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Responsibility where it belongs

Posted by revkharma on December 4, 2014

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) said that he plans to request federal funding for body cameras. It’s unclear whether Obama, who has made the most high-profile push for body cameras, will get congressional support for his proposal.

If the Mayor of  NYC feels that his police department needs to have their every move and interaction with the citizens of NYC recorded to prevent allegations of misbehavior he and the taxpaying residents of NYC are welcome to pony up their own cash to pay for it. The use of ‘federal funds’ in reality money confiscated from American Taxpayers around the nation, including from here in South Carolina, should be barred. There is no compelling overriding national interest. The police department of the City of New York may very well be one of the best in the world, But they are NOT the responsibility of the citizens of any other city in the nation.

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Questions That Need To Be Asked

Posted by revkharma on November 9, 2014

We have seen a new name floated for AG, Loretta Lynch is a prosecutor from NY.

Without question, she will be biased and partisan. That is part of the deal with this administration.
A few questions should be asked, in my opinion.
1. Do you support the current goals and plans to administratively refuse to prosecute immigration crimes, and will you support executive amnesty?
2. How will your deep ties to the Clinton Administration and your representation of Bill and Hillary Clinton during the Whitewater investigations affect your objectivity?
3. If presented with information and evidence which implicates those who preceded you in this office in potentially illegal or unconstitutional acts during the gun walking, or IRS investigations would you be willing to prosecute such former administration actors?
4. Will you state now, for the record, that you support a fair and neutral application and interpretation of EEOC and 14th amendment issues, and agree to follow truly race blind policies and practices while conducting the business of the United States as Attorney General?
5. What is your position on and interpretation on the Second Amendment?
Think anyone in either party would have the C O Jones to ask those questions during confirmation hearings?
If so, think there is a chance in hell of getting any of them answered?

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Living Constitution = Dead Letter

Posted by revkharma on March 1, 2009

Over the years, and especially since the administration of Woodrow Wilson, we have seen an increasing disregard for the Constitution by successive governments of the United States.

Wilson’s disregard for liberty has been largely disregarded by those who are enamored of his internationalist agenda, and morn the eventual collapse of his League of Nations. During his time in office Wilson jailed thousands who disagreed with him. He embraced the emerging theories of the Progressives, which in effect were social Darwinism applied to government. Wilson displayed an open disdain for the founding document bordering on contempt. Writing in his writings, Mr. Wilson stated firmly: “No doubt, a lot of nonsense has been talked about the inalienable rights of the individual, and a great deal that was mere vague sentiment and pleasing speculation has been put forward as fundamental principle.”

He created a political force, the APL (American Protective League) to enforce his vision of the political structure of the government. Using the various legislations adopted to help him consolidate power (Sedition act of 1918, and the Espionage act of 1917) Wilson imprisoned anyone who publicly disagreed with him. Many of his political prisoners were not released until after Wilson was out of office. Yet, somehow he is looked upon as a visionary, a man of peace, who was simply ahead of his time.

FDR followed and enlarged this tradition. Again using the cover of a crisis, Roosevelt undertook to subvert and ignore the Constitution in order to expand his power and achieve his own vision of America. Once more it was vastly different than that of the founders. Much of his agenda was shut down by the Supreme Court until his threat to pack the court with pliant judges. Under this threat, the Justices surrendered, and began to rubber stamp most of the unconstitutional laws and policies he wanted.

The US congress continues to govern by committee and department rather than by direct vote, thus insulating themselves from responsibility for their actions. The Seventeenth Amendment removed one of the last barriers to centralized power in the Federal Government. The States no longer held any effective power to restrain the DC government. Combined with the virtually unrestricted ability to confiscate wealth from Americans and dispose of it at will under the Sixteenth amendment, the elimination of controlling power of the states gave Washington nearly unfettered power, along with the ability to fund it’s goals from private wealth. 

Those who claim to be legal and constitutional scholars praise a doctrine which they call “The Living Constitution”. They claim that the words written do not actually mean what they say, merely are ideas which should be adapted to changing circumstances. Thus, when the letter of the law is inconvenient, they simply say it means something other than what the words clearly indicate. They seek, and often find ‘penumbras’ or ’emanations’ withing the wording which justifies the creation or expansion of various government authorities. This, they claim gives the authority to expand government power to redress newly created violations of never before enumerated powers.

The combination of willful disregard of the clear wording of the Constitution, with amendments which have distorted the powers and scope of government beyond any nightmares of the founders has brought us to a point where the representative government in Washington, DC is at least as despotic and unresponsive as was the reign of ‘Fat George” III at the time of the Declaration of Independence. The pendulum swing of power from Republican to Democrat brings with it successive demonization of each by the other. In fact, there is a collegial disregard for the restraints the Constitution places on government. One party claims the other is evil, and then attempts to expand government to achieve its own ends when it regains power.

What is needed is simply to act to restrain ALL parties. We need to find a way to reset the clock, so to speak.

There are a growing number of Americans who are calling for a second Constitutional Convention. The idea is that the existing regime has shifted so far from the intent and design of the Founders that it is no longer recognizable as an American Government.  There are some inherent dangers with the concept with a restart. Many say that once the door is opened, there is no restraint on the changes which can be made. Recall that when the first convention was called, the intent was simply and only to modify the Articles of Confederation. Many states sent delegates with instructions which prohibited any other actions. One of the first actions the delegates took was to change from a requirement of Unanimous approval to three fourths of the States to agree to the new governmental foundation. If this precedent is followed, any convention could become a way to solidify and expand the current regime, rather than to scale back the out of control federal leviathan.

We see what can happen quickly with the steps taken by the current administration. Obama campaigned on a theme that the economy was in crisis, and tipping toward catastrophe. Once in office, the administration continued to hammer the theme, constantly talking down the American economy, and taking steps that seemed bent on discouraging Americans in a time of trouble. Quickly acting, the Obama administration has moved to take steps which contravene the Constitution, and enlarge the scope and range of federal power, and Obama’s own political control. ( US Code Title 13, ch 1) He has offered payback to his Democrat party allies by promising to sign a bill granting the District of Columbia a voting member in the House, directly disregarding constitutional requirements for such membership(article 1, sec 8). He has worked with the most radical elements in the Congress to form and push through legislation which would empower bankruptcy judges to unilaterally alter valid mortgage contracts, once again directly contravening constitutional restrictions. (Article 1, sec.10) President Obama is likely to set records for speed and scope of destruction of the founding documents of our Republic.

Neal Boortz is one voice who seems to think a convention can be called with limited authority. His idea is to remove the sixteenth and seventeenth amendments, and to install congressional term limits. These are worthy goals, and if this is possible, something to work for. I am not a scholar, but I simply cannot see how we could avoid a repeat of the complete remaking of our government which could result from a convention. While we were blessed with such brilliant minds at the time, I fear that the dolts now occupying positions of power could not accomplish anything as elegant and functional at this time.

The alternative is major disagreement and a fractioning of the entire national structure put into place since 1789. I would have to ask, just what would emerge from such a spin off? What kind of confederation could be put into place? Would it necessarily be a bad thing?  Might we then see the experimental engines of government contributing equally to a les overbearing central government?

As I see it, we have a few, limited choices.

We can continue to act as ‘good citizens’, continuing to work under the assumptions that our republic functions as it was designed. We can dutifully vote in each election, and expect that somehow the incumbents reelected will see the error of their ways and change their behavior.

We can organize to fight through media, internet, and political action and attempt to rouse the corpulent masses in the country to stand up and restrict the cancer that government has become.

We can work to call another Constitutional convention, and see what results. I am beginning to think that the risks are worth the rewards. If the ‘Progressives’ take over, there are enough Americans who will see through the plan and resist. We will then face a choice of accepting a new and even worse document or to draft an entirely new and back to basics constitution which will plug the gaps which have been torn in into it by corrupt and dangerous administrations. I believe there are many who agree. I think it may be time. I think it may be almost too late to act. But I think that something MUST be done! Inaction is no longer a viable option.

Keep the Faith!

The Rev

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Congo town proves personal defense is a personal responsibility

Posted by deaconkharmafuture1 on February 13, 2009

{from The Deacon}

 I have been on other projects and efforts but I had to make a brief return from obscurity to draw attention to this tidbit. ”  Congo town mounts own defense against rebels.” I actually got a little welled up at this (from mixed anger and pride) today when I read it. A people left to die horribly, by those professing to have their interest at heart, prevailed and really thumbed their noses at these effete snobs. UN “aide workers” and “security forces”, both who provided nothing their names would indicate, were said to be, quote watching the phenomenon with trepidation.” (Notice I highlighted “watching”) Further, they said that they quote  “fear these self-defense groups could transform into a menacing force”. I have a significant and rare level of distaste for these indescribable elitists that think they know better what you need, want, or deserve,. The villagers, however, said “we deserve life and will live, regardless of your uninvolved and useless opinion”. Today, they are alive but would not be, were they still awaiting those who were “watching with trepidation”. Once again, people taking care of their own, is shown with glaring certitude to be more feasible than any police-force or peace-keeping force. Once again, it proves what we and our Founding Fathers knew all along. The right of a people to defend themselves is God given. Furthermore, no man should ever deem themselves wise enough to question or hold in contempt those rights granted by God. It proves to those who claim to be defenders of life and freedom, that the only ones who can be guaranteed to be there when the situation dictates, are the ones already there. I hope we all can learn something from the Congo. From the Warsaw Ghetto, the African Congo, or the American colonies, we see time and again that a people determined to resist can make a difference. Had the UN, The Nazi’s, or the Crown had their way, these groups would all have been disarmed for their convenient destruction. I hope we remember this, the next time someone comes for our rights. I fear it will be sooner than we think. And to the brave people of the Congo: I am so proud of a people who, told by both sides to lie down and die like cattle, said to both, “no”.

Quoted text credited to the article by MICHELLE FAUL, Associated Press Writer



Yet another region shows that armed citizenry can protect itself. Flying in the face of this is the constant disarmament attempts by UN and other officials. You must, if any logic is within you, begin to ask why do they REALLY so want to disarm people. Why, when time and again and well over the number of sensasionalized bad occurances, firearms are used for good.

Excerpt is from the link below,2933,520947,00.html

—Thursday, May 21, 2009 
Print ISLAMABAD —  Armed residents repelled an attempt by Taliban militants to expand their reach in Pakistan’s Swat Valley as foreign aid for refugees fleeing an army offensive in the northwestern region passed $200 million, officials said.

The attempted infiltration in Kalam indicated insurgents are feeling pinched by an army offensive and are seeking new shelter, while the local resistance suggested growing public confidence in an anti-Taliban operation supported by the United States.

Fifty Taliban fighters tried to enter Kalam, but that residents gathered quickly Wednesday to fight them off, Deputy Mayor Shamshad Haqqai told The Associated Press. Residents of Kalam captured eight militants during a shootout and were expecting another attack, Haqqai said.
We will not allow Taliban to come here,” he said. Kalam, a town in the far north of the valley, has about 50,000 residents and has so far remained beyond Taliban control.—

I wonder if the UN was watching this one (much like the congo town that defended itself) “with trepidation” too?

Once again, chalk one up to folks defending their homes and having the means to do so.


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Contradictions, and Constitutions

Posted by revkharma on January 28, 2008

Does anyone else notice the contradictions:
The Dems have screamed since the Bush tax cuts, hell, the Reagan tax cuts, hell…. even the JFK tax cuts that cutting taxes will slow growth, and hurt the little guy, since only the “super rich” get a break.
Now, it’s election time, and Pelosi, and Reid,and the rest of the pack of socialists are all for Tax rebates… in other words, CUTTING TAXES to stimulate the economy.

On the border of Gaza and Egypt, the Palestinians have blown holes in the fence that separates them, causing a mass migration of Palestinians into Egypt, looking for food, housing, and refuge.
Egyptian military forces are deployed to protect their borders, and prevent illegal crossings into their nation.
Now, I thought it was a violation of human rights to do anything to prevent free movement of peoples from one country into another when they are suffering from economic deprivations. When the US attempts to enforce our laws and prevent illegal migration and violation of our sovereignty and the status of our nation’s borders, we are hooted down, called racists, and evil. Egypt has had just such a wall, apparently for years. When we merely deploy National Guardsmen with no offensive capacity, we are called murderers, even in the face of paramilitary attacks, and probably, but technically unproved, direct attacks by the military of the Mexican nation.
Egypt is portrayed as victims, who must act swiftly to protect their territorial integrity from invasion by the Palestinians. ( not so noble this time, are they?)
2. I thought that only the Israelis were evil enough to box in the Noble Palestinians, and it is the fault of the Zionist entity that they are starving, homeless, deprived, what have you.
3. When Israel proposed a wall/fence to prevent the infiltration of their nation by terrorists from Gaza, they were deemed to be creating a ‘new holocaust’. But it seems that Egypt has had just such a border wall for years, with no outcry at all.
I for one am tired of the crap, and hypocrisy from not only the UN crowd, but the left even within our own country.
WHO will stand up and say ENOUGH! Someone needs to do just that, someone from our own government. If not, then someone from the People will do it for them, and that day will be a dangerous day for our nation. It may well be the beginning of the unraveling of this Noble Experiment in government. We are allowing our country to be run not by our representatives, but by gangs of bureaucrats and civil servants from departments, and advisory boards, to the famous NGO’s ( non governmental organizations).

The USA has moved steadily to align with the UN, now our own countrymen are condemning us in international forums to earn praise and glory at the expense of our nation. Non legislative organizations make regulations, rather than legislators making laws. This gives them power unchecked by any constitutional authority. The elected legislators cede their power and responsibility to the K street gang, then offer to help their constituents by interceding on their behalf. Of course this comes, as always with an implied price. ” Well, I helped you with that board, or commission, so now I expect your vote, and your generous campaign contribution to help me get reelected. Once back in office, they work swiftly to create another ‘Blue Ribbon Panel” to do the work they are unwilling to do, so their fingerprints are never on anything that might come back to haunt them. They create crisis after crisis, demanding action, immediately to forestall the lurking danger. Then they surrender more and more authority to extra- and trans-national bodies so once more they can say they are not responsible, but for a small contribution to reelection, will gladly help with your problem.

I hate to say it, but I can’t see a way out. Can you?

What’s the answer? Is there one? Or are we finally at the point of exhaustion of our Republic. ( for those who have been educated by the Teachers Union Monopoly, that’s our original and legal form of government. WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY, no matter what the idiots in the media say. Even if your eighth grade ‘social studies’ teacher said we are a democratic system, we are not there …YET.

I fear that we will be, and soon. When that happens, will you be ready to surrender all your rights which the Constitution had guaranteed the government would never take?

Keep the Faith! 

The Rev

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More on Islam/Christianity

Posted by revkharma on December 17, 2007

Sometimes I wonder about how this will all play out. Why for instance have there not been loud and furious protests by the ACLU over the obvious accommodations made to Islam? Why is the Federal Government permitting so many states to take steps to allow Islamic practices while restricting virtually all other faiths?

Is it a fear of backlash? Does our government just surrender to prevent violence here? That seems likely, but appearances can hide deeper truths. After all, since 9/11 we have unprecedented restrictions on our freedoms to protect us against ‘terrorists’ presumably, since all were Islamic, from Islamic terrorists. But, we have taken pains to stress that “Islam is a religion of peace” and “Most Muslims are good people”.

Is it merely an inordinate love of ‘Diversity”? The mantra of “Diversity is Good” has permeated our government and popular institutions over time so it has become a semi-official state religion.

As Mr. Clyde  Wilson( has noted, flattening all religions can have the effect of creating a government religion. All are good and equal, means none are correct. If none are correct, than any may be controlled and/or suppressed.

Notice that for the last generation, the courts have ruled over and over that the state may not even respect any religion, unless all are equally represented. A Christmas display is ok, so long as a Menorah is present. We can have an invocation as long it is ‘non-denominational or completely non religious. We can have a ‘minute of silence’ but not a moment of prayer. By equating all religions, we dismiss them all as mere superstitions. This has been a goal of such groups as the ACLU, and Americans United for Separation of Church and State for years.

The mainline religions have understood this concept of a “Naked Public Square” to mean that all may practice their faith unmolested. The new kid on the block, Islam has taken it to be an open field, and begun to run to the goal line. By seizing the mantle of Civil Rights, the Islamists have eroded the wall, and earned a preferred place at the table. The anger within other groups has begun to simmer. As the Islamists continue to press forward against a continuously yielding establishment, the Christian and Jewish groups will continue to boil. The Islamic groups learn quickly that taking offense at any slight earns large rewards, and will continue the cry of victimhood, as they press their claim to be the legitimate religion, and eventually the legitimate legal system in the Western world.
The predictable backlash will be sudden and fierce. Those who previously were the majority will resist and with strength and skill learned over the years. The fury of centuries of perceived repression will burst forth from Islamic groups, bringing about a dangerous and violent clash.

Watch for the resultant crackdown against ALL religious groups by a newly fearful and strengthened Federal Government. The US regime will strike back at ‘rioters, looters and insurrectionists’ imposing penalties, restrictions and outright suspensions on civil and constitutional rights. The very crisis set into motion by the inaction and misdirection of the established regime will be the reasons used to justify the later imposition of more repressive rules designed to entrench a stronger, more restrictive government than we have seen in generations.

This is certainly speculative, and absolutely not provable. If you disagree… tell me so, and why. Do you trust those in power to use restraint, when they have not done so ever before?

Keep the Faith!

The Rev.

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