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Questions That Need To Be Asked

Posted by revkharma on November 9, 2014

We have seen a new name floated for AG, Loretta Lynch is a prosecutor from NY.

Without question, she will be biased and partisan. That is part of the deal with this administration.
A few questions should be asked, in my opinion.
1. Do you support the current goals and plans to administratively refuse to prosecute immigration crimes, and will you support executive amnesty?
2. How will your deep ties to the Clinton Administration and your representation of Bill and Hillary Clinton during the Whitewater investigations affect your objectivity?
3. If presented with information and evidence which implicates those who preceded you in this office in potentially illegal or unconstitutional acts during the gun walking, or IRS investigations would you be willing to prosecute such former administration actors?
4. Will you state now, for the record, that you support a fair and neutral application and interpretation of EEOC and 14th amendment issues, and agree to follow truly race blind policies and practices while conducting the business of the United States as Attorney General?
5. What is your position on and interpretation on the Second Amendment?
Think anyone in either party would have the C O Jones to ask those questions during confirmation hearings?
If so, think there is a chance in hell of getting any of them answered?

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Humpty Dumpty and the Constitution

Posted by revkharma on April 1, 2009

‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.’ 
Lewis Carroll 

Remember when virtually every donkey in congress, joined by major media outlets were pounding the drums over the ‘politicization of the Justice Department?” We have seen time and time again that the Obama administration has taken so many actions that seem to be unconstitutional. Well, today in the Washington Post we can see that this is intentional. The Great and Powerful Obama’s hand picked ally in the Attorney General’s office has rejected a clear and distinct opinion that the DC statehood bill is unconstitutional. Of course, the Post couches it in weasel words.  ” Some in Justice… disagree..”  The role of the Office of Legal Counsel is to provide guidance, in this case requested by A.G. Eric Holder, on the legality of certain positions taken by the Administration. The current lawyers in the Obama OLC have essentially reached the same conclusion which the Bush era OLC had come to. The Statehood bill for DC is unconstitutional and should not be supported.

In deciding that the measure is unconstitutional, lawyers in the department’s Office of Legal Counsel matched a conclusion reached by their Bush administration counterparts nearly two years ago, when a lawyer there testified that a similar bill would not withstand legal attack.

Unhappy with this decision, Holder decided not to publish it, and instead he turned to the Solicitor’s office.

Holder rejected the advice and sought the opinion of the Solicitor General’s office…

Now the two offices have very different functions. After being told by the OLC that this bill would violate the United States Constitution, the Obama Administration then asked a different question of the Solicitor’s Office.  They were asked if they felt they could defend such a law should it be passed. Again, this is an entirely different issue.

Typically, legal scholars said, the solicitor general is asked whether the office can plausibly defend a law in court, rather than to opine directly on the legality of a piece of legislation.

 What we see here is very clear, and very dangerous. After being advised by their own attorneys that a particular action would violate the Constitution which all have sworn to uphold, they ignored ( and buried) the legal advice, and asked for a political opinion on the issue.  

This is clear, unequivocal evidence of the very thing the donkey party has screamed over. The Attorney General of the United States of America has directly changed policy to accommodate a political consideration. We have always harbored suspicions of the disdain the Obama people held for the Constitution, now we have direct and bright proof. .

This is a precedent, and even the Washington Post could not completely ignore it, while trying to downplay what was done, they had to put the facts out or lose the last shreds of respect they may still hold to themselves.

President Obama is showing that, for him, the Constitution is not an impediment to his desires and actions.  It is as if Humpty Dumpty were not running the Justice department. The Constitution means only what they choose it to mean. 

We are clearly facing something foreign, and no one seems able to stop them.

Americans need to prepare for a long hard slog, and watch carefully for the distortions this administration will perpetrate upon us.

Keep the Faith.

The Rev

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Another Dangerous Confirmation

Posted by revkharma on February 2, 2009

It looks like the Senate will move today to confirm Eric Holder as Attorney General of The United States of America. Among the wonderful accomplishments on his resume is obtaining clemency for FALN bombers, reportedly to lock in votes for Hillary Clinton in her run for the NY senate. It seems that not a single one of those granted such clemency had asked for it, nor planned to renounce their organization or it’s activities.

All that is in addition to his ramming through the pardon of fugitive Marc Rich. He has repeatedly denied during his confirmation hearings that he knew the scope and breadth of Mr. Rich’s offenses, but  Andy McCarthy of National Review has shown clearly that is simply not true. Now, he is not only shown to be a political hack, doing the work of the highest bidder, but apparently he is also dishonest with the Senate. No matter. They will all show wonderful bipartisanship, and appoint this dangerous man to one of the most crucial offices in government.

I urge everyone to contact your US Senators and voice your displeasure with this man, and with his appointment. Follow up. If and when this goes through, check to see how YOUR senator voted. Hold these political animals to account for their actions.

The signs are clear, and continue to accumulate. Obama is making good on his pre-election signals. He is working to radically remake the government, and there are very few obstacles to his agenda.  We are in a dangerous time.

As always,

Keep the Faith

The Rev

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Obama and his Cabinet problems

Posted by revkharma on January 22, 2009

This will take more time, but I felt I needed to at least touch on something. Take a look at what has happened to the Man who would bring us Change.  Three of the most critical Cabinet appointees have been marked with a hint of corruption.  The newly approved Secretary of State, Ms. Clinton is tied to a colossus of cronyism and influence peddling. Her husband’s various speeches and foundation gifts are a web of foreign and corporate payoffs that will take years to unravel.

Treasury Secretary designate Timothy Geithner failed to pay his taxes while an employee of the IMF. He has begged forgiveness, blubbering that he simply goofed while preparing his own taxes. Two big problems with that. First: he will be head of the department responsible for the IRS, and therefore the tax code. Is he saying that the department he will oversee is too complicated for him to understand? On this alone he should be rejected.  Second: He was paid by the IMF each year, and signed a statement acknowledging receipt of payment to subsidize the taxes he never paid. So, he stated in writing, each year, that he was aware he was required to make those tax payments. He can not now declare he simply “did not know” he should pay them.

Eric Holder, Attorney General designate is tied to several problems, from ordering the raid on Elian Gonzalez to using backdoor, secretive processes to issue a pardon to a fugitive millionaire whose family was donating millions to then President Bill Clinton’s foundation.  He also championed clemency for FALN terrorists, an attempt to gain political traction for Mrs Clinton’s race for the NY Senate seat. None of the convicted bombers in question had even asked for pardons, and none ever has shown anything close to remorse for their terrorist campaign.

Add to those the withdrawal of Bill Richardson from his appointment due to a federal grand jury investigation, and we see a pattern of entirely lax background checks. Either Obama failed to vet these appointments, or he believes that he is exempt from the normal standards.

Either case is troubling. We are in for a very rough ride!

As Always,

Keep the Faith

The Rev

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