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The Vanquished Powers Were Glad

Posted by revkharma on August 12, 2014

As the Obama Administration muddles through one more vacation, they take some military action which is completely representative of the entire regime and it’s mindset.

In a story posted to Stars And Stripes Lt. General William Mayville says the following:

“We assess that U.S. airstrikes in northern Iraq have slowed ISIL’s operational tempo and temporarily disrupted their advances toward the province of Irbil. However, these strikes are unlikely to affect ISIL’s overall capabilities or its operation in other areas of Iraq and Syria,”

So, we will send our military to make lots of noise and flash, but the administration knows, in advance that is all for appearance, and no long term effect. They seem to believe that there are no real enemies which require engagement and long term attention.

Time and again this regime ‘pivots’ and applies a ‘laser like focus’ to a new issue, a new geopolitical crisis, only to move on once the headlines shrink away and the network cameras are pointed into another direction.

They believe their own hype, and are confident that we are in a ‘post-modern’ world. The US secretary of state blusters that the Russian leadership simply will stop, because ‘One simply does not do that in the twenty first century’. 

You see, they just know more, they are better, they are undeniably more moral than any previous administration, or the hoi polloi over which they must rule.

Obama and his team simply imagine  because they think it, because they want it, the world will bend to conform to their statements and judgments. ISIS is ‘The JV team’ and not worth attention.

Syria will comply with Obama’s demands, because they simply must.

This regime believes their own hype and acts as if all the evil in the world will stop merely because they will it. They act as if there are no bad actors on the world state, and if only John Kerry can get a ‘sit down’ then every tyrant and dictator will see the inherent wisdom of his words and follow the lead of Obama the Great and Powerful. 

Recently I came across something written by WH Auden, which I think poetically reflects my thoughts better than my ramblings above.

So an age ended, and its last deliverer died
In bed, grown idle and unhappy; they were safe:
The sudden shadow of a giant’s enormous calf
Would fall no more at dusk across their lawns outside.

They slept in peace: in marshes here and there no doubt
A sterile dragon lingered to a natural death,
But in a year the slot had vanished from the heath;
A kobold’s knocking in the mountain petered out.

Only the sculptors and the poets were half-sad,
And the pert retinue from the magician’s house
Grumbled and went elsewhere. The vanquished powers were glad

To be invisible and free; without remorse
Struck down the silly sons who strayed into their course,
And ravished the daughters, and drove the fathers mad.

We cannot simply ignore evil, it will not vanish simply because we ‘don’t believe in it anymore’.

Another shorter quote which I also believe is appropriate  may be more familiar. 

In the words of Louis XV:

Après moi, le déluge

Keep the Faith!

The Rev


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Just Watch the Right Distort Obama’s Guantanamo/al-Qaeda Remarks

Posted by brotherkharma on January 6, 2010

Warning – This is long (for me), meandering, and quite possibly incoherent. Please do not mistake this for an official White House briefing or proposed legislation.

It is amazing to me, although I thought I was finished being shocked by the left.  I Googled the phrase “Obama’s Guantanamo/al-Qaeda remarks” and it took me 10 minutes to find the actual remarks.  I had to search to find the text of the speech.  All that came up on Google (at least the first 2 pages – which is all my attention span will allow me to look through) was the same silly blog being reposted all over the place.  The blog was “Just Watch the Right Distort Obama’s Guantanamo/al-Qaeda Remarks”.  They claim the President was saying Guantanamo was a propaganda and recruiting tool, and that the right has begun to twist his words.  The same way the head of Homeland Security had her words twisted by being quoted?  Maybe the same way Supreme Court nominees have their words twisted, by repeating them in their entirety with contextual explanation?   Now I’ll grant them that President Obama said:

“For over seven years, we have detained hundreds of people at Guantanamo…. There is also no question that Guantanamo set back the moral authority that is America’s strongest currency in the world.  Instead of building a durable framework for the struggle against al Qaeda that drew upon our deeply held values and traditions, our government was defending positions that undermined the rule of law.  …. Meanwhile, instead of serving as a tool to counter terrorism, Guantanamo became a symbol that helped al Qaeda recruit terrorists to its cause.  Indeed, the existence of Guantanamo likely created more terrorists around the world than it ever detained.”

The problem is he said that in May, 2009.  What he said in January of 2010 was:

“But make no mistake:  We will close Guantanamo prison, which has damaged our national security interests and become a tremendous recruiting tool for al Qaeda.  In fact, that was an explicit rationale for the formation of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.  And, as I’ve always said, we will do so — we will close the prison in a manner that keeps the American people safe and secure.”

Now the phrase “explicit rationale for the formation of al Qaeda” seems to my untrained ears to mean the reason they are there.  If he wanted to say Guantanamo helped them recruit or helped raise sympathy in the Islamic world, I think he would have said it like that.  You know, the way he did in May.  Both speeches do a lot to tell you his mind set in dealing with this threat.  Following the “explicit rationale” comments, he went into detail on how he will address security.  The President warns us that al Qaeda is “constantly evolving and adapting their efforts to strike us”.  The White House site also says what I hope is a typo: “As they refine our tactics, we’ll enhance our defenses”.  People tell me I am overly critical of the President on this issue, so here I am going to rush to his side.  He did not mean that al Qaeda is refining our tactics! They are not wondering into the White House, uninvited, and offering their opinions.  I mean, no one gets in there like that!  The President promises us “smarter screening and security at airports, and investing in the technologies that might have detected the kind of explosives used on Christmas”.  Well, I am willing to help my country.  I have an old laptop that is kind of slow, a little buggy, and needs an external keyboard attached to it, but it can run e-mail, a web browser, and word.  I will happily provide this 21st Century anti-terror technology to the TSA so they can see if someone on multiple watch lists, buying a one way ticket in cash the day of the flight without a valid passport should be searched as thoroughly as I was the 3rd time I flew round trip from Philly to Colorado Springs in the same month.

In May, he really laid down the gauntlet.  In that speech he stated “We are indeed at war with al Qaeda and its affiliates”.  Hoo-rah! (Can’t you just hear R. Lee screaming that out maggot?) He followed it up with the caution on how to prosecute this war.  “But we must do so with an abiding confidence in the rule of law and due process; in checks and balances and accountability.”  Hoo-hah!

I don’t recall FDR demanding lawyers and checks and balances to combat the Nazi threat.  I do not recall a stirring speech to Congress promising to bring Admiral Yamamoto to justice.  I have spoken to many WWII vets, none of whom have ever issued a Miranda warning on the battlefield. But wait, he leans on some quasi historical precedent.  “…the decisions that were made over the last eight years established an ad hoc legal approach for fighting terrorism that was neither effective nor sustainable — a framework that failed to rely on our legal traditions and time-tested institutions…” .  Can anyone tell me what war the US waged with a reliance on “our legal traditions and time-tested institutions”?  The American Revoloution? No.  Civil War? Hmmmm, nope.  Either World War?  Don’t think so.  Wait!  I have it.  The closest we came was in Vietnam.  That’s the model we want to follow, right?

Well, if that didn’t strike fear in the hearts of our enemies, they did it today.  They revoked the Visa of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the man who tried to blow up 300 people on Christmas day.  12 days later, they revoked his visa.  The Administration is sending a STRONG Clear statement!  If you are a failed terrorist, we don’t want you here!  And Gitmo, which of course is the main reason that al-Qaeda flourishes on the Arabian Peninsula, will ABSOLUTELY be closed!  Sometime.  Soon.  Probably. We think, just don’t send them to Yemen.  Or to Illinois because we can’t afford to buy lights and a new fence at the vacant state prison – fiscal responsibility is part of the new change in Washington remember!

Now there are some who will point to the cooperation of the Yemen government as evidence that Obama is gaining support around the world.  It might seem like the approach to this as a legal issue and closure of Gitmo has garnered support in the Middle East.  However, let’s take a deeper look.  Since 2001, US military, not prosecutors, have driven the Taliban into the mountains.  They have ripped Saddam from power and wrought havoc on the terror organizations that attempted to move into Iraq.  The war was pushed away from our shores and towards the heart of Islamofascism.  But why the sudden support of Yemen?  There has also been support of the Saudis, who have launched air strikes against al-Qaeda on the Saudi/Yemeni border.  In August of 2009, for the first time in decades, there was an attempted assassination of a member of the Saudi Royal Family.  Al-Qaeda sent a suicide bomber tried to kill Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, assistant interior minister for security affairs, in his palace in Jeddah.  Somehow I think this is far more likely to cause Saudi and Yemeni cooperation than a guarantee that someday Gitmo will close and the threat to deport every failed terrorist.

BTW – if anyone is still reading this, I feel sorry for you but wanted you to know one more thing.  The reason I gave it the title I did was to hopefully get it in the mix of those other brain dead blogs that made me go on this rant.  Have a nice day and go J-E-T-S-Jets Jets JETS!!!!

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“Hello,” he lied.

Posted by revkharma on February 28, 2009


It is a truism that politicians often play fast and loose with the truth. They answer questions vaguely, and dodge those they cannot tap dance around. However, the sheer scope of dishonesty exhibited by our current President is stunning. He seems to say almost the opposite of what he intends, and somehow he gets away with it. His huge, bloated debt package, designed to create the largest deficit in history is called a short term “Stimulus and job creation package’. Even the Congressional Budget Office warned before it was passed that the scope of debt created would shrink GDP within 5 years. He moaned that he had attempted to get bipartisan support, but was spurned by the opposition party, when in fact the bill was drafted entirely in secret, by the savagely partisan San Fran Nan, left wing Speaker of the House. The only cover they got was from routinely left wing RINO’s in the senate.

He gains support by pledging to give  tax rebates to “95% of all Americans”. All the time he and his stooges are repeating this, he knows that fully 45% of Americans pay no taxes at all. What they are getting is, in fact, a handout, money transferred from those who work to pay their way and are the real support for the country. 

In his address to the nation he characterises tax cuts this way:

“A surplus became an excuse to transfer wealth to the wealthy instead of an opportunity to invest in our future.”

Allowing those who have earned it to keep their own wages is not ‘transferring it to them”, it is simply forbearing the confiscation of their property. As for ‘investing in our future’ that is the new way to attempt to disguise government spending. When people like the Great and Powerful Obama, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid decide they know best how to spend money, they confiscate it and call it an investment. The largest deficit,combined with the highest government debt load in history seems pretty far away from what anyone would call an investment.

Now he has announced that he will withdraw all U.S. forces in Iraq by a “Date Certain” in August of 2010. Except he will not pull all troops out by then, and of course he might not do what he promises if the situation changes and he decides not to do what he said he will do. Set aside the honesty issue here. If  I were an Iranian funded Shiite ‘freedom fighter’ seeking to impose my way on the rest of Iraq, (think Moqtada al-Sadr) I would now pull back. Maybe I’d open a food store, or sell flowers. Fill the back room with inventory, and as many weapons as I could hide.  The Great and Powerful Obama says he has done what he can, and orders all combat forces out. Once the U.S. troops are gone, simply hand the guns and RPG’s to my Iranian trained militia, and start the destruction again. Then say since there are no Americans to oppose me, I am the new sheriff in town, and install a de facto Iranian allied regime.

President Obama says, in front of the cameras, the nice words his pollsters have determined the American people want to hear.  He knows that those who will be receiving a gift from the taxpaying suckers will not care what he says. The dimwits who get their news from the Daily Show, and the Tonight Show will hear the feel good plattitudes and think he’s just a nice guy trying to help.

Those who pay the bills this administration is running up will hold on for as long as they can. But make no mistake, the bill WILL come due. And all of America will be on the hook to settle the tab. Unless people can recognize the danger his lying words are steering us into we will all face a backlash worse than anything this country has seen in generations.

As  people begin to see the results of this “Change” imposed upon our nation by these increasingly deceptive people they will have few choices. The class envy which is the foundation of his economic platform may likely turn ugly. As those who carry more and more of the burden find that they are increasingly unable to provide for themselves and the rest of the confiscatory scheme, many will simply find ways to opt out. Business owners will find it necessary to shrink. This will entail more and more job cuts, not the job growth promised by the Great and Powerful Obama. Many who have entered the realm of what the government deems ” Wealthiest Americans” will find ways to scale back their earnings enough to escape the punitive taxes imposed on their income. Rather than generate higher treasury funds, we will see tax revenue decrease in real dollar terms. The resultant deficits will explode into even more unimaginable figures. The alternatives will be to eliminate the programs which got him in power, or shift more taxes onto more Americans. Either choice will result in anger from those who put him there. Will the resultant “Catastrophe” then engender ’emergency powers’ of the administration?  We will have to see. This administration has already shown an amazing disdain for the constitution when it is politically inconvenient.  The U.S. census has been moved from control of the Commerce department to direct control by the White House. Congress has moved swiftly to provide a congressional representative with voting authority for DC, long a priority of the Democrat party, and a campaign pledge of Obama.  Part of his economic agenda is the ‘Cramdown” legislation, which will grant authority to bankruptcy judges to unilaterally alter terms, principal and interest on valid mortgage contracts. 

The provisions for the census are spelled out in US code, title 13, chapter 1. The administration cannot abrogate this. this is Unconstitutional.

Article 1, section 10 of the constitution prohibits any “law impairing the obligation of contracts”.   Once again, this is unconstitutional.

The qualifications for membership in the House of Representatives states: a member of the house MUST be an inhabitant of that state in which he shall be chosen. Article 1, section 2.

The Federal District is established in article 1, section 8. this establishes a federally controlled district, which is specifically NOT a state. to provide, by statute for a voting representative in the House is, once again Unconstitutional.

For matters of power and political expediency this administration has shown, in a very short time, a remarkable  willingness to ignore and jettison restrictions imposed by the Constitution. The level of mendacity is stunning, even by the standards of DC politics. The creation of, and political use for crisis and urgency should cause anyone paying attention to wonder just where it will stop. The first month under the guidance and administration of the Great and Powerful Obama has proved enlightening and frightening. I fear it will get worse!

Keep the Faith

The Rev

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While We Watched Games, True Heroes Changed The World

Posted by revkharma on February 4, 2009

While we were all being entertained by things like the Superbowl, and the blossoming corruption of the Obama Team, something fantastic was happening a world away. True Heroes, not the preening wealthy phonies on the foot ball field were changing the world.  

Iraq has turned a corner that no media pundit would have ever dreamed of.  Not that it was easy to hear about. For some reason there was almost no coverage of the completely free and fair elections in Iraq. While constant coverage has always been the watchword during the tough times, now that the Surge has proved victorious, now that the plans and sacrifices of so many have proved true, and Iraq has had a national free and fair election, the coverage of the area has vanished down the memory hole.  Amazingly, the fanatical parties, bent on destruction have lost. Most of the votes have gone to more secular parties   and to those who pursue a forward thinking agenda.  This is not to say that there will be no more violence. Those driven by hate and  a lust for power, those installed by the Iranians seeking hegemony, will not stop,  nor surrender without a fight. But in spite of all this, Iraqi’s came out and voted. It seems almost as if their elections were more trouble free than those in the US have been!.

The reason this has been achieved is also the reason most of the media are under reporting, if they report at all what happened. The US, in particular the U.S. Marines, while being held back, maligned, and criticized from all angles fought, and died and once more achieved a victory in a situation where no one else could even dream of success.  From BLACKFIVE  an essay which sum things up a bit. He posts  a  letter from Major General John  F. Kelly, USMC. He describes the elections from a first hand view.

 Something didn’t happen in Al Anbar Province, Iraq, today.  Once the most violent and most dangerous places on earth, no suicide vest bomber detonated killing dozens of voters.  No suicide truck bomber drove into a polling place collapsing the building and killing and injuring over 100.  No Marine was in a firefight engaging an Al Qaida terrorist trying to disrupt democracy.

This is the true face of today’s Iraq. This is also the true substanceof the United States Marines.  The distorted image painted by that  San Fran hag, Pelosi, or the  pathetic moron from Pennsylvania,  Murtha are insane  rantings  of anti American politicians who hope for the defeat of the Republic.  

I notice that many of the time wasters who liked to hang around on busy street corners holding anti war protest signs during the Bush Admin seem to have vanished now that The Great and Powerful Obama is in office. He has continued the same policies, even to keeping the Defense Secretary who directed the victory Obama  liked to condemn during his campaign. Once we are able to leave, I would bet that no main stream journalist will write of the great and historic nature of our mission. The liberation of Iraqis from despotism, the planting of the first popularly elected, representative government in the Arab world, the first truly free nation in the area other than Israel.

No, we need to focus on the economy here, the dire need to waste a trillion dollars to pay for more democrat party patronage. We need Nancy Pelosi to tell us that if we don’t do exactly as she and the Great O want us to do, ” Five hundred million Americans will lose their job every month”  The staggering stupidity of that is beyond comprehension. However, as long as they can scare enough people, who gives a damn about the facts.

Remember;  Don’t look behind the curtain. If you do, you just might see reality is a little different that the Wizard of Obama wants you to see!

As Always

Keep the Faith!

The Rev

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Good Bye to W

Posted by revkharma on January 20, 2009

At the end of High Noon, Gary Cooper’s character, Will Kane has just completed his sworn duty, and Frank Miller and his gang lie dead after a gun blazing shoot out in town. Kane puts his wife into his wagon, and takes his sheriff badge, looks at it and tosses it into the dirt. He climbs onto the wagon,and rides out of the town. You can see this film off and on on any of several cable channels. Some of the parallels are striking. A dangerous criminal, one everyone thought was gone for good is returning, sworn to avenge himself against the town that punished him. The sheriff asks for help, and at first many say they will. Others are skeptical, eventually not only refusing to help, but blaming Kane for the problems.  They mock him and tell him he’s stupid to even think of doing this. If he would just go away, they say, Miller and his gang would ignore the town, and everyone would be safe. Kane saw the danger, and with the small help he could muster takes on and defeats the Miller gang. There are many similarities to the last eight years, and certainly many glaring differences.

Mr. Bush chose the difficult path of law and order, deciding to stop the ‘bad guys’  rather than surrender to chaos. He accepted the derision and contempt of the towns residents, and fought the battle despite others unwillingness to help.  President Bush similarly made a choice, and saw it through. Despite setbacks, resistance and outright hatred by erstwhile allies, Baghdad is now closer to freedom than any other middle east country, with the exception of Israel. Afghanistan, while still in peril, is not gripped by the fanatics of the Taliban. Al Qaida, while still present, is a shadow of it’s former malevolent shadow government.

The signal achievement of the Bush years has been security. We have NOT been attacked since then, and have rolled back some of the danger. Certainly not all is clear. We are safer, but we are not safe.

All that aside, G.W. Bush’s presidency has seen an unprecedented expansion of the government, and greater and more powerful intrusion than just about anyone since FDR.  His response to an economic downturn would make a New Dealer blush. His classic and underreported quote: ‘I abandoned free market principles to save the free market” displays his disatrous reliance on Big Government instead of liberty. GW’s early cries of ” I’m a compassionate Conservative” should have been a signal.  That term has proven to mean a government believer who uses HIS philosophy instead of a humanist philosophy. Any justification to expand the reach and scope of government is a wrong headed one. Under his stewardship our deficits have grown, our debt has exploded, and rather than look to trust the people, he has given more and more power to commissions, cabinet departments and federal agencies.

Mr. Bush has justified much of his security policies,[rightly so] on the foundation of preventing another major attack. Unfortunately, he has sought to make these permanant. Such powers should be fleeting, used only during emergencies. Mr. Bush has shown good intent, and sound judgement. We cannot be certain his replacements in the Oval Office will have the same character.

Internationally, while he started well, rejecting the Kyoto Protocols, GWB continued to embrace an internationalist, globalist policy that will only continue to degrade American independance.

On the whole I think George W. Bush is a good and decent man. He took office during a time of great turmoil, and faced strains and attacks from foreign enemies, and domestic idiots. He fared well, but failed  in many ways. In a sense, George W. Bush is the quintessential American Tragic Hero. He succeded greatly and failed greatly at the same time

Mr. Bush has earned a well deserved retirement.

With all that in mind, I salute him

GW, Thank you for keeping us safer. Thank you for the good you did. thank you for enduring the assaults from the lunatic left without losing your sense of dignity and your decency.

Now go home.

Good Riddance!


As Always,

Keep the Faith

The Rev.

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