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The Vanquished Powers Were Glad

Posted by revkharma on August 12, 2014

As the Obama Administration muddles through one more vacation, they take some military action which is completely representative of the entire regime and it’s mindset.

In a story posted to Stars And Stripes Lt. General William Mayville says the following:

“We assess that U.S. airstrikes in northern Iraq have slowed ISIL’s operational tempo and temporarily disrupted their advances toward the province of Irbil. However, these strikes are unlikely to affect ISIL’s overall capabilities or its operation in other areas of Iraq and Syria,”

So, we will send our military to make lots of noise and flash, but the administration knows, in advance that is all for appearance, and no long term effect. They seem to believe that there are no real enemies which require engagement and long term attention.

Time and again this regime ‘pivots’ and applies a ‘laser like focus’ to a new issue, a new geopolitical crisis, only to move on once the headlines shrink away and the network cameras are pointed into another direction.

They believe their own hype, and are confident that we are in a ‘post-modern’ world. The US secretary of state blusters that the Russian leadership simply will stop, because ‘One simply does not do that in the twenty first century’. 

You see, they just know more, they are better, they are undeniably more moral than any previous administration, or the hoi polloi over which they must rule.

Obama and his team simply imagine  because they think it, because they want it, the world will bend to conform to their statements and judgments. ISIS is ‘The JV team’ and not worth attention.

Syria will comply with Obama’s demands, because they simply must.

This regime believes their own hype and acts as if all the evil in the world will stop merely because they will it. They act as if there are no bad actors on the world state, and if only John Kerry can get a ‘sit down’ then every tyrant and dictator will see the inherent wisdom of his words and follow the lead of Obama the Great and Powerful. 

Recently I came across something written by WH Auden, which I think poetically reflects my thoughts better than my ramblings above.

So an age ended, and its last deliverer died
In bed, grown idle and unhappy; they were safe:
The sudden shadow of a giant’s enormous calf
Would fall no more at dusk across their lawns outside.

They slept in peace: in marshes here and there no doubt
A sterile dragon lingered to a natural death,
But in a year the slot had vanished from the heath;
A kobold’s knocking in the mountain petered out.

Only the sculptors and the poets were half-sad,
And the pert retinue from the magician’s house
Grumbled and went elsewhere. The vanquished powers were glad

To be invisible and free; without remorse
Struck down the silly sons who strayed into their course,
And ravished the daughters, and drove the fathers mad.

We cannot simply ignore evil, it will not vanish simply because we ‘don’t believe in it anymore’.

Another shorter quote which I also believe is appropriate  may be more familiar. 

In the words of Louis XV:

Après moi, le déluge

Keep the Faith!

The Rev


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Intolerable Acts of 2009

Posted by deaconkharmafuture1 on March 18, 2009

Why are we so complacent and content to allow the government to tax with a burden heavier than has ever been levied before? Why do we allow ourselves to be shamed and silenced into submission because a group of people do not play by the rules, nor do they earn or pay their own way? How is it that we have so many people in this country ready to roll over and cater to a group perpetually screaming about perceived injustices that will always exist no matter what we do?

We have elected a man who admittedly seeks redistribution of the fruits of our productivity to those who do not produce. We have seen multiple bills forced through the senate and the house with one group of senators and representatives shut out of the proceedings, and the bill forced down our throats with not one congressman being able to have read it before the votes were cast, despite explicit pledges to provide a four day review period before signing any legislation. The occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue promised numerous times that he was going to provide “transparency” in government for all to know what is going on.  Why then, the secrecy and closed door meetings and rush to vote on something no one could have read?

The occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue promised a new tone in Washington and not the politics as usual. He claimed bipartisanship would be the new tone. The occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue claimed he would end earmarks. The latest Omnibus bill had 9000 earmarks in it and again was pushed through with a “hurry up and vote”.  Anyone standing in the way and anyone who has questioned these bills, including our governor, has had a concerted defamation effort by the media and what seem to be continuing campaign ads for the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. We have seen Campaign ads purchased in South Carolina media outlets, telling us to make Sanford stop “playing politics”. The sad thing is this: he is the only one not playing politics. He is genuinely concerned with the future commitments entailed by accepting federal bailouts, which create more debt in a time of need. The additional responsibilities come with no funding and saddle the state with future debt to live up to the responsibilities it must agree to in using the “bailout” money. Like a dealer who hooks an addict, the federal money will force states into a position of needing more and more money in the near future.

Why is it exactly, that if these bills are so good for the American people, that an onslaught of campaign ads, closed door congressional meetings, rushed votes, and character assassination, are being used to force these things down our throat? Why the secrecy? Where’s the transparency we were promised? The only thing transparent about this new administration is that every one of the folks nominated so far has tax or legal troubles. Hardly change we can believe in, but it does provide some transparency to the core of the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, displaying the corruption and disobedience to the laws they expect the people to obey. It seems amazing that the very folks nominated to enforce or apply laws and become stewards of our money cannot obey those very laws.
How shameful that we have nominated stewards of that which they themselves cannot adhere to.
What is it about the biggest increase of deficit in history that we know will saddle our children with a burden that should never have been theirs?
 How can we create the largest deficit in history, saddling our children with debt, yet act as if we are solving problems? We are merely kicking them down the road to be dealt with later. Social security itself is a burden we gleefully bestow on our children like the unfit parents we are! How dare we pass not only that burden our children had no choice in, as well as the burden of the latest increase in deficit? We commit these crimes against our own children and we see fit to call ourselves “parents”; for shame!

We have been called cowardly by our own Attorney General in recent months and I am afraid I’d have to agree with him, we are cowards, though not for his specious reasons. What kind of indescribable cowards are we that we allow this burden created under our very noses, our objections silenced by rhetoric smattered with racism and class envy? What kind of cowards are we
who buy prosperity now and send the mortgage bills to our children and grandchildren.

I too feel America is a nation of cowards who have become fat and complacent and would rather languish in the newest form of slavery, economic servitude, rather than make the effort to cast off the chains that bind them. Yet another new shackle has been placed on us and our posterity yet we barely hear even a groan. How dare we shackle and enslave our own children!  How shameful we are and how sorry we must seem to those that have gone before. It seems slavery is now our chosen status and slavery perhaps we deserve. Sadly we have gleefully bestowed it upon our own posterity as well. For this we deserve shame and earn the curses of our own children.

Our forefathers knew that once we allowed the fruits of our labor and the sweat of our backs to benefit others who would not toil for themselves, our great experiment would end. They risked and most ended up sacrificing, their lives, sacred honor, and fortunes to the liberty we were to be entrusted with.  We have failed those men. We have shamefully cowered under blow after crushing blow until the liberty we were trusted with, lies in tattered remnants, trampled under the foot of the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
One glimmer of hope seems to shine ever so slightly among all of the political darkness that is swallowing this nation. Courageous representatives of some states have begun to pass referendum and bill alike, espousing a return to States’ Rights. These representatives have chosen to do what we, the people, should have had the courage to do. H3509 is just such a resolution in SC. Other states are beginning to make moves in this direction. Perhaps we could at least muster the residual fortitude to support those who have the courage to match their convictions?


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