The Church of Kharma Futures

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Who is The Rev?

The Reverend Kharma is an accidentally ordained minister, who has decided to enter the fray of current events. Watching what the politicians and media continue to do created a need for a forum. Use this space to exchange ideas, and thoughts about what the future holds for the Republic. We are at a pivotal time in history and those who believe in the Founders’ vision of a Republic founded upon Liberty need to speak out. We have to join together to protect and defend the original ideas expressed in the Constutution and prevent the destruction of the ideals which made this a great nation.



About the Church of Kharma Futures

The Church of Kharma Futures began kind of tongue in cheek, as a tweak to some who hold to fuzzy, new agey, ‘feel good about yourself’ philosophy. The Rev is a new age cynic. The universe is a dark, cold place which tends toward entropy. Only with concentrated effort can chaos be held back, and we now are seeing the lack of effort in recent times allowing that chaos to claim our society, our culture and our nation.










2 Responses to “About”

  1. ron8000 said

    enjoyed reading your blog, please continue to speak out. you do make a difference. One other comment, if you would darken your text color it would be easier to read.
    thank you


  2. blacktygrrrr said


    Forgive the off topic comment.

    Four updates…forgive any redundance as well.

    1) My site has moved. The new site is

    It requires registration, aka a username and password. This is to weed out the trolls.

    2) My new radio show on Blogtalk radio is on every Wednesday 7:30-9:30pm PST, 10:30pm-12:30am EST.

    Below is the clip of my debut show.

    3) My Presidential Campaign Commercial

    4) I am appearing at the laugh factory on Tuesday, July 22nd.

    Right to Laugh night of conservative comedy for Tuesday, July 22 at the world famous Laugh Factory on the Sunset Strip (8001, just East of Laurel). 323-656-1336. Doors open at eight, tickets are just twenty dollars ($30 for VIP seating).

    Stay well always, and let me know if you would like anything promoted.

    eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

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