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Paris Burns: DC Remains Too Cool

Posted by revkharma on November 16, 2015

Paris is burning, and DC is chilly. We have seen a well planned, well executed and devastating attack in Paris. Islamic fanatics have killed scores and it appears to be a direct result of the plans and achievements of the leaders of the West.
“Refugees” from Syria, and radicalized Europeans have struck in the heart of France with bloody results.
In the US, reaction is mixed. Our president has resolutely refused to change course, with his administration standing firm in their plans to import tens of thousands of those very same refugees.
After years of minimizing the role of ISIS, and refusing to even say ‘Islamic Terror’ President Obama on Friday, the day of the massacre, was quoted once more with noted ignorance, claiming that ISIS was now contained, and not a growing threat. At the gathering of world leaders, the American president was noticeably late for the formal gathering for a memorial moment of silence to honor the dead from the ISIS assault.
Even today, when pressed by media, President Obama has steadfastly refused to respond forcefully, with this the most telling exchange:

“CNN’s Jim Accosta said…’I guess the question is, and if you’ll forgive the language is”Why can’t we take out these bastards”?
Obama scoffed at the question: “What I’m not interested in doing is posing or pursuing some notion of ‘American Leadership’ or America winning’ He said firmly”

Via Breitbart


This, then is pretty decisive and clear. This man, the president of the USA is NOT interested in victory by America.

Immediately following the attacks, Obama announced that he was releasing five Yemeni prisoners from Guantanamo, including the man who was Osama Bin Laden’s body guard. He appears bent on  showing he cares more for Islamists than Americans.
Why is this? What can possibly be the answer?

Our president has sometimes been portrayed as being an islamist. He has denounced those who have questioned his Christian credentials. Recall the scrambling to rephrase and reframe this famous quote in an interview with George Stephanopolis, where he responded to a question with an answer about ” My Muslim Faith” ?  If in fact, Obama had been raised as a Muslim by his father, then later in life he became Christian, then according to the Sharia law, he is an apostate. If this were the case, he would be subject to death by true believers.  As it happens, there have not been calls for his death for this crime.  Yet he continues to show more concern for defaming Islam than defending Christianity.
Answers range from his leftist upbringing, racialist philosophy, to Al Taqiyya.
But, in truth, the answers are irrelevant. The truth, the facts, are plain enough. As long as he is in command, Obama will not lead, will not permit America to win. He has stated plainly such. He must be thwarted, his successor must be someone capable of reversing his damage.
Keep the Faith!
The Rev


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Outrage, Rights and Moral Failure

Posted by revkharma on June 9, 2014

KHARTOUM (Reuters) – A Sudanese court has sentenced a 27-year-old woman to death for converting to Christianity, judicial sources said.
Mariam Yahya Ibrahim had been ordered to abandon her newly adopted Christian faith and return to Islam. She had also been charged with adultery for marrying a Christian man.

OK, Where is the condemnation from the United Nations? From western nations? From the White House? From the House or Senate? From ANY leaders anywhere in the world??

And one more thing:
“Sudan is committed to all human rights and freedom of faith granted in Sudan by the constitution and law,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Abu-Bakr Al-Siddiq said. He added that his ministry trusted the integrity and independence of the judiciary.

Note the phrasing ‘Granted… by the Constitution and Law…”
The words betry a mindset, one which is different from the original ideas enshrined in the US Constitution. At least originally our founding documents declared that our rights pre-exist and supercede our constitution and laws. Rights co exist with humanity, ‘endowed by their Creater’ and inalienable.
As soon as they are ‘granted by law, or granted by Constitution’, they can be removed or altered by law.
As we in this nation continue to ‘grant rights’ by government fiat, we move quickly toward a legal grant which can be removed also by law.

Watch out, we are moving toward the very standard embraced by the Sudanese.

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I don’t recognize my country today… or Has Carter been Reelected?

Posted by revkharma on September 13, 2012

I don’t recognize my country today.

The last few days have presented a clear and obvious choice. Our Embassies, sovereign territory placed within other nations, have been attacked and defiled. Our ambassador has been killed, along with several others in planned coordinated attacks on American facilities.

While the government of Mohammed Morsi permitted his thugs to invade the grounds of the American Embassy in Cairo, the US state department was issuing apologies to Islam, condemning those who would dare to ‘Hurt the feelings’ of Muslims anyplace in the world.

When a candidate for the office of president challenged the appropriateness of this apology, he was roundly criticized, not for saying something untrue or incorrect, but for ‘the timing’ of his statement. All this while the State dept. repeated and reissued the same statement even while the flag of our nation was being pulled down, set ablaze and replaced by a flag representing the very Al Qaeda groups which have attacked us repeatedly.

Following that atrocity in Egypt, Libyan ‘extremists’ assaulted the consulate and the American Ambassador. He and others were escorted to a ‘safe location’ by Libyan guards… apparently we had no US Marines available to protect the representative of the United States in a dangerous area…

Once ensconced in said safe location, the Libyan ‘protectors’ then took to the streets, to inform the ‘small band of extremists’ as to the location of the American delegation.

Upon this felicitous discovery, the Ambassador and his aides were murdered, and their bodies carried, as trophies, through the streets in jubilant celebration of the pinnacle of Arab Muslim civilization.

To this point, there have been as many differing explanations and causes given for the death of these people as questions about ‘the motives’ of the assault.

It must have been that cheap movie; the clip was shown on YouTube. That’s why they attacked. Not because they want to extend their reach globally. So, in order to prevent them from attacking again, and to refute the statements of those who claim this is all about extending Sharia law in our modern world as it has been in their pre historic caliphate, many journalists have called out for the arrest and trial of a nominally Christian pastor who has supported the movie. He must be made to pay. We must curtail his right to speak, lest he offend some Islamic man of peace and drive him to behead someone in The Levant. We must implement the rules of Sharia in order to prove that the Islamofascists are not trying to implement the rules of Sharia.

Then our President makes his statement.

He uses one of his most useful collections of weasel words, telling us to “Make No mistake”

(This is a phrase he generally uses to ensure that we know he is about to make an intentional forced error)

“Justice will be done” Our president has promised that “Justice will be done”

This is step one. Justice, as in the Department of Justice. That great bastion of integrity and fairness which upon winning summary judgment against a group ( The New Black Panther Party) which used force to intimidate voters at polling places in Philadelphia, abandoned the case, and surrendered, dropping all charges against those who had just been convicted. That Standard Bearer of brilliance, which has stonewalled the investigation of the killing of a US agent by foreign nationals using guns purchased through a program managed by that very justice department, and denied by the head of that august body. That kind of justice.

Today after two devastating attacks, carried out on the eleventh day of September, (does that day ring any bells anyone??? Hello???) Our President, our leader, the most powerful man on the planet, has dispatched…….

The FBI to investigate and determine the motives of the attackers.

THE FREAKING FBI????? We are attacked by forces under the control of foreign governments, our representatives are murdered, our embassies defiled, our flag burned and REPLACED by the flag of our enemies, and we send in the cops???

Of course we will investigate, we will debate, and we will take an overt act of war and magically transmogrify it into an act of civil criminal disobedience, to be explained by root causes, and oppression by the evil conservative Christian right wing hate groups.

 Soon enough we will see that the attacks in Cairo and Ben Ghazi are actually the result of actions by Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and Paul Ryan, abetted of course by the Koch brothers, enabled by the Citizens United decision. The only way to prevent such attacks from happening again will be to suspend the first amendment, and permit the government to support and affirm the rights of Muslims to impose their will, to eliminate the second amendment to prevent ‘right wing terrorists’ from attacking us from within, and to ensure that Obama and his administration remain in power to protect us from the Israelis who are the real source of terror in the middle east.

Of course, that last paragraph is a farce, a parody of reality. Absurd words, meant to dramatize the reality which is much nicer and safer. It is, I promise, … or at least I pray it is.

Keep the Faith!

The Rev

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You Didn’t Build That…

Posted by revkharma on July 20, 2012

If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet. ( B. Obama, 7/13/2012)

Tutto nello Stato, niente al di fuori dello Stato, nulla contro lo Stato (“Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State”) (B. Mussolini, 5/26/1927)

I have been inactive a while, but am compelled to return to my keyboard. Hearing the comments lately from our President gave me a sense of deja vu, and I went back to find the quote which it seemed to echo. I admit, it’s not exact, but it’s of a piece with the governing philosophy displayed by this adminstration.

So often when Mr. Obama says something ridiculous, his opponents rise and compare him to Hitler, or to Stalin, or call him a socialist, or a communist. While there are similarities in his politics to communism, the most clear comparison has got to be with Italian Fascism.

I don’t know why so many rush to the bait of the left. Obama is not hitler, he is not Stalin. ( aside from the fact that he is neither as intelligent, nor ruthless, and not even as charismatic).
From the inception of his campaign, the comparison to Mussolini and his collectivist, statist ideology has been clear.
His use of the coercive power of the state, eg the auto ‘bailout’…which was flat out a government take over.
The government funding, then abandonment of companies like Solyndra are close parallels to the ‘golden shares’.
Fascism is not about ‘goose stepping Nazi troops of the right wing’ it is about quasi private business being controlled by government.
The government tells business how to act, if the business fails, then government blames the fat cats. If it succeeds, then government takes credit, and takes more control. And those connected to the elite continue to make money while demonizing those who don’t follow their directives.
This is not communism, it is the original, true and clear fascism, as originally practiced by Mussolini and the Fascisti.

Even as popular site as Wikipedia in it’s article about Fascism rings loudly with comparisons.

After 1929, the Fascist regime countered the Great Depression with massive public works programs, such as the draining of the Pontine Marshes, hydroelectricity development, railway improvement

( Stimulus Bill anyone)

One truly interesting link: After forcing Chrysler into bankruptcy, the Obama administration and it’s ‘auto Czar’ sought out and found a new buyer for the recreated, and government controlled entity .

Government controlled Chrysler corp got a new partner, which was none other than fascist created and controlled Fiat Motors. Interesting how things come full circle sometimes, isn’t it?

In 1933, the Istituto per la Ricostruzione Industriale (IRI — Institute for Industrial Reconstruction) was established to subsidize failing companies,

(Tarp, auto bailout? Solyndra)

Look, we have to face facts. What we are seeing is the realization of a corporatist form of governance, enacted not by a doctrinaire marxist, but by someone simply craving power. This president condemns the actions of others, while simultaneously behaving in exactly the same way.

His allies in the donkey party cheer him on, knowing that they will continue to expand their personal empires. The elephant party plods along, mostly saying not so fast, not so fast, but not changing direction, only the speed with which government and the super rich like Warren Buffet take over as much as they can.

There is only possible answer, and that is to vote out any incumbent who has consistently increased the power and finances of the Central government in DC.

Senate majority leader..heave him out.

Speaker Boehner.. send him home to weep quietly to himself in a tanning booth in Ohio.

We need real change, so we can once again believe in our government.

Keep the Faith!

The Rev.

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Self Censorship and the Death of our culture

Posted by revkharma on December 7, 2009

You all read of the killing this weekend, of a professor at Binghamton University in New York, right. It got all kinds of coverage. OK, maybe it didn’t, and that my friends is part of an increasing danger.

After all, when some random anthropology professor is killed in a ‘Senseless act of violence” it is always and everywhere front page news.  12 Action News, WBNG  has the story, described this way:

University President Lois DeFleur issued this statement about Antoun’s death earlier this evening:

“This afternoon, in an act of senseless violence, the Binghamton University community lost one of its long-time faculty members…Our hearts go out to the Antoun family and we will provide them with as much assistance as we can in this time of sorrow,” said DeFleur.

Well, once you do some digging, this is surely not a random act, nor a senseless act of violence. The professor has written about fundamentalism among Christian, Muslim, and Jewish groups. He was killed by a man named Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani. Yet nowhere do we  see any reference to this fact, which in our current world is certainly a relevant bit of information.

Atlas Shrugs blog has much detail on this.

We have a media which has become bound by political correctness and become controlled by editors and writers who simply refuse to see what is happening and are unwilling to print facts which do not fit their distorted world view.

The conflict between the world of Islamic Fascism and the desire of extremists to impose global Sharia is completely ignored by those who control the presses and broadcast studios.  This is merely one aspect of the danger we face.

Look at the events of the last few weeks and the news as reported.

We had congress slam a healthcare bill, which will guarantee government control and indebtedness for generations to come. We had our President finally stop dithering and decide on a split the difference policy in Afghanistan. We had the greatest hoax of our time exposed, and what did we see printed on the front pages of the newspapers, headline virtually every television news broadcast?

Party crashers at the Whitehouse, and a golfer who cheated on his wife and crashed his car.

We can clearly see the importance of those two items, as opposed to the stories which were ignored and/or buried.

The really sad facts underlying all this is that most Americans seem not to notice.  For a generation or more now our children have been spoon-fed an education designed to produce, not inquisitive, intelligent minds, but rather controllable easily led tools of the state.  We are told over and over that ‘diversity’ means we are all the same, and there is no preferred viewpoint. From this view, the logic says we cannot condemn those who teach, speak and act on a view which literally calls for the destruction and replacement of our entire social system, the imposition of  Sharia Law in all parts of the globe by violent and oppressive Muslim activists who hate our western values with a blinding passion.  We are told we may not say or publish statements which will ‘offend’ them, or we will face discipline in the school or workplace.

This kind of false equivalence is what enables an angry Muslim Army Major to move with impunity to proselytize his patients, then to step up and kill those he despises, while commanders up to and including the Army Secretary call for ‘understanding’ and whimper that this might hurt diversity in the military.

I am at a loss here. Our leaders in government, in the media, in business seem willing to sell out American Citizens to a world government bent on achieving economic control using lies and false climate science. Our teachers and leaders bow ( Literally bow down to foreign leaders!!!)
to those who would destroy us.

Our president insists on negotiation with nations who despise freedom, and insist they will never surrender their goals to destroy America and our allies, as with the North Koreans and the Iranians.

Time and again our nation is threatened, and time and again our media present us with another celebrity story and another episode of dancing with stars.

It is past time to react. It is past time to halt this.  We hold elections under the mistaken idea that one party is different than another, when the truth is that both parties are loyal to themselves and not to the Constitution they swear to uphold. It is time for Americans who care to take a stand.  One group which seems to be moving in the right direction is ” Get Out of Our House“. If they do what they are promising, there will be a chance to vote “None of the above’ and sweep all incumbents out of DC and start again.

Barring the creation of such a slate of candidates, I am beginning to think the alternative is simply to say “if you are in office now, I will vote for your opponent’. Vote against ANY incumbent.

Anyone else have any ideas? We need them, and we need them NOW.

I fear that without some sort of political, peaceful change soon, we may face something far worse, and far more dangerous.

Inaction is no longer an option. We must reverse the course. Failure will move us toward destruction. Either from external danger or from within from those who will grow increasingly angry with the status quo. And those extremists come from all areas of the political spectrum. There will be no clean hands on left or right if we cannot pull back from this abyss.

Keep the Faith

The Rev.

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Why Is All This REALLY Being Done?

Posted by revkharma on August 17, 2009

Bailout, Cap and Trade, Stimulus,  Government take over of Auto industry, Government take over of financial services industry, Pay czar, science czar, green czar Fix the broken health care system…

Why is so much happening at once.  So many things happening, it’s tough to track all of it. So many different areas being adjusted, tweaked, tinkered with.

Remember the campaign rhetoric of then Senator Obama? We will remake America.  Just how is he planning that? Look to all his agenda items, and you can see just what’s going on, but if you take a few steps back you can see the pattern all this activity begins to form.

All of this is done with one main theme, a hidden framework which supports all the trinkets sparkling on Obama’s goodie tree. Liberty.

Obama and his progressive allies, from Alinsky on down are opposed to individual ordered liberty.  By offering to have the government ‘take care’ of the needs of so many troubled Americans, he will help you right into ordered slavery.

Liberty is about individual freedom, but it is also about individual responsibility. When you surrender the responsibility to care for your medical needs, you surrender the liberty to do so also.  You give some government system the authority to decide what is good for you, and you give up the right to say that for yourself.

A perfect illustration of this would be what has happened to the care of the needy. In days past, local communities would band together, Helping neighbors, or providing for those who had been hit by some dire event and help them out.  Think back to ‘olden times’ and the stories of ‘barn raisings’ in rural communities.  Think to church run soup kitchens, and similar operations. All this has been replaced by government run or funded systems, such as AFDC, WIC or medicaid programs. All are funded by government. As  the big government Leviathan has expanded, taking on the responsibility for such tasks, it has taken control, and individuals have provided less and less for their own neighbors. Taxes, taken by force ( Do you think if you said, ‘no thanks’ the IRS would go away) from every productive citizen are allocated by bureaucrats to those deemed needy by the government. There is no choice, no liberty no individual participation or responsibility permitted. Assistance is allocated simply according to government regulations. This has of course, freed  those who so choose to say ” my money is already used to help, so I have no need to do anything myself to help those around me.”

All of this will be compounded with more intrusion of  oppressive government into the sphere of what was previously individual liberty. Everything from exercise habits to diet will come under scrutiny from a government that provides your ‘health care’. There can be absolutely no area excluded from such a government.

None of this crisis mode thinking is about any of the individual topics which the press wants us to pay attention.  The crisis of the week is a diversion. Each new topic brings a frenzy of attention and discussion and much anger. Each new topic distracts from the big picture. These people are simply convinced that only they are smart enough to run your life. The burdens of self government and individual liberty are simply too hard for the people to handle, and so will be lifted from our shoulders and taken by the DC Government. They actually believe a ‘perfect society’ can be created if only they can have all the power and authority to decide how each day to day event should be handled. As long as the enlightened progressives can install their fascist system, they can repair and remake the world into a perfect society. Peace will reign. But remember one thing. One of the most peaceful places in the world is a cemetery.  The only peace their system can guarantee is the peace of the dead.

There are two books which I suggest you find time to read. Liberal Fascism, by Jonah Goldberg is one.  The other is Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin. Each of these will give a greater understanding of the history of such systemic attempts to crush liberty. Each will provide enough information to let you see clearly the true goals of all of this.  Understanding is the first step to thwarting the dangerous plans which are being implemented now. Make time to read, then make the effort to speak out to thwart this incredibly dangerous agenda.  Now is the time, now is the moment.  Don’t wait or you will be ‘cared for’ completely by your federal bureaucrats. Cared for, and controlled.

Keep the Faith!

The Rev

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More on Notre Dame

Posted by revkharma on May 18, 2009

( Please make sure to read to the end of this post, as I have added a clarification that some have asked me for. Thanks! The Rev)

Note that I did not title this with any reference to the President of the United States. Despite the headlines this morning, the objections to the awarding of a degree were not an objection to President Barack Obama receiving a degree. There has been much written to imply that this is a political argument with President Obama’s views on abortion. Quite simply, this is not the case, or at least it is only a very small part. The issue is, and has been one of the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church and the requirement of Catholic institutions to adhere to such teachings. The Bishops in the United States, following the direction of the Pope, and the historic teachings of the Church, have directed that any institution which is affiliated with the Church MUST follow the teachings and doctrines of the Church. For some reason, this angers many academics, who deem this an infringement on their freedom. The problem with this is in a Roman Catholic Institution there are, and should be, regulations which conform to the teachings of the Church which chartered the university.

Had the President been invited to give a commencement address, and perhaps a discussion on the issue of abortion, there would not be an objection.  Had he been speaking at a private college, unaffiliated with the Church, there would have been no objection. ( Note that when giving a similar address at Arizona State University, The President was not awarded an honorary degree)The issue of conflict arose with the awarding of an honorary doctorate to Barack Obama, a strong proponent of unrestricted abortion. This contravenes the direct teaching of the Church on abortion. Abortion is not merely another issue. For the Catholic Church, abortion is a grave moral evil. This cannot be understated. Facilitation of, support for, or public acquiescence to abortion is in a category entirely different than other disordered or sinful behaviors.  While there certainly are objections to the death penalty, and clearly Pope John Paul II opposed the Iraq War, however these issues are simply not in the same category.

All that discussion leads up to a major point, which is simply this: the focus of criticism was, and has been the University of Notre Dame, and the current president, Fr. Jenkins.  All attempts by various media outlets and even by President Obama himself to cast this as a political attack on his abortion views are incorrect, and perhaps an attempt to mobilize support for Mr. Obama and his policies. Father Jenkins also had a strong interest to shift the spotlight toward ‘intolerant abortion foes’ who were unwilling to engage in debate. This change of focus worked for all the parties involved.  Jenkins gets to appear the ever tolerant academic, oppressed by an intolerant Church, instead of a recalcitrant priest, disobeying a fundamental ruling by the Church he professes to follow. The President, instead of giving yet another commencement address can once more draw attention to himself as a noble fighter for freedom and women’s rights against the intolerant right, which will attack him everywhere.

The losers in the whole thing are  the Bishops who now have appear powerless to control a defiant university president who is willing to go his own way seemingly with impunity.  The students at Notre Dame had their graduation exercises hijacked by a wholly unnecessary and far too public controversy which could have been avoided merely had the one of the principle actors acted in a less self aggrandizing manner. Had Father Jenkins thought clearly he would have issued an invitation to give the address, without the additional step of bestowing an honorary degree. There may have been protests, but this is the American way. There would NOT have been such a conflict with the Church.  President Obama could have done something honorable, and upon seeing the unavoidable conflict, he could have issued a statement to the effect that he did not wish to tarnish the student’s graduation with such controversy, and moved on, perhaps returning for another speaking engagement, without the conflict. Neither man possessed the maturity, the grace, nor the respect for others such  an adult gesture requires. Both appear diminished by their quest to be center of a stage, strutting about claiming the role of victim, standing up to intolerance. Both showed remarkable intolerance, and a stunning lack of concern for the cost of their self promotion. 

********************* Addendum****************

Some have asked me to clarify just what is the difference between an ordinary injunction and ‘grave moral issue’ within the Church. I speak only as a layman, and if there is a theologian out there, I would ask for assistance and guidance. So, understand I am speaking from my own knowledge and understanding, here is as clear an explanation I can offer.
One way to illustrate could be this:
Driving on your local roads, you are bound by speed limits. They are posted with the force of law. Should you break that law, you will receive a ticket,and be send on your way, paying the fine, and having the infraction recorded on your license.
However, should you intentionally run down some innocent pedestrian the reaction will be significantly more harsh. You will be arrested and prosecuted for a serious crime.
Clearly there are some rules which are far more serious than others. One can debate the need for a speed limit of say, 40 mph, where the current speed is posted at 25mph. However there can be no debate over the seriousness of a law which which will prosecute you for willfully killing a pedestrian with intent.
Similarly, while there is internal debate on issues ranging from Just War theory to the death penalty to divorce, there is no debate permitted within the Catholic Church regarding the gravity of the moral instructions on abortion, and the requirement that the Church and it’s institutions and organizations should not provide any honors to those who promote abortion.

Keep the Faith!

The Rev


For a significantly more educated and eloquent discussion on this topic, take a few minutes and read this essay, by Father Jonathan Morris.  He speaks with far greater authority than I can claim.

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The Culture of Death: Notre Dame Joins With the Secularists

Posted by revkharma on May 4, 2009

*** Please note some updated information at the end of this post***

President Obama has received an invitation from the University of Notre Dame to address the graduating class of 2009. This is a meeting of superlatives. Notre Dame is perhaps the most storied Catholic college in the United States. Barack Hussein Obama is perhaps the most pro abortion person to have served as President in history. This has the potential to be an epic meeting, with the possibility of the President being confronted by opponents of  his policies of expediency. Instead, the University has decided not only to ask him to speak, but will present  him with an honorary degree.

This award is despite the policy issued by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in 2004 :


The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions

The initial reaction from the faithful in  the Catholic community has been negative. The Bishop of South Bend has decided not to attend the ceremony this year.

Shortly after the public reaction to the announced honorary degree, there was another announcement of another award.  The University was going to award the Laetare medal to Mary Ann Glendon.  Ms. Glendon is a past US ambassador to the Vatican. The medal is awarded annually to an American Catholic “whose genius has ennobled the arts and sciences, illustrated the ideals of the Church and enriched the heritage of humanity.

In an ironic twist, the medal is inscribed with the following:  Magna est veritas et praevalebit” (Truth is mighty and will prevail) Ms. Glendon, after much thought, announced that she was declining the award. In her letter to the University President, Father Jenkins, she cited the 2004 policy from the USCCB. She explained that she believed she was going to be used as a prop of sorts, to balance the negative will generated by the Honorary degree being presented to President Obama. Two “talking points” which the University was putting out particularly caused her concern:

Then I learned that “talking points” issued by Notre Dame in response to widespread criticism of its decision included two statements implying that my acceptance speech would somehow balance the event:

• “President Obama won’t be doing all the talking. Mary Ann Glendon, the former U.S. ambassador to the Vatican, will be speaking as the recipient of the Laetare Medal.”

• “We think having the president come to Notre Dame, see our graduates, meet our leaders, and hear a talk from Mary Ann Glendon is a good thing for the president and for the causes we care about.”

( Her complete letter has been posted here)

Many have criticized her decision, and on many different fronts.  On a website called  The New  ( Motto:  building a conservativitism that can win again) Danielle Crittendon has published two essays regarding Ms. Glendon’s decision. In each she seems to miss the mark, I think intentionally. She essentially says she sees no difference between the awarding of a degree to President Obama and the commencement addresses given by past US presidents. The issue she skirts here is the difference in the vehemence with which Mr. Obama has supported abortion rights.  She also tosses in the canard of death penalty or the Iraq war, wondering why  President GW Bush drew no such protest. If Ms. Crittendon were to do a small amount of research she could find that for a Roman Catholic, the issue of abortion has always been of particular and immediate moral concern. While there is a debate within The Church over the death penalty, and over ‘just war theory’ there is no debate about the stand of the Church regarding abortion, which has been deemed a particular moral evil. 

It seems to me that this is the general method used in recent times when such life issues are brought to the forefront of discussion. Those who are opposed to the ” Culture of Death” will be sidelined at almost any cost.  Another recent example of this is the issue of stem cell research and the continuing deception presented about the medical progress being made. While it is apparent to those who are doing the research that there seems much promise using adult stem cells, the media continue to cover only the distant potential of embryonic cells. Recently the issue was highlighted in a discussion with actor Michael J. Fox, on the Oprah program. Recall that Mr. Fox used himself as a prop in a campaign commercial for Claire Mccaskill in the 2006 election cycle. He claimed, as do many others, that only with the funding of Embryonic Stem Cell research was there hope for people who, as he does, suffer from Parkinson’s disease.  Mr.  Fox and Oprah discussed the issue with Oprah’s favorite physician, Dr Oz.  The good doctor flatly told them both that embryonic cell research was at a dead end, as the high potential for causing cancer made their use dangerous. He then proceeded to describe the breathtaking advances being made with Adult Stem Cells. visibly uncomfortable, Oprah and Fox continued their discussion ignoring what the physician had told them. The official transcript posted of the program describes medical advances but dances around the Adult Stem Cell issue, without ever mentioning the actual words. 

The University of Notre Dame has cast its lot with the prevailing leaders in the country, seeking connections and secular power.  They sought to use the prestige of a truly faithful Catholic woman to cast a fog over their actions.  When she stood up and refused, the media  moved to make her the issue, instead of the direct challenge to official policy of the Church which the University claims to represent in the United States.  

In this time, when life is becoming increasingly devalued, anyone who stands up to support life must be quieted as quickly as possible. As long as official policy is to support the destruction of life, anyone who stands against that must be  delegitimized so their voice does not become inconvenient.

In an attempt to cover their egregious presentation of an honorary degree to President Obama, the University has ended up drawing more attention to itself in the worst possible way.   After she declined the award, the University has announced there will be no recipient this year. As they try to spin and deflect the issue,the University and its president will have a year to read and meditate on the inscription on the medal, which Mary Ann Glendon deserves, and which she so rightly declined: “Magna est veritas et praevalebit“. 

*** Update 5-5-09***

Students at The University of Notre Dame have provided an alternative program of events on campus for those who wish to dissent from the official events. See this site for information. It is wonderful to see a contrasting view presented carefully and respectfully. I note in particular the instructions regarding signs:

Concerning Signs and Graphic Images:

Any person willing to respectfully and constructively demonstrate their disapproval of the University’s decision to honor President Obama at commencement is welcomed to stand alongside students at this rally. Neither graphic images nor negatively-worded signs will be permitted on Notre Dame’s campus. ND Response reserves the right to have individuals who do not follow student requests escorted from campus by security personnel.

 As any media present will attempt to portray the alternative program in the worst possible light, the organizers should  get extra points for being smart in advance.  Anyone who attends this event and is willing, I would appreciate your comments and descriptions. I’ll run them here if I get any.

Keep the Faith

The Rev

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Economics, Population and Abortion

Posted by revkharma on April 12, 2009

I have read many different articles over the last few years addressing economic trends. In the last year they have focused on the housing bubble and it’s relevance to our current economic crisis. Inflated housing prices spiraled out of control, and eventually collapsed which created a chain reaction throughout the economy of the US and the world.  Often we are told that the economic problems we face will not settle out until the housing market rebounds. When we begin to buy houses again, at re-inflated prices the US economy will re-inflate and we will back at our old pace once more, spending money we don’t have.

This afternoon I opened my newest issue of First Things. It sat on my desk for several days, I have been apprehensive about reading it. The original editor and driving force, Fr. Richard Neuhaus died earlier this year. The journal has inspired and educated me for more than a decade since I read the first issue I encountered. His passing has made me wonder just who is capable of picking up the banner he so ably carried during his tenure.

In this issue there is an essay, dealing with economics and families. I have seen bits and pieces and hints about this, but Daniel Goldman had fleshed out and given life to the ideas as no one has ever done. He describes the theory that it is the distribution of young and old that has continued to refresh and renew our economy for generations.  The young families have need of houses and all the accessories which would accompany that. The older members of our population have need of investment and growth of financial security. This has worked for generations, providing a continuous cycle of growth and expansion, opportunity and advantage for all concerned.

The demographics since the late 1960’s have begun to erode this model. Increasingly families are smaller, fewer children means fewer and smaller houses. As happens more and more often, there are single parent homes and homes with no children at all.

Make no mistake here, I am not, and never will criticize someone who has a small family, or even no children at all. Not everyone is cut out to raise a family.

The problem here is not the occasional small family or childless couple. The problem is a society that has devalued the family entirely. We have created a new ethos where having a family and raising children is not only removed from the primary role of a society, it is now frowned upon.  Those who have a family are regarded as outlaws, and the green movement had demonized them. We are no longer sustaining our population. Societies are aging. We hear over and over that the US Social Security program will be bankrupt due to a lack of wage earners paying to support those receiving benefits. Virtually every Western nation is moving toward demographic extinction. In his article, Mr. Goldman displays a chart which shows the age of ‘Advanced Nations”. In 1965 the population aged older than 65 was approximately 10% of the general population. Those under age 4 made up about 8%. Projected for the year 2050, the trend shows a remarkable shift. Over aged 65 is projected to be more than 30%, while those under age 4 show less than 5%. Clearly this presents an unsustainable strain on the traditional economic cycle.

What is it that could account for this? Mr. Goldman’s article is not meant to address this.

However, as I read it a number kept presenting itself to my mind. I kept thinking of a number I have heard over and over. That number is in the range of 50 million.

That number is the estimated number of humans who would be current Americans had they not been aborted. Our culture of death has wiped out the hope of our generation.

All the economics lectures, and demographic analysis ever written cannot erase that fact. The Culture of Death that has enveloped our society has caused a devastating erosion to our ability to fund our own nation.

We can debate deficit spending, socialism, and capitalism, democrats and republicans in government, but we face a stark reality.

America is rapidly aging. We are aging as a nation because we have become essentially self-centered. The inconvenience of bearing and raising children has been alleviated by the simple answer of eliminating the children considered such a burden.

This is certainly one of a panoply of factors which include delaying marriage, reduced size of families, and many other fractured and altered family structures. However the fact remains, that had fifty million children not been murdered before they were born, we would be facing an entirely different demographic today. Perhaps individual wealth would not have grown so fast. Individual self fulfillment might not be such a sought after goal. We surely would not have a society which faces extinction simply because we are growing older and are not able to fund our expansion. One may debate the morality of the issue, and many do. The straight economics are simply numbers. We are dying, and we are not replacing our dying members. There are many ways to look at it, but there is simply no way to see it differently. We are paying the price of convenience. We are paying now for the elimination of a generation which we never permitted to exist.

The culture of death has created a wound in our society and the infection continues to weaken us. Combined with the unlimited demand for government payment for individual needs we are facing a bankrupt nation.  America, we are paying for our choices, no matter if we decide to face it or ignore it.

We can look at so many of the dangers we face as a society and point back to the devaluation of live embodied by the abortion culture. The devaluation of life spreads and creates an ethos of total selfishness which infests and debases every aspect of our world today. The total self absorption, the movement toward the importance of the self and the instant gratification which has been exalted as the pinnacle of achievement all flow logically from the mindset which decides that one individuals life is more important than any other consideration. We are no longer looking toward self reliance, but rather to self preservation. 

The nation which was formed with a minimal government to protect basic rights is now a nation which wants a strong government to provide everything at the expense of others.  Instead of a generation willing to go to war to save the world, we have a generation which seems to want to beg the world to save them.  Istead of raising children and providing for the future, we want to have the government raise and provide for us.

We have taken the dream of the founders and turned it on its ear. We have perverted the original republic and corrupted it to a democracy which feeds off its children instead of protecting them.

That cliff is getting closer and closer and the nation is sliding faster and faster into the abyss. 


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