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They are putting it all right out there now.

Posted by revkharma on March 26, 2012

I read this morning that the Justice Dept is ‘investigating to determine’ if the shooting in Florida, of Trayvon Martin is a ‘Hate Crime”
This is the first step necessary, to ensure that even if the shooter is not legally culpable in any way, the Obama Justice dept can persecute him anyway, regardless of the law or morality.
Next is this atrocious pile of words from Mr. Leonard Pitts. No more pretense, no more dancing.
You are racist if they decide you are. You are an oppressive white man. to be persecuted by the Federal Justice system if they decide you are, you are an oppressed black man in need of federal protection if and when they decide you are. If you have been unfaithful to the liberal dogma, you are not allowed to be considered black any longer. There is a test of whiteness and blackness.
Just as in that cartoon, there is a new Klan in town, and now we have new tests. Instead of the offensive “One drop of blood” category ( remember the phrase ‘Octaroon’?) there is now a liberal politics test. Recall that Bill Clinton was self described as the “first black president” because he hewed to the correct political inclinations.
Read this pile of words, let me know what you think.

White, then, is not simply color, but privilege


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All the News That Isn’t

Posted by revkharma on March 23, 2012

I know, it’s a familiar title, and not original.
this week in France, a Muslim terrorist attacked and killed jews, in he name of his religion.
He killed several elite french military men, and using a gun, held police at bay for hours, eventually jumping to his death, while continuing to shoot at the police who could not capture him.
Several things
first, all the major nets covered other stories first.
Let’s look—
Muslim terrorist Can’t say that.
he used a gun.. They are supposed to be banned, thus unavailable in France, how’d that happen?
Third, he killed Jews… Thought they were the persecutors not victims. supposed to be running the world… not hunted and killed.
And he was a TERRORIST… Thought we were done with that.
Can’t shake up the fat happy sheep watching wheel of fortune and “the voice’ on their big screen Tv while cashing their second year of unemployment checks.

No way will the big shots in charge allow anything to shake these fat blobs of gelatinous lipids from their torpor. They might just fire up a dormant neuron long enough to understand they are being misled, and maybe one or two percent of them might actually resist their slavery.

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