were ‘unfair to lower wage workers’ Roosevelt is reported to have replied:” We put those payroll taxes there so as to give the contributors the legal, moral and political right to collect their benefits” With those taxes in place, no damn politician can ever scrap my social security program”

Then the fiction of the trust fund was created. Even in the face of a court challenge, the Roosevelt administration maintained the lie. In court, to prevent it’s termination, the administration stated clearly that Social Security is NOT an insurance plan, but a government paid wealth transfer. However they continue to this day to publicly discuss the fiction of the ‘Trust Fund” and your regular ‘social insurance contributions’. ” In Hellering v. Davis, 1937 the US Supreme Court ruled  ” The Proceeds of [the taxes] are to be paid into the Treasury like internal-revenue taxes generally and are not earmarked in any way” Yet to this day every American gets an official looking statement of payments and benefits from the Social Security Administration, which pretends to show some form of promised benefit. (Recall even Al Gore’s now infamous ‘ Lock Box’.)

Later, when the Johnson Administration added to the deceit by creating the Medicare and Medicaid programs, Wilbur Mills, then chairman of the House Ways and Means committee said ” I think we’ve got you something that we won’t only run on in ’66, but we’ll run on from here after.”

So you see, when looking at such programs, one MUST look at the motivations and long term goals of those who wish to implement such programs.

This brings us to the current administration. There are several versions currently in play to create a new medical care/medical insurance program in the United States.

All have at their heart one thing: They will eventually bring about a ‘Single Payer’ plan.

Despite his recent statements to the contrary, Barack Obama has been quite clear for the last decade in his statements to supporters that he is a ‘proponent of single payer systems’. He has repeated it over and over again. Just as he has said ” we do not want to be in the auto business” as the Treasury department forcibly purchased majority stakes in General Motors and controlling interests in Chrysler Obama has one driving interest: Control.

Make no mistake, that is what the entire debate is all about. Who will control and decide what individuals may or may not do. By controlling access to health care through a single point, government will in fact control who gets what. Right now in England, medical decisions are legally dictated by long term outcome. even in the USA certain choices are already controlled.

In his book “Liberty and Tyranny” Mark Levin recounts the story of Barbara Wagner, a resident of Oregon. Oregon created a state run health program. She had lung cancer, which recurred.  A certain specific drug would help prolong her life, and improve its quality. The Oregon Health Plan refused, as it does not cover drugs which ‘only prolong life’. In a macabre twist, the state plan DOES cover assisted suicide. So,  Ms. Wagner received an unsigned letter from the State Health Plan offering to pay for the costs involved in paying a doctor to help her kill herself.

( The company which manufactured the drug heard the story, and contacted her, and provided her medication at no charge. )

If such a program were rolled out nationwide, there would be no way the company could have provided the drug, as this would be outside the laws.

Socialized medicine is only the beginning here. This is all about control and liberty. It is about freedom and individual rights. This is a plan to move America further away from the Republic given to us by the founders and closer to the dream of the progressives who desire to create a controlled, docile nation of serfs who will be at the mercy of the government bureaucrats who control their wealth and health.

That’s why they are so desperate to paint opponents as ‘paid mobs’ of Nazis and Klansmen. They can’t afford to lose this round, as it may take another twenty or so years to try again. (Remember Clinton Care?) And by then Americans may just have found they value their liberty more than their security. Or perhaps by then the myth of Social Security and Medicare will be so apparently fraudulent that no one will be willing to add to the scam.

So, if you value any of the ideals this republic was founded upon, if you value liberty, if you are opposed to being corralled and herded like sheep, then oppose this plan. Write and call your legislators. Write letters to your local paper. Show up at Town Hall meetings and tell your government reps you want them NOT to do this.

Keep the Faith

The Rev


One Response to “Obamacare?”

  1. George said

    Sometimes, the simplest explanation to an issue is the best. You are exactly right in your explanation of the health care bill. It’s all about control, always was, always will be. I do believe that the middle aged(me), and the elderly have “come alive” on this issue. The pro health care bill people think these town hall attendees are there just to voice their opinion on the health care issue–and they are. But they don’t realize the bigger reason they’re there is to protest the wholesale intrusion into their personal lives, making decision for them that the government should have no part of. The president’s people just don’t get it. The raw nerve that has been struck by this health care bill is just getting started. Emotions relating to this issue are contagious. As one attendee to a town hall meeting said, “you have awakended a sleeping giant”. The Presiden’t team don’t have a clue as to what’s really going on. They opened up a can of worms that grows by the day.

    One other thing. The president’s team calling these town hall attendees names such as “brown shirt nazi’s, thugs, klansmen,”, and so forth, won’t win them a lot of style points with the elderly. They are eroding their base supporters by the thousands.

    The president’s team of advisors have been smoking too much “beltway buglewood”, and need to get in touch with the real world. And someone needs to tell the president that we have video tape of him saying one thing one day, and saying the exact opposite the next. it’s one of those modern inventions that have been the bane of many presidents. Just ask “no new taxes” Bush #1. I bet he could give some lessons to the messiah Obama.

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