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Forty Seven to run EVERYTHING

Posted by revkharma on September 10, 2015

For the record, I am not a follower of ‘numerology’. I don’t believe in horoscopes or most of the end times prophesies that pop up every year or so like so many whack a moles. But there is one number that has caught my attention. It’s an important number, and a far smaller than I would have imagined.  I’ll tell you about it quickly, then tell me what you think.

Forty Seven is a magical number. It is a DANGEROUS number.

That is the total number of people who are needed to destroy our republic. 1 president who is willing to act via executive decree. 5 supreme court justices willing to vote against clear language in Constitution  to enable that executive  to continue. 41 senators willing to vote to “filibuster ” to block any legislation which might rein in the lawlessness.
Of course there is a pair of spineless congressional leaders, one in the house and one in the Senate who will lay down and not fight to defend what they pretend their party  stands for.


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Go Ahead.. Shout “FIRE”

Posted by revkharma on May 8, 2015

OK, this is one of the things that has ground my gears for years.

The famous hoary old quote trotted out whenever the libs disagree with something a libertarian or conservative says in public that ”offends them

Immediately they say,(harumph, harumph) “Well free speech is all well and good, and we all know that there is a First Amendment.


Then the speaker smiles smugly like the Church Lady, and sits back. The argument is over, and I win! So SHUT UP they explained.

OK, so the quote is not in any law, but was part of an introduction by Justice Holmes in a 1919 court ruling.( US. V Schenck) In that ruling they said a pamphlet against the draft that contained the phrases ‘Assert Your Rights” and ‘Do  not submit to intimidation”

Pretty mild stuff, eh?

What is even more interesting is that the entire decision was OVERTURNED IN 1969!!!
(Brandenburg v. Ohio)

The ruling reversed a previous Supreme Court decision setting a new precedent for the “clear and present danger” standard in First Amendment cases. The Court now held that a person’s words were protected as free speech as long as they did not directly incite unlawful action

Court held that all speech,including inflammatory speech, such as in this case by the KKK, is protected under the First Amendment, unless the speech is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action. The link must be there, the speech MUST directly result in the violent action.

So, next time someone says

Well, we ALL know you can’t shout Fire in a theater and gives that stupid look, the best reply is:

“Oh? What about Brandenburg v. Ohio?


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Now Is The Time To End It.

Posted by revkharma on June 20, 2014

Feb 13, 1913 The United States ratified the Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution. Since that time what was introduced as a way for the wealthiest among us to pay a little more (sound familiar?) has grown and expanded beyond all imagination. Here is a graphic to illustrate:

(Source for this can be found here)

Additional outrage can be gleaned from such things as this:

(Found on Politico)

Rep. Jeff Duncan wants to know why IRS law enforcement agents are training with AR-15 rifles.

As chairman of the House Homeland Security oversight subcommittee, Duncan (R-S.C.) toured a federal law enforcement facility in late May and noticed agents training with the semi-automatic weapons at a firing range. They identified themselves as IRS, he said.

“When I left there, it’s been bugging me for weeks now, why IRS agents are training with a semi-automatic rifle AR-15, which has stand-off capability,” Duncan told POLITICO. “Are Americans that much of a target that you need that kind of capability?

Today during a hearing Paul Ryan in questioning  IRS commissioner John Koskinen stated the following:

You demand that taxpayers present seven years worth of information, yet you can’t maintain six months worth of employee emails?


All of this (and much much more) brings to mind only one question:

It is time, if not well past time, for the IRS to be abandoned. It is time to repeal the 16th amendment and dissolve and destroy the Internal Revenue Service and all the dangerous and repressive government coercion it represents and creates.

Time after time, republicans and democrats have used and abused the power of the IRS to compel and control others to advance their own power.

It’s time. NOW.

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One sentence summary of modern issues

Posted by revkharma on May 29, 2014

Reading an essay by Kevin Williamson, in National Review I came across this thought, buried in the middle of the piece.

It sums up much of what is wrong with so many, and thought it worth passing along.
It might be thought provoking to read the entire essay, (linked here)
But this one short sentence just made me pause and think:

Modernity sets us free, but it does not offer any answer to the question, “Free to do what?”

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The Destructive Seventeenth

Posted by revkharma on December 28, 2012

We all hear over and over about the famous “Checks and Balances” built into the government by the Constitution. Supposedly each of the three branches are separate and equal, in order to prevent any one branch from gaining too much centralized power and moving the nation back toward tyranny.  In recent times we have seen over and over that the balance is portrayed as a balance between the “Two Parties” so one political party does not gain overwhelming power over the levers of government. The last is the most risible of all, as there were no real political parties when the Constitution was written, and as most have heard, outgoing President Washington warned about the danger of parties as he left office.

All of this addresses the balance of power within the Federal Government. All of this also fails to address one area of balance which was intentionally removed, and all but forgotten. This loss, and loss of memory is perhaps the most destructive to our republic.

The loss I speak of is the loss of any check or balance of the power of the Federal government against the states, which was erased by the 17th amendment.

Read the entire thing here:

Patriots Do Not Comply

Keep The Faith

The Rev

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You Didn’t Build That…

Posted by revkharma on July 20, 2012

If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet. ( B. Obama, 7/13/2012)

Tutto nello Stato, niente al di fuori dello Stato, nulla contro lo Stato (“Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State”) (B. Mussolini, 5/26/1927)

I have been inactive a while, but am compelled to return to my keyboard. Hearing the comments lately from our President gave me a sense of deja vu, and I went back to find the quote which it seemed to echo. I admit, it’s not exact, but it’s of a piece with the governing philosophy displayed by this adminstration.

So often when Mr. Obama says something ridiculous, his opponents rise and compare him to Hitler, or to Stalin, or call him a socialist, or a communist. While there are similarities in his politics to communism, the most clear comparison has got to be with Italian Fascism.

I don’t know why so many rush to the bait of the left. Obama is not hitler, he is not Stalin. ( aside from the fact that he is neither as intelligent, nor ruthless, and not even as charismatic).
From the inception of his campaign, the comparison to Mussolini and his collectivist, statist ideology has been clear.
His use of the coercive power of the state, eg the auto ‘bailout’…which was flat out a government take over.
The government funding, then abandonment of companies like Solyndra are close parallels to the ‘golden shares’.
Fascism is not about ‘goose stepping Nazi troops of the right wing’ it is about quasi private business being controlled by government.
The government tells business how to act, if the business fails, then government blames the fat cats. If it succeeds, then government takes credit, and takes more control. And those connected to the elite continue to make money while demonizing those who don’t follow their directives.
This is not communism, it is the original, true and clear fascism, as originally practiced by Mussolini and the Fascisti.

Even as popular site as Wikipedia in it’s article about Fascism rings loudly with comparisons.

After 1929, the Fascist regime countered the Great Depression with massive public works programs, such as the draining of the Pontine Marshes, hydroelectricity development, railway improvement

( Stimulus Bill anyone)

One truly interesting link: After forcing Chrysler into bankruptcy, the Obama administration and it’s ‘auto Czar’ sought out and found a new buyer for the recreated, and government controlled entity .

Government controlled Chrysler corp got a new partner, which was none other than fascist created and controlled Fiat Motors. Interesting how things come full circle sometimes, isn’t it?

In 1933, the Istituto per la Ricostruzione Industriale (IRI — Institute for Industrial Reconstruction) was established to subsidize failing companies,

(Tarp, auto bailout? Solyndra)

Look, we have to face facts. What we are seeing is the realization of a corporatist form of governance, enacted not by a doctrinaire marxist, but by someone simply craving power. This president condemns the actions of others, while simultaneously behaving in exactly the same way.

His allies in the donkey party cheer him on, knowing that they will continue to expand their personal empires. The elephant party plods along, mostly saying not so fast, not so fast, but not changing direction, only the speed with which government and the super rich like Warren Buffet take over as much as they can.

There is only possible answer, and that is to vote out any incumbent who has consistently increased the power and finances of the Central government in DC.

Senate majority leader..heave him out.

Speaker Boehner.. send him home to weep quietly to himself in a tanning booth in Ohio.

We need real change, so we can once again believe in our government.

Keep the Faith!

The Rev.

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Self Censorship and the Death of our culture

Posted by revkharma on December 7, 2009

You all read of the killing this weekend, of a professor at Binghamton University in New York, right. It got all kinds of coverage. OK, maybe it didn’t, and that my friends is part of an increasing danger.

After all, when some random anthropology professor is killed in a ‘Senseless act of violence” it is always and everywhere front page news.  12 Action News, WBNG  has the story, described this way:

University President Lois DeFleur issued this statement about Antoun’s death earlier this evening:

“This afternoon, in an act of senseless violence, the Binghamton University community lost one of its long-time faculty members…Our hearts go out to the Antoun family and we will provide them with as much assistance as we can in this time of sorrow,” said DeFleur.

Well, once you do some digging, this is surely not a random act, nor a senseless act of violence. The professor has written about fundamentalism among Christian, Muslim, and Jewish groups. He was killed by a man named Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani. Yet nowhere do we  see any reference to this fact, which in our current world is certainly a relevant bit of information.

Atlas Shrugs blog has much detail on this.

We have a media which has become bound by political correctness and become controlled by editors and writers who simply refuse to see what is happening and are unwilling to print facts which do not fit their distorted world view.

The conflict between the world of Islamic Fascism and the desire of extremists to impose global Sharia is completely ignored by those who control the presses and broadcast studios.  This is merely one aspect of the danger we face.

Look at the events of the last few weeks and the news as reported.

We had congress slam a healthcare bill, which will guarantee government control and indebtedness for generations to come. We had our President finally stop dithering and decide on a split the difference policy in Afghanistan. We had the greatest hoax of our time exposed, and what did we see printed on the front pages of the newspapers, headline virtually every television news broadcast?

Party crashers at the Whitehouse, and a golfer who cheated on his wife and crashed his car.

We can clearly see the importance of those two items, as opposed to the stories which were ignored and/or buried.

The really sad facts underlying all this is that most Americans seem not to notice.  For a generation or more now our children have been spoon-fed an education designed to produce, not inquisitive, intelligent minds, but rather controllable easily led tools of the state.  We are told over and over that ‘diversity’ means we are all the same, and there is no preferred viewpoint. From this view, the logic says we cannot condemn those who teach, speak and act on a view which literally calls for the destruction and replacement of our entire social system, the imposition of  Sharia Law in all parts of the globe by violent and oppressive Muslim activists who hate our western values with a blinding passion.  We are told we may not say or publish statements which will ‘offend’ them, or we will face discipline in the school or workplace.

This kind of false equivalence is what enables an angry Muslim Army Major to move with impunity to proselytize his patients, then to step up and kill those he despises, while commanders up to and including the Army Secretary call for ‘understanding’ and whimper that this might hurt diversity in the military.

I am at a loss here. Our leaders in government, in the media, in business seem willing to sell out American Citizens to a world government bent on achieving economic control using lies and false climate science. Our teachers and leaders bow ( Literally bow down to foreign leaders!!!)
to those who would destroy us.

Our president insists on negotiation with nations who despise freedom, and insist they will never surrender their goals to destroy America and our allies, as with the North Koreans and the Iranians.

Time and again our nation is threatened, and time and again our media present us with another celebrity story and another episode of dancing with stars.

It is past time to react. It is past time to halt this.  We hold elections under the mistaken idea that one party is different than another, when the truth is that both parties are loyal to themselves and not to the Constitution they swear to uphold. It is time for Americans who care to take a stand.  One group which seems to be moving in the right direction is ” Get Out of Our House“. If they do what they are promising, there will be a chance to vote “None of the above’ and sweep all incumbents out of DC and start again.

Barring the creation of such a slate of candidates, I am beginning to think the alternative is simply to say “if you are in office now, I will vote for your opponent’. Vote against ANY incumbent.

Anyone else have any ideas? We need them, and we need them NOW.

I fear that without some sort of political, peaceful change soon, we may face something far worse, and far more dangerous.

Inaction is no longer an option. We must reverse the course. Failure will move us toward destruction. Either from external danger or from within from those who will grow increasingly angry with the status quo. And those extremists come from all areas of the political spectrum. There will be no clean hands on left or right if we cannot pull back from this abyss.

Keep the Faith

The Rev.

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Where is Tom Doniphan?

Posted by revkharma on October 6, 2009

It’s been a while, and I apologize for my lapse, but I’m back, at least for now. There’s been a lot for me to think about, and I just had to hit the keys to get some thoughts out there.

In my work lately I have encountered many active duty military personnel lately. Sterling men and women who seem to shrug off the incredible danger they are facing. Most recently I had a conversation with a Marine, who had completed three tours in Iraq, including one during the siege of Faluja. He is preparing to deploy once again, this time not to the deserts but the mountains of Afghanistan.  He discusses the upcoming events as calmly as an accountant might discuss a balance sheet. However the balance will not be numbers but lives. His job is not to sort debits and credits but killers and those in need of protection. He is clearly frustrated by the intervention of bureaucracy and politics into warfare, but seems to have reconciled himself to the modern restrictions on warriors. As for me, I find it outrageous that we are on the brink of introducing Miranda warnings to the battlefield, and US Constitutional protections to battle field opponents.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading and thinking lately, about government, freedom and the role of the citizen in protecting liberty. There is a significant conflict right now, between those who believe that government should have the ability to do whatever it must and those who believe the sole purpose of government is to guarantee ordered liberty. Those who generally embrace limited government and maximum liberty have tended to be more civil and more calm during most of this debate. Those who embrace activist government and enforced civilization have tended to be more outspoken. Look to the Global Climate Change crowd. They have shouted and made films and staged demonstrations to push their agenda of action items. Proponents of liberty tend simply to just want to be left alone. They try to live their lives privately, with as little disturbance or offense to others as possible. There is a fundamental conflict between these viewpoints.

Those who would advance a statist agenda will simply not tolerate someone who wishes to be ‘left alone’. Such a person is a threat to those who wish to have an all encompassing state controlling every aspect of life. In order to prevent others from simply opting out from control, myriad laws and regulations are created, forming a nearly inescapable web. We are told over and over again that the legal system, as complex and dense as it is, is simply the only way to hold society together. By imposing law we impose civilization. And that civilization is the only way to ensure our survival. Legal networks and webs of regulations are not the foundation of civilization.

John Ford made a movie many years ago(1962), which brought John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart together on stage.In ” The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” Wayne plays a tough as nails man with a gun, the archetypical western man named Tom Doniphan He encounters Ransom Stoddard, an eastern lawyer after he has been attacked on the highway by a brutal gang led by Liberty Valance. Stoddard recuperates in the town of Shinbone. There he encounters Valance again, and swears to bring the dangerous man to justice, using the law, not the gun. While there he also meets Hallie who believes in his dream. She eventually transfers her love from Doniphan to Stoddard, whom she eventually marries.

Stoddard has several encounters with Valance, and eventually Valance ‘calls him out’ promising to kill him in a gunfight. Stoddard goes against his pledge, and faces off against the gunslinger. After toying with him, shooting all around him,  Valance shoots Stoddard in the arm. Finally he raises and aims, but this time he is hit, killed by the newest wild west hero, Ransom Stoddard: The man who shot Liberty Valance. Stoddard goes on to marry the girl and become the first senator from the State which emerges from the wild territory as it is settled by civilization and civilized by law.

What we learn, only at the very end of the film is that the legend is false. Stoddard did not fire the fatal shot. Tom Doniphan, foresaw the danger and hid in the shadows. He fired the fatal shot  and vanished leaving Stoddard to claim the fame and hero’s mantle.

Doniphan died alone. But he had the satisfaction of allowing the woman he loved, Hallie, to be happy, and seeing that those he wished to protect are saved from the likes of Valance.  He did as he wished, lived his life his way and survived.

The lesson cannot be more clear. Legal society can only work when real strength is behind it. We cannot simply waive legal briefs and subpoenas at violent enemies and expect them to surrender. Surely the world needs men like Ransom Stoddard to keep order and civility. The problem is that we have forgotten that we have also always needed Tom Doniphan to bring that very order and civility into a chaotic and dangerous world. Once the Wild West is tamed, the eastern lawyers can take over, but they could not step into the field until it was tamed.

Right now, we can see this very problem and the lack of understanding each night on our TV screens and read it on our news sources.

We have leaders who insist that if only we get one more international tribunal, or multilateral communiqué we can conquer those who mean to destroy our civilization. Our nations are being led by an array of Ransom Stoddards  who are attempting to face down an even greater array of Liberty Valances. Only problem is there seems to be no Tom Doniphan hiding in the shadows this time. The Stoddards have driven him away, and this time unless somehow Stoddard learns to shoot Valance may just be able to shoot first. And he doesn’t miss twice.

We managed to defeat Germany and Japan in less than five years. This was NOT done with long legal memoranda. It was accomplished by firebombing Dresden, Berlin and Tokyo. It was accomplished by dropping not just one but  TWO nuclear bombs in the Japanese Empire. It was done through the death of more than four hundred thousand Russian soldiers who were killed in the campaign to pacify Germany.

We are still shooting in Afghanistan eight years after they attacked and destroyed our Twin Towers and did nearly the same in the Pentagon. We have not succeeded simply because we are fighting with the legal strategies of Ransom Stoddard instead of the military tactics of Tom Doniphan.

We need to learn the lesson that we cannot  install civilization until we have defeated anarchy and chaos.  We know that America is home to thousands of Ransom Stoddards.

We have to ask, over and over:

Where is Tom Doniphan?

We need him.

Keep the Faith!

The Rev

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Why Is All This REALLY Being Done?

Posted by revkharma on August 17, 2009

Bailout, Cap and Trade, Stimulus,  Government take over of Auto industry, Government take over of financial services industry, Pay czar, science czar, green czar Fix the broken health care system…

Why is so much happening at once.  So many things happening, it’s tough to track all of it. So many different areas being adjusted, tweaked, tinkered with.

Remember the campaign rhetoric of then Senator Obama? We will remake America.  Just how is he planning that? Look to all his agenda items, and you can see just what’s going on, but if you take a few steps back you can see the pattern all this activity begins to form.

All of this is done with one main theme, a hidden framework which supports all the trinkets sparkling on Obama’s goodie tree. Liberty.

Obama and his progressive allies, from Alinsky on down are opposed to individual ordered liberty.  By offering to have the government ‘take care’ of the needs of so many troubled Americans, he will help you right into ordered slavery.

Liberty is about individual freedom, but it is also about individual responsibility. When you surrender the responsibility to care for your medical needs, you surrender the liberty to do so also.  You give some government system the authority to decide what is good for you, and you give up the right to say that for yourself.

A perfect illustration of this would be what has happened to the care of the needy. In days past, local communities would band together, Helping neighbors, or providing for those who had been hit by some dire event and help them out.  Think back to ‘olden times’ and the stories of ‘barn raisings’ in rural communities.  Think to church run soup kitchens, and similar operations. All this has been replaced by government run or funded systems, such as AFDC, WIC or medicaid programs. All are funded by government. As  the big government Leviathan has expanded, taking on the responsibility for such tasks, it has taken control, and individuals have provided less and less for their own neighbors. Taxes, taken by force ( Do you think if you said, ‘no thanks’ the IRS would go away) from every productive citizen are allocated by bureaucrats to those deemed needy by the government. There is no choice, no liberty no individual participation or responsibility permitted. Assistance is allocated simply according to government regulations. This has of course, freed  those who so choose to say ” my money is already used to help, so I have no need to do anything myself to help those around me.”

All of this will be compounded with more intrusion of  oppressive government into the sphere of what was previously individual liberty. Everything from exercise habits to diet will come under scrutiny from a government that provides your ‘health care’. There can be absolutely no area excluded from such a government.

None of this crisis mode thinking is about any of the individual topics which the press wants us to pay attention.  The crisis of the week is a diversion. Each new topic brings a frenzy of attention and discussion and much anger. Each new topic distracts from the big picture. These people are simply convinced that only they are smart enough to run your life. The burdens of self government and individual liberty are simply too hard for the people to handle, and so will be lifted from our shoulders and taken by the DC Government. They actually believe a ‘perfect society’ can be created if only they can have all the power and authority to decide how each day to day event should be handled. As long as the enlightened progressives can install their fascist system, they can repair and remake the world into a perfect society. Peace will reign. But remember one thing. One of the most peaceful places in the world is a cemetery.  The only peace their system can guarantee is the peace of the dead.

There are two books which I suggest you find time to read. Liberal Fascism, by Jonah Goldberg is one.  The other is Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin. Each of these will give a greater understanding of the history of such systemic attempts to crush liberty. Each will provide enough information to let you see clearly the true goals of all of this.  Understanding is the first step to thwarting the dangerous plans which are being implemented now. Make time to read, then make the effort to speak out to thwart this incredibly dangerous agenda.  Now is the time, now is the moment.  Don’t wait or you will be ‘cared for’ completely by your federal bureaucrats. Cared for, and controlled.

Keep the Faith!

The Rev

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Posted by revkharma on August 12, 2009

This morning I got an e-mail from a friend, asking my thoughts on Obamacare. Here’s my response.

Ok, that sir, is a truly loaded question.

Here’s my best answer:

I will need to start with some background, so I hope I don’t bore you.

One of the things I have learned is that we can’t take government actions at face value. As far back as the beginning of the twentieth century,when programs were put in place by our government,  they were saying one thing and planning something else. The Architect of Democracy, Woodrow Wilson was a man of deceit when it came to government plans. Wilson was one of the first true visionaries who wished to bring about a ‘Progressive’ vision to the nation. They generally believed that the common man was not competent to handle his own life, and those enlightened progressives could direct things better for us. It was then that the idea of compulsory education for all children evolved. The leaders knew that if they would be able to take children away from the family they could gradually inculcate the ideas of government in a stronger and more permanent way in the minds of citizens. The public education system was designed with one goal in mind. To produce good and cooperative citizens willing to do the things the State deemed essential.

Creating a social welfare program, administered by the State accomplishes a major part of this goal. By gradually and steadily making people dependent upon subsidies from the government, instead of a network of family and community, the progressives are able to exert more and more control upon the individual. For example, when confronted with the idea that the Payroll Taxes were ‘unfair to lower wage workers’ Roosevelt is reported to have replied:” We put those payroll taxes there so as to give the contributors the legal, moral and political right to collect their benefits” With those taxes in place, no damn politician can ever scrap my social security program”

Then the fiction of the trust fund was created. Even in the face of a court challenge, the Roosevelt administration maintained the lie. In court, to prevent it’s termination, the administration stated clearly that Social Security is NOT an insurance plan, but a government paid wealth transfer. However they continue to this day to publicly discuss the fiction of the ‘Trust Fund” and your regular ‘social insurance contributions’. ” In Hellering v. Davis, 1937 the US Supreme Court ruled  ” The Proceeds of [the taxes] are to be paid into the Treasury like internal-revenue taxes generally and are not earmarked in any way” Yet to this day every American gets an official looking statement of payments and benefits from the Social Security Administration, which pretends to show some form of promised benefit. (Recall even Al Gore’s now infamous ‘ Lock Box’.)

Later, when the Johnson Administration added to the deceit by creating the Medicare and Medicaid programs, Wilbur Mills, then chairman of the House Ways and Means committee said ” I think we’ve got you something that we won’t only run on in ’66, but we’ll run on from here after.”

So you see, when looking at such programs, one MUST look at the motivations and long term goals of those who wish to implement such programs.

This brings us to the current administration. There are several versions currently in play to create a new medical care/medical insurance program in the United States.

All have at their heart one thing: They will eventually bring about a ‘Single Payer’ plan.

Despite his recent statements to the contrary, Barack Obama has been quite clear for the last decade in his statements to supporters that he is a ‘proponent of single payer systems’. He has repeated it over and over again. Just as he has said ” we do not want to be in the auto business” as the Treasury department forcibly purchased majority stakes in General Motors and controlling interests in Chrysler Obama has one driving interest: Control.

Make no mistake, that is what the entire debate is all about. Who will control and decide what individuals may or may not do. By controlling access to health care through a single point, government will in fact control who gets what. Right now in England, medical decisions are legally dictated by long term outcome. even in the USA certain choices are already controlled.

In his book “Liberty and Tyranny” Mark Levin recounts the story of Barbara Wagner, a resident of Oregon. Oregon created a state run health program. She had lung cancer, which recurred.  A certain specific drug would help prolong her life, and improve its quality. The Oregon Health Plan refused, as it does not cover drugs which ‘only prolong life’. In a macabre twist, the state plan DOES cover assisted suicide. So,  Ms. Wagner received an unsigned letter from the State Health Plan offering to pay for the costs involved in paying a doctor to help her kill herself.

( The company which manufactured the drug heard the story, and contacted her, and provided her medication at no charge. )

If such a program were rolled out nationwide, there would be no way the company could have provided the drug, as this would be outside the laws.

Socialized medicine is only the beginning here. This is all about control and liberty. It is about freedom and individual rights. This is a plan to move America further away from the Republic given to us by the founders and closer to the dream of the progressives who desire to create a controlled, docile nation of serfs who will be at the mercy of the government bureaucrats who control their wealth and health.

That’s why they are so desperate to paint opponents as ‘paid mobs’ of Nazis and Klansmen. They can’t afford to lose this round, as it may take another twenty or so years to try again. (Remember Clinton Care?) And by then Americans may just have found they value their liberty more than their security. Or perhaps by then the myth of Social Security and Medicare will be so apparently fraudulent that no one will be willing to add to the scam.

So, if you value any of the ideals this republic was founded upon, if you value liberty, if you are opposed to being corralled and herded like sheep, then oppose this plan. Write and call your legislators. Write letters to your local paper. Show up at Town Hall meetings and tell your government reps you want them NOT to do this.

Keep the Faith

The Rev

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