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Paris Burns: DC Remains Too Cool

Posted by revkharma on November 16, 2015

Paris is burning, and DC is chilly. We have seen a well planned, well executed and devastating attack in Paris. Islamic fanatics have killed scores and it appears to be a direct result of the plans and achievements of the leaders of the West.
“Refugees” from Syria, and radicalized Europeans have struck in the heart of France with bloody results.
In the US, reaction is mixed. Our president has resolutely refused to change course, with his administration standing firm in their plans to import tens of thousands of those very same refugees.
After years of minimizing the role of ISIS, and refusing to even say ‘Islamic Terror’ President Obama on Friday, the day of the massacre, was quoted once more with noted ignorance, claiming that ISIS was now contained, and not a growing threat. At the gathering of world leaders, the American president was noticeably late for the formal gathering for a memorial moment of silence to honor the dead from the ISIS assault.
Even today, when pressed by media, President Obama has steadfastly refused to respond forcefully, with this the most telling exchange:

“CNN’s Jim Accosta said…’I guess the question is, and if you’ll forgive the language is”Why can’t we take out these bastards”?
Obama scoffed at the question: “What I’m not interested in doing is posing or pursuing some notion of ‘American Leadership’ or America winning’ He said firmly”

Via Breitbart


This, then is pretty decisive and clear. This man, the president of the USA is NOT interested in victory by America.

Immediately following the attacks, Obama announced that he was releasing five Yemeni prisoners from Guantanamo, including the man who was Osama Bin Laden’s body guard. He appears bent on  showing he cares more for Islamists than Americans.
Why is this? What can possibly be the answer?

Our president has sometimes been portrayed as being an islamist. He has denounced those who have questioned his Christian credentials. Recall the scrambling to rephrase and reframe this famous quote in an interview with George Stephanopolis, where he responded to a question with an answer about ” My Muslim Faith” ?  If in fact, Obama had been raised as a Muslim by his father, then later in life he became Christian, then according to the Sharia law, he is an apostate. If this were the case, he would be subject to death by true believers.  As it happens, there have not been calls for his death for this crime.  Yet he continues to show more concern for defaming Islam than defending Christianity.
Answers range from his leftist upbringing, racialist philosophy, to Al Taqiyya.
But, in truth, the answers are irrelevant. The truth, the facts, are plain enough. As long as he is in command, Obama will not lead, will not permit America to win. He has stated plainly such. He must be thwarted, his successor must be someone capable of reversing his damage.
Keep the Faith!
The Rev


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The Census and Election Fraud

Posted by revkharma on April 19, 2009

I came home from work the other day, and found that I had been visited by someone who had left a flyer at my door. I get those occasionally, from some company or other or a church group looking for new members. This was different. The paper stuck inside my door was from the Commerce Department, Census bureau. The flyer advised me that any answers given to the US Census takers was confidential. It states that bureau personnel  take an oath and are subject to jail and a fine if they disclose information. Well, I already know that, it’s all over the place every time there’s a census. ( I won’t get into the trust level here… recall how “Joe the Plumber’s” restricted tax data was released to the press during the last presidential campaign). 

So I wondered about the bid deal. Then I saw a note, printed in bold on the bottom of the notice.  It directed me to see the reverse side for a Spanish translation.  Sure enough, on the reverse the entire document was reproduced in Spanish.


Your answers are confidential!

Spanish language form from Census Bureau



I have to assume that is for all the Spanish speaking US Citizens. Oh wait a minute… if they are US Citizens, they have already gone through the naturalization process, right? And since they have become naturalized American Citizens they have been certified to have complied with this requirement:

Applicants for naturalization must be able to read, write, speak, and understand words in ordinary usage in the English language.

If this is so, then why should a document, which will count the population, for the purposes of apportioning representatives to the US Congress be written in a foreign language? True there are some exceptions to the English language rule:


Applicants exempt from this requirement are those who on the date of filing:

  • have been residing in the United States subsequent to a lawful admission for permanent residence for periods totaling 15 years or more and are over 55 years of age;
  • have been residing in the United States subsequent to a lawful admission for permanent residence for periods totaling 20 years or more and are over 50 years of age; or
  • have a medically determinable physical or mental impairment, where the impairment affects the applicant’s ability to learn English.


I don’t see how this small minority of those to be counted should necissitate an entirely separate form. 
So, the question then must be asked: Why is the Census bureau informing those who speak only Spanish that their answers will be kept confidential? This is almost a rhetorical question, as anyone who has followed the ‘open borders’ crowd already knows. We will count illegal aliens and count their population exactly the same as if they were legal, tax paying US citizens.  In many different districts, this will have the effect of grossly and fraudulently enlarging the population count, thus shifting congressional representation from areas in which legitimate, legal taxpaying citizens reside to those where the number of residents is inflated by those here illegally. With the consistently documented fraud at election time, this will continue to enlarge the majority in congress of those who seek to destroy the distinction between American Citizens and those who come here illegally and take advantage of our safety, and economic and medical progress. 
Understand, I have absolutely no objection to anyone following the legal path of visa, residency and eventual citizenship.  I have been acquainted with several people over the years who proudly took the path and availed themselves of the process to become Americans. This is how our nation grows and expands and continues to be come the envy of the world.  Allowing those who cross into our country illegally, then catering to their separatist demands does exactly the opposite. By providing services to all who demand it in whichever language they desire propagates a sense of separation and fragmentation which has and continues to destroy the nature of our nation and will destroy the essence of the country they seek to enter.  
Recent media reports(for example here, and  here) have described a campaign to demand that all deportation and ICE raids on illegal immigrants be halted until the completion of the census. The logic is that if Spanish speakers fear they will be deported they will not answer the census. If they are here legally, they will not be deported.  If they are not here legally, then they deserve deportation.  If I have not violated the law, I need not hide from the census. If someone is not legally a resident, then they should not be counted toward congressional apportionment in any case. This is simple and clear logic. 
The counting of illegal immigrants is actually a policy of the Census Bureau:
The acting director of the U.S. Census Bureau, Thomas Mesenbourg, told on Wednesday that the bureau intends to work with community organizations to ensure that all illegal aliens in the United States are counted in the 2010 Census.
The current 435 House seats are divided among the states in proportion to their population, which is determined by the decennial census. States with more people get more seats in the U.S. House.

This means that a state harboring more illegal immigrants could gain more House seats as long as the Census Bureau finds the illegal aliens and counts them. It also means that the illegal alien population in the United States during a census year has the potential to alter the regional and philosophical balance of power in Congress.

I say again, and for the record that if you are legally here, either resident or citizen then by all means you MUST be counted. If you are not legally entitled to be here you SHOULD be skipped. Anyone insisting that illegal residents be counted in the census is working to provide false numbers, and attempting to rig the system in favor of law breakers and destroy our system.
There is a single bright spot, however.  In a scene reminiscent of the new Sherrif of Rock Ridge in Blazing Saddles pointing a gun to his own head, a group of Hispanic leaders has now announced they are urging a boycott of the Census until ‘Congress enacts complete immigration reform’
The National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders, a group that says it represents 20,000 evangelical churches in 34 states, issued a statement this week urging undocumented immigrants not to fill out Census forms unless Congress passes “genuine immigration reform.”
Perhaps we should encourage more such boycotts. Maybe we can convince them all to deport themselves if they think we won’t count them!

Keep the Faith!
The Rev


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Guns, Mexico and the DHS report

Posted by revkharma on April 17, 2009

Again and again we hear the representatives of our government, from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to the President apologizing to Mexico for causing the problems south of the border. It is ‘our fault’ with our boundless appetites for drugs, and of course for providing “90% of all weapons” used by the narco-terrorists in Mexico. If only we could stop our be-knighted citizens from wanting these death dealing weapons,  they would not be available at ‘gun shops along the border’ and the drug lords would be disarmed. See, it’s not the fault of the weak and corrupt Mexican government, nor of the hundreds of Mexicans who desert their posts in the army and join the well armed gangs. It’s the fault of the American Second Amendment and those of us who still cling bitterly to our guns and bibles.

This week, in a short visit to Mexico, President Obama found one more foreign stop to denigrate America, and to grovel to a foreign leader to beg forgiveness for America’s transgressions. 

From the NY Times:

The Obama administration had already pledged to send more agents to patrol the border with Mexico and more helicopters to Mexico. But on Thursday the president went a step further, announcing that he would press the Senate to ratify the long-stalled inter-American arms treaty, which the United States had a major hand in negotiating through the Organization of American States.

The Mexican President discussed the problem, claiming the US as the source of all his country’s trouble:

But while the two pledged their “shared responsibility” in the drug wars during a news conference here, they seemed to diverge on the issue of the assault weapons ban, which expired in 2004. Mr. Calderón said nearly 90 percent of the weapons seized in Mexico could be traced to the United States, adding that organized crime increased after the ban expired.

Now, in recent weeks, Pres Obama has repeated over and over to US media that he will not seek a reintroduction of the assault ban. However in reply to President Calderon:

Mr. Obama campaigned on a platform of renewing it, but he suggested Thursday that reviving the ban was politically impossible because of opposition from gun enthusiasts. “None of us are under any illusion that reinstating that ban would be easy,” Mr. Obama said, while insisting he was “not backing off at all” from his conviction that renewing the ban made sense.

(italics mine)

So, with the government of Mexico in a state of collapse, much of the country controlled by drug gangs, armed with weapons, equipment and even the soldiers of the Mexican Army, the president of the United States goes to Mexico and says it’s all the fault of American Citizens. Curious isn’t it?

Meanwhile Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Secretary released a report advising US law enforcement to be on the lookout for American citizens who think taxes are too high, abortion is wrong, visit gun ranges or have just left the military. They are the real danger, according to the report.

Despite criticism from both outside and inside government, Ms. Napolitano has stood firmly behind her report, stating that she remembers Timothy McVeigh, and so the report is justified. I guess she forgets the Saudi Islamoterrorists from 9/11 as her memory skips back to 1994. One deranged American is a source of law enforcement attention, but an entire ideology bent on our destruction is now to be called ‘Man caused destruction’ instead of Terrorism.

Take a step back, and look at all of this. Obama has consistently been a ‘blame America First’ politician. When pressed he has moderated his rhetoric, but never deviated from his path.  He has joined with his Attorney General, Eric Holder, to condemn us intelligence and military interrogators as torturers, even while saying they should not be prosecuted. The left wing of the Democrat party has always been about self perpetuation and maintaining power.  While the focus of attention is on external threats, Americans tend to draw together to unite to oppose a common enemy. Such was the case in the aftermath of 9/11. However as soon as some distance  made it possible, the left began to push for a return to a pre 9/11 mentality.

That focus is now inward. As President Obama and his international representatives scurry around the globe, condemning not those who have commited such acts, but America for somehow causing others to WANT to do so, they create a certainty that America is no longer prepared to stop our adversaries. As they blame the US, they must then, logically take steps to prevent a repeat. So,we skip over 9/11, and focus on McVeigh, and such events as Columbine high school, the attention of the bovine media will shift. Instead of being forced to call Americans ‘Heroes’ as they fight and die to save  us, they will be able once more find fault with Americans.

Law enforcement can be twisted, as Homeland Security now controlled by ‘open borders’ advocates will focus on creating domestic demons to fight. More and more we will see criminals conjured from the ranks of the law abiding. Those who maintain that the Constitution is the Law of the Land will be ridiculed and attacked. Free speech will be redefined as hate speech. We are seeing the opening salvo of a fundamental attack. The fact that even in the face of outright criticism Ms. Napolitano has stood firm shows that this is not a mistaken policy paper. They are moving. Concerned patriotic Americans need to stand firm, and speak out against this.

Keep the Faith!

The Rev


Over at the Conservative Examiner, they must be reading similar tea leaves.

Check out his most recent post: HERE

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