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Questions That Need To Be Asked

Posted by revkharma on November 9, 2014

We have seen a new name floated for AG, Loretta Lynch is a prosecutor from NY.

Without question, she will be biased and partisan. That is part of the deal with this administration.
A few questions should be asked, in my opinion.
1. Do you support the current goals and plans to administratively refuse to prosecute immigration crimes, and will you support executive amnesty?
2. How will your deep ties to the Clinton Administration and your representation of Bill and Hillary Clinton during the Whitewater investigations affect your objectivity?
3. If presented with information and evidence which implicates those who preceded you in this office in potentially illegal or unconstitutional acts during the gun walking, or IRS investigations would you be willing to prosecute such former administration actors?
4. Will you state now, for the record, that you support a fair and neutral application and interpretation of EEOC and 14th amendment issues, and agree to follow truly race blind policies and practices while conducting the business of the United States as Attorney General?
5. What is your position on and interpretation on the Second Amendment?
Think anyone in either party would have the C O Jones to ask those questions during confirmation hearings?
If so, think there is a chance in hell of getting any of them answered?

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Governed By Peace

Posted by revkharma on July 17, 2012

One more bit of nonsense, one more news story not covered. How much did you see about Clinton’s recent visit to Egypt. Bet you missed all the networks coverage of her motorcade being pelted with rotten vegetables, bottles and shoes. (recall how many times the ‘shoe thrower’ with Pres Bush was replayed?) Also, the crowd was loudly chanting

“Monica! Monica! Monica!


This great show of respect and collegiality. One more display of modern civilized behavior from yet another country our government has allowed, well actually encouraged to be governed by the Religion Of Peace.

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Posted by brotherkharma on July 15, 2009

Legacy.  It’s an odd word.  It used to mean, according to Merriam Webster, “a gift by will” or “something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past”.  Well, as with so many words, politicians have annihilated that as well.  Legacy now means the way today’s media would like historians to judge a current political figure.  Please don’t confuse this with their actual legacy, which is what they have transmitted to our culture and posterity.

Take for example, and I do hesitate to invoke the name, President Clinton.  I am not, in any way attempting to link the current administration to Clinton’s.  For one thing, Clinton was much better about doing a poll driven 180° policy turn and convincing a lot of people this was the original direction.  That brings me rambling along to something like making a point.  (I understand that is what I’m supposed to do with these blogs, go figure).  Enough time has passed that we can begin to honestly evaluate the Clinton legacy.

To do this, we will need to look at the “Webster” legacy, and the “Network” legacy.  First, the network legacy.  I will paraphrase a few things; sort of quote a source occasionally.  You know, real, hard hitting modern journalism.  There is a NY Times article, “Striking Strengths, Glaring Shortcomings”, that is one of many attempts to describe the former President as someone who tried really hard.  He had to overcome a public that just didn’t trust the executive branch after the 12 years before him.  They actually referred to his “modest domestic initiatives” in the same paragraph as “his effort to overhaul the nation’s health care system”.  They refer to his poll driven policies as navigating between the left and the right.  The gist of most of the major news outlets view of the administration is that he was a likeable guy, bad husband, and the only really practical person in Washington.  Their version of his legacy is that conservatives learned to move to the left because of him, and those who disagreed with his practical policies had to attack his personal life.  The impeachment was, after all, the result of Ken Starr being a pervert and a prude (with no explanation how you are both).

Watching some of the recent news of the day is what prompted me on this rambling.  I am seeing more of the true legacy.  To be fair, it is not all directly from the former President, but what I see is the result of both his actions and those who rushed to his defense.  In 1988, there were several prominent Democrats running for their party’s nomination.  In these pre-Clinton days, reports of Gary Hart’s affair on the yacht Monkey Business was more than enough to run him out of the race, and politics.   That same year, another Senator running for office was discovered to have plagiarized a speech by British politician Neil Kinnock, as well as a number of papers while in law school.  He was disgraced and withdrew from the race (although he did provide me with a good joke for my brother’s wedding toast) and was very quiet for a long time.  Now, in the post Clinton days, that man is Vice-President.  I look at the Governors of New York, New Jersey, and South Carolina and I hear people saying it’s their personal life.  In New York, Eliot Spitzer is actually being considered as a viable candidate.

We used to look for leaders, for people to inspire the nation to greatness.  I can’t stand to hear one more talking head tell me that our politicians are just like the rest of us.   That’s not leadership.  George Washington was not like the rest of us.  Most people would have taken the opportunity to become the first American King, or Emperor.  Why do we tolerate (and don’t get me started on the new definition of that word) mediocre leadership?  I see the messages battering my children that some sex is not sex, and anything you do in private is OK.  Spin is OK.  I’m sorry but spin is just a soft way to say lying through your teeth.  My kids have been told (not at home) that there are times in life when a little lie is the right thing to do.  Let me repeat that.  They have been told that sometimes a lie is the right thing to do.  As long as you avoid offending anyone, and spin it right, just say what you need to say and get past the situation.  Of course, if you botch it, there is a guaranteed fix.  If you actually do something that someone considers wrong, and get caught, you must apologize.  It should go something along the lines of “To the extent that anyone may have taken offense at what I said, although I never intended to offend them, I apologize.” Apologize for someone else’s actions too, while you’re at it.  Can’t hurt.

So in the end, I am trying to raise my kids to learn the lesson of the only legacy that truly matters.  I understand that this gets me labeled with all sorts of horrible titles, but I still do it.  It is a true legacy, a “gift transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past”.  The world has the legacy of Christ, handed directly down from Him through Saint Peter.  I will hitch my wagon to that, and let the others try to build on the media legacy.

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Harbinger of Things To Come

Posted by revkharma on April 28, 2009

Right now, headlines around the world are focusing on the sudden and virulent outbreak of swine flu. It appears centered in Mexico, and spreading within the United States. Other countries around the world are monitoring and reporting cases, but for now, it appears not to be a generally fatal strain.

WHO ( World Health Organization) has issued all sort of alerts, governments are responding by intensifying monitoring at borders. Even by recession standards, travel seems to be showing a decline.

In the U.S., DHS Secretary has already declared a “Health Emergency”, but no one has explained what that means. That is exactly the problem. In the last several weeks, we have been treated to a stunning display of ignorance and incompetence by Ms. Napolitano. She has declared returning war veterans to be potential terrorist threats to the nation, then she told the Canadians that the 9/11 terrorists came through their nation. In short, she has showed a stunning inability to do the job to which President Obama has appointed her. The problems, however run far deeper than just the DHS Secretary. Ordinarily, a defective appointment to a Cabinet level position can be papered over by those who actually run the day to day affairs of the department. However the DHS, as is the case in far too many cabinet departments, is simply not staffed. There is no HHS secretary, there are no secondary or tertiary positions filled. This mirrors the Treasury Dept, where the tax cheat who is running the department is essentially alone.

All of this follows and flows logically from President Obama’s campaign style and apparent personal style. He has always made everything about him. When, after he obviously backed away from his pledges to work for ‘bipartisan consensus’, he was confronted by a senator from the minority position who called him on his unilateralism. His now well known reply was “Because I won”. This is not about the nation, it is not about the best policies, it is all about Barack Hussein Obama winning and being the man in charge of everything. Should he have fully staffed and functional cabinet departments it would be much more difficult for him to simply pull the levers himself and get his way everywhere. If he had people working in government who capable of functioning in their jobs instead of merely being place holders.

 political background noise, Mr. Obama would not be able to get away with the nearly incomprehensible policy changes and deceptions he’s foisted on the nation. He allows low level staffers to present options, then he contradicts them, but only enough to dodge questions. This is what he has been doing with the entire fiasco regarding  the legal memos on interrogation techniques. One policy is announced, then something different is hinted by another staffer, then the President says something just a bit different than anything announced. Finally he washes his hands, saying the issue of prosecution is not his to decide, but entirely up to the Justice Department and the Attorney General.

This sleight of hand lets Mr. Obama dance away without answering the hard questions, while behind the scenes he  is dissolving the borders between private and public life in more and more areas of America.

A crisis atmosphere, such as the ‘housing/finance/credit/economic crisis, and now the declared ‘Public Health Emergency’ as declared by the comfortably numb DHS secretary allows policy changes to be enacted with little  notice and less public scrutiny  than any other time in our history. Mr. Obama and his administration continue to act as if he is a monarch rather than elected representative of the people. One need only look to the incredibly stupid decision to fly a 747 from the presidential fleet, followed by US jet fighters in a path toward the Statue of Liberty, then in low flight toward buildings in the NYC New Jersey commercial areas to see the attitude. Not only did the White House not care to give any notice, but local authorities who had to be informed, such as the FAA were told specifically NOT to inform the NYPD or the NYC Mayor’s office.  When people panicked at the near recreation of 9/11 in their area, it took hours for someone, anyone from the government to acknowledge it was planned.

There is simply no concern for anything other than the President’s agenda of economic takeover and government control. Each time something else pops up, it is ignored for as long as possible, unless it can be used to distract attention from what is actually being done.

President Obama has an agenda, a steep slope down which he is pushing the economic and political systems in America. Everything which does not advance this agenda is disregarded. His attention and that of his coterie of assistants and those who share his goals is focused only on fundamentally altering the economic system in this nation. The danger of such tunnel vision is the risk of some danger emerging which will be ignored until such time as it cannot be averted.  The current swine flu appears not to be a major threat at this time. the plane flying toward offices in the Manhattan area was not a terrorist attack. We were lucky. With the lack of a serious government, we may not always be so lucky.  President Obama and his enablers in Congress must be stopped and replaced at the earliest opportunity.

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Budgets and Spending: Obama’s “Budget Cut”

Posted by revkharma on April 22, 2009

Imagine you come home one day, and find fire engines in front of your house, significant damage has been done, and the home is no longer habitable without major repairs.

You call your insurance company, and they come out and estimate the repairs.

You go to the office to review the claim and find out how much it will cost.

The Agent says ” Well we looked at everything, and the work has already begun! We hired the finest contractors, and repair crews.

They’re going to redo everything. We’re installing new sod; a sprinkler system is being installed.

Your neighbor’s home got some smoke and water damage too, so we have to repair that as well. Since your home is nicer, and you have insurance and he doesn’t we agreed to upgrade his house, and landscape his yard as well. We’re also putting in a pool for him to compensate him for his hurt feelings since you have one, and he is not as fortunate as you, and deserves one too.

So, your total bill will be $34,000.

You naturally get a bit angry, telling him that he is spending way too much of your money, and giving it to others who have done nothing to earn their own nice home and pool.

He nods, and then says, ‘Ok, you’re a bit upset, and I understand that, but the neighborhood will never get nice unless we prime the pump so to speak.’

Finally, he agrees that the bill is just way too large. He says he’ll call a meeting of all the contractors and have then cut back the amount they’re spending.

They get together, and he calls you when the meeting is finished.

OK, we did it. There’s way too much being spent, so I told everyone they needed to get tough and cut back on everything that is not essential. $34,000 is a lot of money.

So, we reduced the spending plan.

Everyone agreed to reductions, and we will cut the cost by a dime.


Do a fast calculation:

Obama is crowing that he has called his cabinet together, and demanded $100 million in budget cuts.

If you reduce it down, (yes, a hundred million dollars is a large amount of money) and look at that amount as a portion of the incredibly huge spending he proposes it is the equivalent of discounting a bill of $34,000 by ONE DIME.


If someone offered that as a discount, on anything else, anyone would laugh. Instead he trumpets that  as if it’s some draconian slashing of necessary spending in an emergency. I think it’s an insult to taxpayers, and shows once again his self centeredness. He seems to believe that since he ordered it, it MUST be important. His press secretary was at a loss yesterday to even make it look good when asked about the paltry nature of the ‘cuts’.

It is a sign of just how completely out of control the DC government has gotten when One Hundred Million Dollars is literally pocket change compared to the rest of the spending proposed by the president. No economy can sustain this kind of wild spending and the stress it will bring.  Continued spending at this kind of deficit level will bankrupt the treasury, and eventually induce inflation on a scale we have not seen in a generation. The scope of the debt being passed along to the next generation has never been seen in history.

If you follow the comments of President Obama, he often references events as to how old he was when they happened.  He dismissed terrorist charges against Bill Ayers by saying he could not be held accountable for things someone did when he was eight years old.  During the recent meeting of heads of state of the Americas, he responded to an anti American tirade by Hugo Chavez by saying he was at least glad that Chavez had not blamed him for things that happened when he was three months old. Noting exists for President Obama outside his life experience.  This mindset explains much of his actions and plans. Certainly he is incurring a huge debt which will have to be repaid by future Americans. However, when the bill comes due, Mr. Obama will no longer be president, and thus can say, “Well, I’m not in charge now. Someone else handed you the payment slip; you can’t blame me for it.” Or worse, he simply cannot imagine a time without him, so when someone says the debt will need to be repaid down the road, he simply cannnot imagine that time, so for him it does not exist.  On so many fronts this is a dangerous man we have put into the Oval Office. Our children and grandchildren will pay for the mistakes we are making now.


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Humpty Dumpty and the Constitution

Posted by revkharma on April 1, 2009

‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.’ 
Lewis Carroll 

Remember when virtually every donkey in congress, joined by major media outlets were pounding the drums over the ‘politicization of the Justice Department?” We have seen time and time again that the Obama administration has taken so many actions that seem to be unconstitutional. Well, today in the Washington Post we can see that this is intentional. The Great and Powerful Obama’s hand picked ally in the Attorney General’s office has rejected a clear and distinct opinion that the DC statehood bill is unconstitutional. Of course, the Post couches it in weasel words.  ” Some in Justice… disagree..”  The role of the Office of Legal Counsel is to provide guidance, in this case requested by A.G. Eric Holder, on the legality of certain positions taken by the Administration. The current lawyers in the Obama OLC have essentially reached the same conclusion which the Bush era OLC had come to. The Statehood bill for DC is unconstitutional and should not be supported.

In deciding that the measure is unconstitutional, lawyers in the department’s Office of Legal Counsel matched a conclusion reached by their Bush administration counterparts nearly two years ago, when a lawyer there testified that a similar bill would not withstand legal attack.

Unhappy with this decision, Holder decided not to publish it, and instead he turned to the Solicitor’s office.

Holder rejected the advice and sought the opinion of the Solicitor General’s office…

Now the two offices have very different functions. After being told by the OLC that this bill would violate the United States Constitution, the Obama Administration then asked a different question of the Solicitor’s Office.  They were asked if they felt they could defend such a law should it be passed. Again, this is an entirely different issue.

Typically, legal scholars said, the solicitor general is asked whether the office can plausibly defend a law in court, rather than to opine directly on the legality of a piece of legislation.

 What we see here is very clear, and very dangerous. After being advised by their own attorneys that a particular action would violate the Constitution which all have sworn to uphold, they ignored ( and buried) the legal advice, and asked for a political opinion on the issue.  

This is clear, unequivocal evidence of the very thing the donkey party has screamed over. The Attorney General of the United States of America has directly changed policy to accommodate a political consideration. We have always harbored suspicions of the disdain the Obama people held for the Constitution, now we have direct and bright proof. .

This is a precedent, and even the Washington Post could not completely ignore it, while trying to downplay what was done, they had to put the facts out or lose the last shreds of respect they may still hold to themselves.

President Obama is showing that, for him, the Constitution is not an impediment to his desires and actions.  It is as if Humpty Dumpty were not running the Justice department. The Constitution means only what they choose it to mean. 

We are clearly facing something foreign, and no one seems able to stop them.

Americans need to prepare for a long hard slog, and watch carefully for the distortions this administration will perpetrate upon us.

Keep the Faith.

The Rev

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Are They That Stupid? Or Is This The Real Agenda?

Posted by revkharma on March 25, 2009

U.S.  Treasury Secretary, and admitted tax cheat Timothy Geithner said in an interview that he is not opposed, in principle to the Chinese proposal to create a new international currency to replace the US Dollar in all international trade.

“We’re actually quite open to that suggestion – you should see it as rather evolutionary rather building on the current architecture rather than moving us to global monetary union,” he said.

Now we need to be clear here, that what the Chinese are talking about ( and recently the Russians also proposed) is a “Reserve Currency” and not a global dollar of sorts. However, by directly stating that they wish to replace the current standard, the US Dollar, the world economic leaders are tacitly acknowledging the frail state of the US economy, and the continued decline of the power of the US Treasury to lead in economic affairs. Our currency has become so overinflated that is now teetering on the edge of worthlessness.

While The Great and Powerful Obama has insisted that he inherited a huge deficit, he in fact has done more by himself than any other president to damage our economic future. According to US Rep Michelle Bachman (R-MN) the debt to be created in the first two months of the Obama administration is greater than that of all other U.S. Presidents before him combined.  Pause a moment here.   Let that sink in. Add up the debt burden from George Washington through George W. Bush, and the total is still less than that incurred by our current administration. 

Next add in the dire predictions he made of economic collapse. Then the new stakes of his planned takeover of the us private sector.  This begins to look less and less like a stumbling reeling neophyte and more and more like some sort of Manchurian Candidate. 

Keep the Faith!

The Rev

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What will be next?

Posted by revkharma on March 23, 2009

We are seeing more and more just how The Great and Powerful Obama operates. During the campaign, he dodged questions, providing as few details as possible when asked about policy issues. He attacked and refused to work with any media who dared to ask him anything other than planted questions.  He campaigned on the warm fuzzy Hope and Change with no substance.  The entire campaign was about as substantive as cotton candy.  The one time Obama actually showed his intent, was the famous conversation with ” Joe the Plumber”. Obama was caught without his teleprompter and spoke some words which contained some real meaning, some actual insight into his views.  The willing soldiers in the media, rather than address the substance of the first issue Obama could be hit with, went after the Plumber. No none dared question Team Obama. If any did, they were tossed off the campaign plane.  So we went to a convention with no idea what the candidate stood for, except getting his way, and bringing ‘change’.

The election was about the same. No info was sought nor provided, other than Obama was the candidate of ” Hopeychange”. ( Thanks for whoever coined that term!) America elected someone to the highest office in our nation who refused to  tell us what he would do once in office.

Now he is our President. He has named a series of tax cheats, and lawbreakers to cabinet positions.  The man we could not live without, Timothy Geithner, the tax cheat in chief is all alone in the Treasury department because no one can be found to take secondary positions who has a clean record of paying taxes.  Obama pledged to have a transparent administration, yet has hidden and deceived and lied with each step he has taken. Rather than provide ‘days’ for any one to review the legislation, Congress was presented with a completed ‘Stimulus Bill” and given eleven hours to vote. After the Obama economic team inserted language into the bill specifically permitting the payment of bonuses to AIG execs, they then turned on the people receiving them, making them the focus of hate and threats. Barney Frank, who slept with Fannie Mae execs while deflecting examinations of the company’s practices now demands the names of anyone receiving a bonus at AIG, specifically refusing to keep them confidential. 

So, we see first, no disclosure of intent, no questions answered, simply a vote to put Obama in office, on the thin premise that he will “lead us”. Once he has assumed a position of power, he then uses that power to attack dissenters, and then to threaten those who dare to stand up to him.  Fear is the watchword. We are told over and over that we are in imminent danger. The media creates an echo chamber, and inflates the bogeyman to monstrous proportions. Like a mouse in front of a spotlight, the shadow of danger is likely more threatening than the original danger. However, as the financial markets see that partnership with this administration brings not assistance, but danger and demonization, not many are willing to step forward to lead. 

Hidden agendas, creation of enemies ( remember Rush Limbaugh?) threats of censorship ( Will there be a new “Fairness doctrine?), using the power of the mob to intimidate dissenters, and whip a populist frenzy.

What is the next step? Where will we be taken next? Today a new specter emerges.  AP is reporting that details are emerging  of the ‘new bailout’.

A key part of that regulatory framework will give the government new resolution authority to take over troubled institutions that would pose a threat to the entire financial system if they failed. Under the new powers being sought by the administration, the treasury secretary could only seize a firm with the agreement of the president and the Federal Reserve.

Once in the equivalent of a conservatorship, the treasury secretary would have the power to limit payments to creditors and to break contracts governing executive compensation, a power that was lacking in the AIG case.

So, we see new, exective powers, no where to be found in the Constitution, will allow the Treasury ” With the approval of the president” to seize companies which they deem deserve to be seized.  Then Tim Geithner, the Treasury tax cheat, will decide if he likes contracts or wishes to void them unilaterally. (“A power lacking in the AIG case”)  So, as long as they can get congress to write the words into a bill this administration believes they have the authority to abrogate contracts, in direct contradiction of the United States Constitution. AIG had a contract, vetted by Geithner when he was at the New York Fed, approved by the current treasury, reviewed by the Justice department. But it was useful for them to be made into monsters so that no one would be paying attention when they step over yet another constitutional provision.  Peter Robinson, writing in relates a conversation with some others about what makes a Banana Republic.  Some living under such governments attempted to persuade him that Obama is rapidly moving us toward just that.  He tries to refute them, but I think he makes a very weak case.  To me, it has seemed frighteningly obvious that the mass appeal, the lack of accountability, the stage managed presentations have all pointed toward a plan for control of this nation, tighter and more restrictive than anything we have ever seen. The left loves to cry “Fascism” with every move the right makes to enforce rules. But reviewing past history one can easily see it has been the ‘ Progressive’ movements that have always brought increased government power and reduced individual liberty. Look to TR and the trust busters. Woodrow Wilson and his incredible restrictions of American rights and suppression of all dissent during his term in office. Look to FDR and his gross accumulation of power in DC and theft of the same power from individuals and States. Look at LBJ and the Great Society for vast expansion of federal bureaucratic power, and the use of the courts to advance an agenda without reference to actual Constitutional principles.

What will be next? The Great and Powerful Obama is telling us. He is no longer hiding his agenda. He has gotten the masses frothed to a fury and now will seek to consolidate that anger, and focus it to  advance his agenda of power and restricted liberty. The worst, most disheartening, most reprehensible part of it all? So many Americans seem willing to lay down, and prostrate themselves before this self styled savior of us all. We are facing an end game. We need to stand and fight, or simply lose all we have. What will you do? How will you prepare? How will you stand?

Keep the Faith

The Rev.

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Obama and Friends Seem To Forget About The Constitution

Posted by revkharma on March 18, 2009

Sen. Chuck Schumer of NY bellowed yesterday, about those who received bonuses at AIG: ” They can return them voluntarily, or we will take them back.” There is talk of passing new laws, or new taxes to ‘recover the money’. Iowa Senator Grassley rumbles that they should take the ‘Japanese way” apologize, bow deeply, and kill themselves. The Great and Powerful Obama claims not to have known, nor anyone in his administration. They did, however review all the contracts before paying the last round of billions of dollars  in support money to AIG. Insiders say the Treasury and White House checked with the Justice department to determine the legality of the bonuses. They paid the money, knowing the bonuses were to be paid.

Timothy Geithner, the tax cheat at the head of the Treasury was one of the main negotiators for the original, first bailout of AIG. All such bonuses were discussed and reviewed at that time. Any pleas of ignorance are simply facile excuses to try to deflect the anger of the mob. (Speaking of mobs: apparently AIG has had to place armed guards outside their offices due to threats of violence) They encourage, once more, anger and rage at someone else. Always, always, this administration seems to need someone to point to, to scream at, to demonize as a way to prevent the American people from looking directly at them and seeing the results of the last election are producing the kind of change we may not be able to live with.

As to the screaming about bonuses, and attempts to pass laws to ‘take them back’ there are a few things to consider. I seem to recall the Great and Powerful Obama claimed to have taught Constitutional law. If that is the case then he should be well versed in several phrases: ex post facto laws, bills of attainder among the most important. See there is this silly document. No matter how ‘alive’ it is, the leftists have still been unable to erase. Look up article 1, section 9 paragraph 3. It’s pretty clear. Even a tax cheat in the Treasury ought to be able to understand it, as well as a brilliant Senator from New York.

When confronted with the fact that there is a valid contract, which legally binds AIG to pay those bonuses, the crowd pleasers bray … ” Well, they should be forced to renegotiate those contracts!” Hmm, just a little further down the page in section 10 an interested reader can find a prohibition against any  law impairing the obligation of contracts. 

Oh, I think I can see the problem. I said there, that any interestedreader could find such words. I think that’s the problem. Those who are screaming and fomenting the anger are simply NOT interested in the constitution, nor any laws which support it. Schumer, Obama, Geithner, Grassley, Pelosi, Reid, well I could go on and on, but all the legal experts ranting about the bonuses are looking to form a mob mentality. They are interested in emotion, in rage. A nation engaged in serious, sober dialog will follow the rules, and will maintain order.  By finding a soft spot, and pushing it, and yelling that someone else is at fault, these rabble-rousers are attempting one of the oldest political ruses in history. They WANT Americans unhappy, angry, aroused. A contemplative nation will not engage in class warfare. They will not disregard laws, and rules, and the Rule of Law. They will work calmly and seriously to solve problems with the lawful tools at their disposal.

Only if they can rub away at a sore spot, confuse and enrage the people at large ( Demos in Greek.. the root of Democracy… a MOB) can they get away with the wholesale corruption and discarding of the constitutional foundation of our Republic. We may be facing, in the near term, a mob of nearly uncontrollable anger, whipped into a fury by this mass of crooks and decievers. God help us all when that day comes. These dopes in DC think they can control it, but they will reap the ashes of the fires they stoke. I repeat myself here, but we need to be prepared for the worst. We may face it sooner than any imagine!

Keep the Faith

The Rev


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Intolerable Acts of 2009

Posted by deaconkharmafuture1 on March 18, 2009

Why are we so complacent and content to allow the government to tax with a burden heavier than has ever been levied before? Why do we allow ourselves to be shamed and silenced into submission because a group of people do not play by the rules, nor do they earn or pay their own way? How is it that we have so many people in this country ready to roll over and cater to a group perpetually screaming about perceived injustices that will always exist no matter what we do?

We have elected a man who admittedly seeks redistribution of the fruits of our productivity to those who do not produce. We have seen multiple bills forced through the senate and the house with one group of senators and representatives shut out of the proceedings, and the bill forced down our throats with not one congressman being able to have read it before the votes were cast, despite explicit pledges to provide a four day review period before signing any legislation. The occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue promised numerous times that he was going to provide “transparency” in government for all to know what is going on.  Why then, the secrecy and closed door meetings and rush to vote on something no one could have read?

The occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue promised a new tone in Washington and not the politics as usual. He claimed bipartisanship would be the new tone. The occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue claimed he would end earmarks. The latest Omnibus bill had 9000 earmarks in it and again was pushed through with a “hurry up and vote”.  Anyone standing in the way and anyone who has questioned these bills, including our governor, has had a concerted defamation effort by the media and what seem to be continuing campaign ads for the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. We have seen Campaign ads purchased in South Carolina media outlets, telling us to make Sanford stop “playing politics”. The sad thing is this: he is the only one not playing politics. He is genuinely concerned with the future commitments entailed by accepting federal bailouts, which create more debt in a time of need. The additional responsibilities come with no funding and saddle the state with future debt to live up to the responsibilities it must agree to in using the “bailout” money. Like a dealer who hooks an addict, the federal money will force states into a position of needing more and more money in the near future.

Why is it exactly, that if these bills are so good for the American people, that an onslaught of campaign ads, closed door congressional meetings, rushed votes, and character assassination, are being used to force these things down our throat? Why the secrecy? Where’s the transparency we were promised? The only thing transparent about this new administration is that every one of the folks nominated so far has tax or legal troubles. Hardly change we can believe in, but it does provide some transparency to the core of the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, displaying the corruption and disobedience to the laws they expect the people to obey. It seems amazing that the very folks nominated to enforce or apply laws and become stewards of our money cannot obey those very laws.
How shameful that we have nominated stewards of that which they themselves cannot adhere to.
What is it about the biggest increase of deficit in history that we know will saddle our children with a burden that should never have been theirs?
 How can we create the largest deficit in history, saddling our children with debt, yet act as if we are solving problems? We are merely kicking them down the road to be dealt with later. Social security itself is a burden we gleefully bestow on our children like the unfit parents we are! How dare we pass not only that burden our children had no choice in, as well as the burden of the latest increase in deficit? We commit these crimes against our own children and we see fit to call ourselves “parents”; for shame!

We have been called cowardly by our own Attorney General in recent months and I am afraid I’d have to agree with him, we are cowards, though not for his specious reasons. What kind of indescribable cowards are we that we allow this burden created under our very noses, our objections silenced by rhetoric smattered with racism and class envy? What kind of cowards are we
who buy prosperity now and send the mortgage bills to our children and grandchildren.

I too feel America is a nation of cowards who have become fat and complacent and would rather languish in the newest form of slavery, economic servitude, rather than make the effort to cast off the chains that bind them. Yet another new shackle has been placed on us and our posterity yet we barely hear even a groan. How dare we shackle and enslave our own children!  How shameful we are and how sorry we must seem to those that have gone before. It seems slavery is now our chosen status and slavery perhaps we deserve. Sadly we have gleefully bestowed it upon our own posterity as well. For this we deserve shame and earn the curses of our own children.

Our forefathers knew that once we allowed the fruits of our labor and the sweat of our backs to benefit others who would not toil for themselves, our great experiment would end. They risked and most ended up sacrificing, their lives, sacred honor, and fortunes to the liberty we were to be entrusted with.  We have failed those men. We have shamefully cowered under blow after crushing blow until the liberty we were trusted with, lies in tattered remnants, trampled under the foot of the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
One glimmer of hope seems to shine ever so slightly among all of the political darkness that is swallowing this nation. Courageous representatives of some states have begun to pass referendum and bill alike, espousing a return to States’ Rights. These representatives have chosen to do what we, the people, should have had the courage to do. H3509 is just such a resolution in SC. Other states are beginning to make moves in this direction. Perhaps we could at least muster the residual fortitude to support those who have the courage to match their convictions?


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