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Seals and Terrorists

Posted by revkharma on November 30, 2009

I am sure you’ve read much about the Navy Seals being tossed overboard after a complaint from a captured terrorist.

{Editors note from Rev:Let me preface all this as speculation and guess  work, combined with some stuff I have heard from others. I have never been in any branch of the  military, and will not even begin to pretend to understand the stress these heroic people are undergoing. I have read much discussed much, and think I have a common sense understanding of much of what is happening.

I would also like to ask a favor from readers. Some of you are a bit more experienced and knowledgeable in all this than I am. If someone has information relevant to this, which supports or refutes what I have begun to put together, please let me know.  A comment will be read, and replied to, and anything with verifiable info will be greatly appreciated. What I see happening is disgusting and dangerous. This needs to be brought from the shadows and into the light of day one way or another. Thanks– The Rev.}

With some digging, and listening, some things have come to my attention.
First, this is standard practice for the bad guys. There is a physical manual which details ways to file complaints against American soldiers who capture, imprison, interrogate or transport Al Qaeda captives. It is a frequent event that once placed into a transport truck that said bad guy will attempt to slam his own face into the walls or sides of the truck in order to induce injuries which they will later claim were ‘torture’ induced. Another tactic is to jump from the moving vehicle, once again to induce physical injuries.

Also the steps of discipline when a complaint is filed are pretty solidly laid out. The Chief is first consulted, then the unit command and so on up the chain. If these guys were referred to Admiral’s Mast then one of two things are apparent.
First, what they did was wrong and blatantly violated some order or procedure, and/or someone demonstrably lied to an investigator. I am told that Seal teams respect and revere integrity, and if it comes to it, they will take the honorable course and admit.
Second possibility is that someone way up the chain moved this to Admiral’s Mast.  This is the most insidious rumor I have heard. There is some speculation that this is a pay back. Recall the pirate ship rescue, in which the Seals took out the bad guys and rescued the captive American Captain and his crew?
The story floating up is that someone on the Seal Team actually fired against ‘ROE’  in place at the time. As the end was immediately portrayed as heroic, the public face was that CinC changed orders, and directed the action, even giving the order to pull the trigger.
As there was no way to actually punish that team, admin staffers were waiting for an excuse to exact retribution against the Seals, ANY Seals, where an example could be made.This was the opportunity That’s why the process was short circuited and moved directly to Admiral’s mast.
By refusing to participate in Admiral’s Mast, which has incorrectly been described as a ‘slap on the wrist’ and requesting Court Martial, these Seals can avail themselves of all legal means to defend their actions. The ‘slap on the wrist’ provided by an Admiral’s Mast  often ends the career of those who are slapped.
It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Keep the Faith

The Rev


2 Responses to “Seals and Terrorists”

  1. DeaconKharmaFuture1 said

    Another possibility is that the “TONE” set by the Whitehouse of persecution of those perceived to be torturing (or rumors of torture) makes necessary a SHOW of CYA on the part of the top brass and that on top of doing an already difficult job, they now must remember as Chris Matthews so eloquently put it, in a rare moment of uabashed truth, that they are the “enemy camp”
    Due to this unwarranted scrutiny on the scale of a witch hunt, they must treat things proactively to avoid unwanted and unwarranted justice department “attention”.
    If you have a “throw you under the bus” boss what do you spend most of your time doing? Yup. CYA. Even warrantless complaints are taken more seriously and handled proactively because of the preclivities of the new administration or your “throw you under the bus” boss.

  2. DeaconKharmaFuture1 said

    Yikes, bad spelling!
    I meant Proclivities.

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