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CEO Pay is Obscene, right?

Posted by revkharma on November 12, 2015

Much has been said recently about the ‘outrageous rate of pay’ received by CEO’s in American Companies. Not just the rate of pay, but the ‘ratio of CEO pay to the average employee’ in the companies they run.

Often , and frequently in the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, a number is tossed around which shows the drastic and, by implication, immoral disparity, stating that on average American CEO’s are paid somewhere between 295 to 333 times the pay of the average employee of their company. Additionally  there is an accompanying outrage at the fact that CEO’s are receiving huge raises, while employees / workers pay is flat or reduced.

Here are some statistics provided directly by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics to shed some light on this mess

  1. What is the ratio of CEO pay to workers.

The common answer is in the range of 300 to 1.

This is determined by a several widely reported studies:

While the huge multi-million pay packages of a few hundred CEOs get all of the media attention, what usually receives much less attention is the small number of CEOs represented in the annual salary surveys, especially compared to the total number of CEOs in the US. For example, the WSJ’s executive compenstation survey last year included only 300 CEOs at large, U.S.-traded public companies, and the AP analyzed compensation figures for only 337 companies in the S&P 500 last year. The AFL-CIO did an analysis of the CEOs of 350 companies in the S&P 500 in 2013 and then computed a “CEO-to-worker pay ratio” of 331 times, up from a ratio of 300 ten years ago and 200 twenty years ago.

But as they say, facts are stubborn things.  The key detail in the above referenced studies is the number of companies surveyed, which is fewer than 400 companies. These are also among the highest performing, largest grossing corporations in America. This cherry picking will necessarily distort the results.

When the analysis is broadened to cover a more representative sample of  companies, with data supplied by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics:
 The BLS report provides “employment and wage estimates by area and by industry for wage and salary workers in 22 major occupational groups, 94 minor occupational groups, 458 broad occupations, and 821 detailed occupations


The information then presents a far different picture. In fact, the average pay for 246,240 CEO’s surveyed totals to $180,700. While this is surely not minimum wage, it is not exorbitant for someone who is charged with running the entire company.  When this figure is used to calculate the ratio of pay for CEO compared to average worker, the true figure drops to less than 4 to 1, or 3.83 to 1 for last year(2014).

  1. Why do CEO’s get huge raises while workers do not?

Once more, lets look at the BLS numbers for some factual answers:

For the larger sample of CEOs reported by the BLS, their average pay of $180,700 last year was an increase of only 1.3% from the average CEO pay of $178,400 in 2013. In contrast, the BLS reports that the average pay of all workers increased by 1.7% last year to $47,230 from $46,440 in 2013. That’s right, the average worker last year saw an increase in their pay that was more than 30% greater than the increase in pay for the average US CEO.


So, when correct information is supplied for analysis, rather than skewed and partial figures lumped into statistics for a particular agenda we see that the rallying cry of the ‘Occupy’ crowd and the socialists and the various political activists, we can see that American CEO’s are paid more than the workers in their companies, they are not ‘immoral and outrageously more’. And once again, those in rank and file of most companies have received pay increases, on average proportionally more than the CEO’s of the companies where they work.

All of this is actually beside the point. The purpose for bashing CEO pay is focused on a purpose of causing a move toward Federal Government regulation of the pay of CEOs of PRIVATE COMPANIES. There is absolutely no constitutional justification or provision for any such role for government, and no amount of skewed analysis of defective statistics should change that.

Here are some sources of reference for the above information:

Bureau of Labor statics report:

American Enterprise Institute analysis of CEO pay:


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Forty Seven to run EVERYTHING

Posted by revkharma on September 10, 2015

For the record, I am not a follower of ‘numerology’. I don’t believe in horoscopes or most of the end times prophesies that pop up every year or so like so many whack a moles. But there is one number that has caught my attention. It’s an important number, and a far smaller than I would have imagined.  I’ll tell you about it quickly, then tell me what you think.

Forty Seven is a magical number. It is a DANGEROUS number.

That is the total number of people who are needed to destroy our republic. 1 president who is willing to act via executive decree. 5 supreme court justices willing to vote against clear language in Constitution  to enable that executive  to continue. 41 senators willing to vote to “filibuster ” to block any legislation which might rein in the lawlessness.
Of course there is a pair of spineless congressional leaders, one in the house and one in the Senate who will lay down and not fight to defend what they pretend their party  stands for.

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Responsibility where it belongs

Posted by revkharma on December 4, 2014

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) said that he plans to request federal funding for body cameras. It’s unclear whether Obama, who has made the most high-profile push for body cameras, will get congressional support for his proposal.

If the Mayor of  NYC feels that his police department needs to have their every move and interaction with the citizens of NYC recorded to prevent allegations of misbehavior he and the taxpaying residents of NYC are welcome to pony up their own cash to pay for it. The use of ‘federal funds’ in reality money confiscated from American Taxpayers around the nation, including from here in South Carolina, should be barred. There is no compelling overriding national interest. The police department of the City of New York may very well be one of the best in the world, But they are NOT the responsibility of the citizens of any other city in the nation.

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More info in IRS and Income Tax

Posted by revkharma on June 20, 2014

It was all a political ploy!’

According to Jay Starkman, writing in the Wall Street Journal, the Sixteenth amendment was merely a trick, employed to allow the Congress to pass an excise tax on business.

The Senate boss, Finance Committee Chairman Nelson Aldrich, together with President William Howard Taft concocted a compromise to stop the income tax bill that the House had passed. Congress would immediately pass a 1% “excise” tax on corporate income over $5,000—in effect the rich were being taxed. As a further sop to income-tax advocates, Aldrich would sponsor an income-tax constitutional amendment.

Aldrich was quite candid about his scheme to block the House bill that had been passed, declaring to the Senate: “I shall vote for the corporation tax as a means to defeat the income tax.”

But of course it was not something which those who imposed it had any desire subject themselves to :

After the tax law was passed, judges embraced it—for everyone else, just not themselves. Judges across the land proclaimed that the Constitution prohibited diminishing their salaries (and those of the president and state employees) through taxation. They emphasized the point by issuing court rulings in their own favor, excusing themselves from the tax. This lasted until the Depression, when the force of public opinion essentially shamed them into relenting. Under a law passed in 1932, Franklin Roosevelt became the first president subject to the income tax, but he refused to pay an increased rate that he helped enact in 1934. FDR insisted on paying the lower 1932 rates.

Now they just use the IRS to attack enemies and destroy those who oppose them.

Nice work.

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The Destructive Seventeenth

Posted by revkharma on December 28, 2012

We all hear over and over about the famous “Checks and Balances” built into the government by the Constitution. Supposedly each of the three branches are separate and equal, in order to prevent any one branch from gaining too much centralized power and moving the nation back toward tyranny.  In recent times we have seen over and over that the balance is portrayed as a balance between the “Two Parties” so one political party does not gain overwhelming power over the levers of government. The last is the most risible of all, as there were no real political parties when the Constitution was written, and as most have heard, outgoing President Washington warned about the danger of parties as he left office.

All of this addresses the balance of power within the Federal Government. All of this also fails to address one area of balance which was intentionally removed, and all but forgotten. This loss, and loss of memory is perhaps the most destructive to our republic.

The loss suffered is erasure of any check or balance of the power of the Federal government against the states, which was erased by the 17th amendment. Prior to that well planned assault on the structure and foundation of the Republic, each state sent two representatives to Washington DC to represent their interests. The people at large elected their congressional representatives to address the concerns of the “nation at large’. The balance thus created prevented the complete centralization of power in the Federal Government. As the states each had a seat at the table, they could restrain the unchecked appropriation of funds from the individual states and so could maintain some direct influence. It was this brake which could prevent the creation of such monstrosities as the EPA, or even the nationalizing of health care under the wildly laughably named ‘Affordable Health Care act” aka Obamacare.

Convincing the representatives of fifty individual states to support such a concentration of authority in the central government would have been impossible if each of the senators had to answer to the state governments, instead of a mass market of statewide voters swayed by pork barrel spending confiscated from other states and poured out through the largess of a non-accountable federal government. Imagine a Senator trying to explain to the legislature or governor who had sent him to Washington that the home state would be directed by an appointed bureaucrat in DC to spend funds confiscated from the residents, with no say nor control on  the appropriation or disposition of such funds. This, in fact was the bedrock principle of Federalism and States Rights upon which the Republic was founded.

Unfortunately we have raised too many generations of helpless victims, accustomed to dependency upon the distant Federal Leviathan for assistance and direction in all manner of situations. Imagine the governors of various states in the early days of the nation, calling hat in hand, as supplicants to someone in Washington for assistance when storm, or fire, or any manner of danger threatened them. Imagine if the various states simply waited, instead of mobilizing various state militias to fight against the Crown for our independence. It seems an anachronism to read the names of the various state regiments as they signed up as groups to fight in the Civil war, and even in the early days of the First World War

The saddest and most recent example of the total surrender of sovereignty of individuals, and the states which represented them, to the Leviathan is the latest proposed reaction to mass murder in Connecticut.

Rather than allow that historically powerful state to take action, we do not even imagine a purely local reaction. Instead, we hear two proposals, one to disarm Americans through some sort of Federal Gun Control, or to place Federally Funded police in every school throughout the land. To install such Federal Police in the schools would require funding equivalent to that of the TSA. And we all know just how well such funding has succeeded.  It would also complete another strand in the noose of centralization. Private schools are one of the very few areas that are not currently dominated by central government control. Any Federally funded police agency would necessarily entail central control, and thus attach more strings on the lives of every American.

While we surely shed tears for the many families irreparably damaged by the deeds of a madman in Connecticut, it is simply unimaginable that every community in the nation should therefore surrender more sovereignty to pay reparations for the evil deed.

A more appropriate solution and one true to the ideals of the republic as it was founded would be to remove federal restrictions on the rights of Americans to defend themselves and their communities as they see fit. Each local school will certainly know better how to meet the need for protection far more accurately than any group of bureaucrats sitting in hearing rooms in front of banks of cameras in DC.

Get Washington out of our lives, and we will live them better, happier and with far more liberty than any life dictated to us by any government, no matter how well thought out.

One more note, in this vein, please take note that the Governor of Hawaii has now appointed a replacement for the late Senator Inouye. In his explanation of his decision he has stated the following:

Of course Sen. Inouye’s views and his wishes were taken into account fully, but the charge of the central committee, and by extension then myself as governor, was to act in the best interests of the party … the state and the nation,”

The Governor has clearly internalized the lesson of the Seventeenth amendment. His priorities are listed in this statement, and the nation is not first on his list, is it?


Keep The Faith!

The Rev

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Government Involvement, Government Failure

Posted by revkharma on August 6, 2012

Interesting, the headlines on this morning’s paper.
The local, Island Packet has three major stories today.
Top story:
 Bluffton’s Wharf Street homes still empty.
 New plan would help preserve Gullah heritage”
Are we getting what we paid for?

First story is about the town housing, paid in full by the Town of Bluffton. Six houses, all built and paid by town money, to be purchased as “affordable housing’. The town made a big deal about how this would help teachers and cops able to afford to buy a house. They have been completed for a year, and not one has been sold. The complex maze of government required paperwork is blamed. Also, and not mentioned, as these are funded by various government grants, there are restrictions attached. should you complete the many forms required by state and fed govt, you are required to keep the house. Should you decide to resell, the town will have veto power, and may require repayment of all ‘mortgage subsidies’
Also, there has yet to be announced a final sale price, as no one in the area is willing to appraise the homes due to the complex nature of the purchase, funding and deed restrictions.
(most of this is NOT in the story, but bits and pieces have appeared over the last several years)
Second story is praising the federal funding of a ‘Gullah Geechie heritage corridor” to help area residents sustain their African roots. Tax money for a group which wishes to emphasize special contributions of a particular racial group and it’s contributions to culture and history.
Well, if this was a strong, vibrant group, would they not have their own ability to celebrate and sustain their culture?
the Italians, the Irish, and other ‘culture and heritage groups’ all manage to privately and successfully ‘celebrate their culture’ without recourse to multi-million dollar federal grants and state funded road signs.
After decades of deceit, the Social Security Administration has revealed that current recipients will now be paid less in benefits than they had paid in.  By contrast,

” someone who began to receive benefits  in  1960 could expect, if they lived to age expectancy, to collect roughly seven times more than they paid into the system.”

Now the payout will be a fraction of the amount paid in.
This is not a ‘government sponsored retirement system’. This is clearly the collapse of the government sponsored Ponzi scheme.[An interesting side note here. The original story I read is on the front page of the print edition of the Island Packet today, (8/6). However it is to be found nowhere on the paper’s web page. I had to link directly to the AP copy. Wonder why that is?]
What all these have in common is the clear proof that when government gets involved, the market is distorted, and the result is financial collapse and regulatory restriction to work against the stated goals of any project.  In all three cases, had private effort attempted the same projects, there are ample demonstrations of success to contrast with these demonstrations of government sponsored–no– government fostered— failure.

Keep the Faith

The Rev.

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The Danger Model

Posted by revkharma on August 11, 2010

I was listening to the radio the other day, and caught part of an interview with a cancer specialist.  She was discussing a recent trend in cancer treatment theory and contrasting it with traditional methodology and treatment theories.

About as close as I can get to explaining it is like this.

Traditionally we look at the immune system as border guards or police, roaming looking for foreign intruders. Once found these intruders are attacked and destroyed.  The problem is with the cancer cells. Frequently they are NOT strangers, but merely healthy cells which are growing faster and more productively than those around them. They are not different.

So, a new idea has come along, something called the Danger Model. The idea here is to compare the actions more to a fire station. There the defenders are waiting, prepared to respond when a signal is received indication danger which will generate a response.

Immune cells respond to a toxin, or the contents of a ruptured killed cell and react, attacking and destroying the dangerous cells.

In the late 1800’s Dr William Coley used such a theory to treat cancer. An example of how this worked  can be found here:

On January 24, 1893, the first patient to receive Coley Vaccine[2] was John Ficken, a sixteen-year-old boy with a massive abdominal tumor. Every few days, Coley injected his vaccine directly into the tumor mass and produced the symptoms of an infectious disease, but did not produce the disease itself. On each injection, there was a dramatic rise in body temperature and chills. The tumour gradually diminished in size. By May 1893, after four months of intensive treatment, the tumour was a fifth its original size. By August, the remains of the growth were barely perceptible.

So, why the rambling medical history? It’s a long way around to make a salien political point.  Currently we have growth of government stimulated by a cadre of politicians who have seemed no different from any others who have come along in the past. They have built upon the foundations of the past, enlarging and expanding “Leviathan” to unprecedented scope and size.

They have moved swiftly, taking the controls of our systems and begun to direct the function and output toward their own goals.  Most of the nation has simply sat and watched, as there seemed no real danger from another bunch of politicians. The liberty which past generations have prized has been trimmed, and scaled back.  The rights and freedoms so cherished have been encroached upon, while the tumor of government growth has expanded, swelling and growing sleek and thick within the skin of the once proud and healthy nation.

Gradually some have in fact, perceived a signal and slowly started to react.  But only around the margins, and only slowly, tentatively have they begun to attempt to stop the tumor cells from expanding and taking over.

What we need is clear. Somehow, some way the body politic of this nation needs to get a fever. something must happen which will start the defenders moving, moving swiftly and with purpose.

The most common hope is that these people will make a step, take some action which finally stir enough people to react and expel the cancer cells.

The problem with waiting is that while we wait, the tumor grows enormous and sleek. It draws more and more of the resources from the healthy body until  not enough strength remains to fight it off. Then the cancer metastasizes essentially taking control of the entire body.

A look at tracking polls show that 46% of Americans strongly disapprove of the current president’s actions.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 24% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty-six percent (46%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -22 (see trends).

This matches the lowest Approval Index rating yet measured for this president.

The worst performance ever. Yet still he and his party continue, acting with impunity, brazenly continuing to plunder the treasury as citizens watch. While Leviathan is feeding from the very blood of the nation, the muscles and bones which support it are being weakened and rotted.  As any cancer grows, it steals the needed resources and nutrients which the healthy tissue needs. Masquerading as part of the body, it extends its reach, feeding on the  body it is destroying from within.

Most people simply continue, going about their daily business as if there is no problem. We act as if this is merely another phase, simply a small cough which will pass. Meanwhile the tumor, which began decades ago continues to swell and pulse, threatening our  existence.  We move along with our chores, oblivious, ignoring the cries of those who see the danger.

I am not supplying answers here, just observing. But clearly somehow, something must be done. Something has to happen to waken those capable of defending the nation from the growing cancer. If we fail to react, if we allow it to continue to thrive, the killing cells will spread, taking control of, and eventually completely destroying the nation.

We have to find a way to send a danger signal that can be clearly heard, and one which will engender a strong enough response to finally and completely destroy the disease which continues to strangle our lives as it feeds and grows unchecked.

Perhaps this economic strain will act as a sort of  “Coley’s toxin”, which will cause the necessary mobilization of defenders.  Perhaps the plunder of our resources and vast deficit spending will be the signal which brings out the immune response.  Something will.  It had better happen.  We really don’t have all that much time left.

Before it is too late, we need to act.

Keep the Faith!

The Rev.

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Just Watch the Right Distort Obama’s Guantanamo/al-Qaeda Remarks

Posted by brotherkharma on January 6, 2010

Warning – This is long (for me), meandering, and quite possibly incoherent. Please do not mistake this for an official White House briefing or proposed legislation.

It is amazing to me, although I thought I was finished being shocked by the left.  I Googled the phrase “Obama’s Guantanamo/al-Qaeda remarks” and it took me 10 minutes to find the actual remarks.  I had to search to find the text of the speech.  All that came up on Google (at least the first 2 pages – which is all my attention span will allow me to look through) was the same silly blog being reposted all over the place.  The blog was “Just Watch the Right Distort Obama’s Guantanamo/al-Qaeda Remarks”.  They claim the President was saying Guantanamo was a propaganda and recruiting tool, and that the right has begun to twist his words.  The same way the head of Homeland Security had her words twisted by being quoted?  Maybe the same way Supreme Court nominees have their words twisted, by repeating them in their entirety with contextual explanation?   Now I’ll grant them that President Obama said:

“For over seven years, we have detained hundreds of people at Guantanamo…. There is also no question that Guantanamo set back the moral authority that is America’s strongest currency in the world.  Instead of building a durable framework for the struggle against al Qaeda that drew upon our deeply held values and traditions, our government was defending positions that undermined the rule of law.  …. Meanwhile, instead of serving as a tool to counter terrorism, Guantanamo became a symbol that helped al Qaeda recruit terrorists to its cause.  Indeed, the existence of Guantanamo likely created more terrorists around the world than it ever detained.”

The problem is he said that in May, 2009.  What he said in January of 2010 was:

“But make no mistake:  We will close Guantanamo prison, which has damaged our national security interests and become a tremendous recruiting tool for al Qaeda.  In fact, that was an explicit rationale for the formation of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.  And, as I’ve always said, we will do so — we will close the prison in a manner that keeps the American people safe and secure.”

Now the phrase “explicit rationale for the formation of al Qaeda” seems to my untrained ears to mean the reason they are there.  If he wanted to say Guantanamo helped them recruit or helped raise sympathy in the Islamic world, I think he would have said it like that.  You know, the way he did in May.  Both speeches do a lot to tell you his mind set in dealing with this threat.  Following the “explicit rationale” comments, he went into detail on how he will address security.  The President warns us that al Qaeda is “constantly evolving and adapting their efforts to strike us”.  The White House site also says what I hope is a typo: “As they refine our tactics, we’ll enhance our defenses”.  People tell me I am overly critical of the President on this issue, so here I am going to rush to his side.  He did not mean that al Qaeda is refining our tactics! They are not wondering into the White House, uninvited, and offering their opinions.  I mean, no one gets in there like that!  The President promises us “smarter screening and security at airports, and investing in the technologies that might have detected the kind of explosives used on Christmas”.  Well, I am willing to help my country.  I have an old laptop that is kind of slow, a little buggy, and needs an external keyboard attached to it, but it can run e-mail, a web browser, and word.  I will happily provide this 21st Century anti-terror technology to the TSA so they can see if someone on multiple watch lists, buying a one way ticket in cash the day of the flight without a valid passport should be searched as thoroughly as I was the 3rd time I flew round trip from Philly to Colorado Springs in the same month.

In May, he really laid down the gauntlet.  In that speech he stated “We are indeed at war with al Qaeda and its affiliates”.  Hoo-rah! (Can’t you just hear R. Lee screaming that out maggot?) He followed it up with the caution on how to prosecute this war.  “But we must do so with an abiding confidence in the rule of law and due process; in checks and balances and accountability.”  Hoo-hah!

I don’t recall FDR demanding lawyers and checks and balances to combat the Nazi threat.  I do not recall a stirring speech to Congress promising to bring Admiral Yamamoto to justice.  I have spoken to many WWII vets, none of whom have ever issued a Miranda warning on the battlefield. But wait, he leans on some quasi historical precedent.  “…the decisions that were made over the last eight years established an ad hoc legal approach for fighting terrorism that was neither effective nor sustainable — a framework that failed to rely on our legal traditions and time-tested institutions…” .  Can anyone tell me what war the US waged with a reliance on “our legal traditions and time-tested institutions”?  The American Revoloution? No.  Civil War? Hmmmm, nope.  Either World War?  Don’t think so.  Wait!  I have it.  The closest we came was in Vietnam.  That’s the model we want to follow, right?

Well, if that didn’t strike fear in the hearts of our enemies, they did it today.  They revoked the Visa of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the man who tried to blow up 300 people on Christmas day.  12 days later, they revoked his visa.  The Administration is sending a STRONG Clear statement!  If you are a failed terrorist, we don’t want you here!  And Gitmo, which of course is the main reason that al-Qaeda flourishes on the Arabian Peninsula, will ABSOLUTELY be closed!  Sometime.  Soon.  Probably. We think, just don’t send them to Yemen.  Or to Illinois because we can’t afford to buy lights and a new fence at the vacant state prison – fiscal responsibility is part of the new change in Washington remember!

Now there are some who will point to the cooperation of the Yemen government as evidence that Obama is gaining support around the world.  It might seem like the approach to this as a legal issue and closure of Gitmo has garnered support in the Middle East.  However, let’s take a deeper look.  Since 2001, US military, not prosecutors, have driven the Taliban into the mountains.  They have ripped Saddam from power and wrought havoc on the terror organizations that attempted to move into Iraq.  The war was pushed away from our shores and towards the heart of Islamofascism.  But why the sudden support of Yemen?  There has also been support of the Saudis, who have launched air strikes against al-Qaeda on the Saudi/Yemeni border.  In August of 2009, for the first time in decades, there was an attempted assassination of a member of the Saudi Royal Family.  Al-Qaeda sent a suicide bomber tried to kill Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, assistant interior minister for security affairs, in his palace in Jeddah.  Somehow I think this is far more likely to cause Saudi and Yemeni cooperation than a guarantee that someday Gitmo will close and the threat to deport every failed terrorist.

BTW – if anyone is still reading this, I feel sorry for you but wanted you to know one more thing.  The reason I gave it the title I did was to hopefully get it in the mix of those other brain dead blogs that made me go on this rant.  Have a nice day and go J-E-T-S-Jets Jets JETS!!!!

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Politics of Distraction

Posted by revkharma on July 24, 2009

So, the last question of Obama’s  ‘Health care ‘ press conference changed everything. In what almost seems to be a planted question the president was asked to address the recent arrest of Harvard Professor Gates. The Great and Powerful Obama began by admitting his own bias, then waded in and called the actions of the police ‘stupid’.  Predictably, this has once more put the debate on racial division on the front page of newspapers and top discussion topic of many news programs. See, it’s all about race, and if we believe the template the only reason this happened is because the cop in question was white and the professor black.

Let’s dig a little and see if this holds water.

First, any time Obama takes a question there has got to be a political calculus involved. By taking that one, and responding the way he has, Obama has been able to shift discussion away from his losing performance on nationalizing health care, andshift it to another topic. Reviewing his answers that night one can see he simply has no answers to any questions. His health care plan is a mess, and it is likely to fail if it is examined in any detail. He stumbled and mumbled, with as many ” umms’ and ahhs’ as real replies to questions. He indicted doctors, claiming they are ‘removing tonsils for higher profit’ rather than treating allergies and sore throats.  He alluded to heart rending letters he reads every day, while saying the discussion should not be about him. The senate has now decided not to vote before Obama’s clear August deadline.

So, what to do? Distract and shift attention. Make it all about race instead of his slipping plan.

The problem here is if you look at what actually happened, this is NOT about race, but about power, wealth and personal privilege.  Gates, while dealing with police  officers on the scene, was calling headquarters, apparently gaining access to ‘the chief’. Once he was arrested, he was able to throw his connections around and have charges dismissed.  If this had been any average American, who would doubt that they would have been processed and charged.  The cops on the scene responded to a call of a possible break in. Accounts and photos of the scene show that the officers on scene were actually a multi racial group. They faced an arrogant and belligerent loudmouth who simply would NOT accept anything other than confrontation. Witnesses say he continued to berate the officer long after the officer tried to disengage.  Gates was then handcuffed and arrested. Afterward he was released, and no charges were lodged against him.  Had that been an ordinary, middle class American, white or black, who had continued to shout and abuse a cop, there surely would have been charges.

Now all the media are discussing the case, the circus, and the statement which President Obama has injected, clearly and intentionally into the whole morass.

I began this essay early Friday morning, and later in the day two events took place. First, the police union in Cambridge staged a press conference to support Sgt Crowley. White House press secretary  and Chief Jester Robert Gibbs at first attempted to portray it as a political battle, stating that ” the FOP endorsed Mccain”.

Shortly after that, Obama descended to the press room and offered one of his now familiar pseudo apologies.  He professed to be stunned that his remarks generated such interest. After allowing that he had ‘failed to properly calibrate his words’ he attempted to make some humorous statements. The fawning press guffawed louder than Ed McMahon listening to a Carson joke fall flat.

Yet listen carefully to his words, and you will see that President Obama has absolutely NOT apologized for his offensive characterization.

In my choice of words, I unfortunately gave the impression that I was maligning the Cambridge Police Department or Sergeant Crowley specifically, I continue to believe, based on what I have heard, that there was an overreaction in pulling Prof. Gates out of his home and to the station. I also continue to believe, based on what I heard, that Prof. Gates probably overreacted as well

This will insure a continued discussion of race, police and most importantly of all, The Great and Powerful Obama. He has made the remarks, and just by stating them has played the race card. He has also refused to actually recant.  He will, through back channels and sotto voce maintain that his credibility with the Community Organizers from which he draws his power. His allies at ACORN will stand by him. And he will avoid the discussion of his major failure to ram the takeover of the US Health care system as quickly as he wanted.

And THAT,  I maintain, is the whole and sole purpose of this.  If Obama had the votes lined up to pass the plan no comments would ever have been made about Gates and the Cambridge PD. This way, he deflects attention until either he finds a back door way to cheat his plan through the system or manages to coerce or buy enough votes to get the disastrous plan through the house.

It is, this time and every time, all about him. Don’t be fooled, this was not a mistake, or a misspeak, or a poor choice of words. He accomplished what he wanted.  Now we have to watch carefully. He’s sent the distraction, we have to wait to see the hidden secret he wants to keep us from seeing.

Keep the Faith

The Rev

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The Great and Powerful Obama

Posted by revkharma on January 23, 2009

Fire boiled upward, and smoke belched amidst the flames as his voice boomed ” I am the Great and Powerful Oz! You will do as I command, and I will reward you!”  Unfortunately as we all remember from the classic film, little Toto scampered forward, and pulled back the curtain, revealing the lost, and quite ordinary travelling medicine show doctor operating the levers.  Despite “Oz'” telling them otherwise, the adventurers in the story looked, and finally exposed the secret of the Wizard. No matter how much smoke, flame and deception he used, he was not a spectacular wizard, merely a side show huckster with a knack for deception.

“If you are a Washington lobbyist, you will find no home in the Obama Administration! We are all about Hope and CHANGE, and we will not work with the usual crew of lobbyists and insiders!”  Or, so we were told by the Great and Powerful Obama.  A quick look at two of his recent high level appointments points more toward the carnival than the wizard.  William Lynn III, tapped to take the second highest spot in the defense department was a paid rep for Raytheon until this past July.  William Corr is now put forward as the deputy secretary at the dept of HHS. He has worked until the end of last year as a paid consultant for anti tobacco groups. Both have pledged to ” not work in areas in which they previously lobbied”. In the senior positions they will take, there is little chance of that actually being true.

Note also, the flurry of Executive Orders, including the Big News that he will honor his campaign promise and close Guantanamo Bay Prison within a year. Look closely at the details. IN order to close the facility and relocate all those held, he must first find out where to send them and how they will be dealt with. Another executive order directs a commission be formed to determine exactly how this will be accomplished.  So, in fact, his executive order merely restates his campaign promise, with no concrete plan of action to achieve it.  “Don’t look at the man behind the curtain…I am the Great and Powerful Obama!”  The media watch needs some  attack dogs, to pull aside the curtain, and expose the side show barker. Unfortunately most of the media are lap dogs, not even up to the daring of  Dorothy’s little dog Toto.  We have to continue to work to expose this fraud, and perhaps hold their feet to the fire. Mr. Obama will be our President, at least four years. He should be held to account, and perhaps then can actually achieve some of the Hope and Change his believers are so certain he can bring us.

As always

Keep The Faith!


Ted, I thank you for your comments below. Let’s address them a bit here. The whole issue of Barack Obama’s citizenship has been put to rest. Here is a pretty good analysis of the entire issue.

If we allow ourselves to become distracted by side issues we will never be able to focus on those things of real importance. Obama won because the alternative party simply offered nothing of any value to the American people. Mccain offered much of the same socialism, but with less charisma and at a slower pace. This, unfortunately, has been the hallmark of the republicans for many years.  They offer the same interventionist policies, only just a bit smaller. The Republicans lost. They will continue to do so until one of two things happen:

First, they wake up grow a spine and some courage and retake their legacy of leadership and small government. OR

Secong, they fade out as the Whigs and the Democratic Republicans before them did, and they are replaced by a new party.

As to the issue of the oath of office, many people much smarter than I have put that to rest. The oath itself is a formality, the power changes from one president to the other at noon on the 20th by constitutional provision. If we want to return to basic constitutional principles, we must not get bogged down in minutia. We must hold LOCAL elected officials to account, and begin working from the ground up. I appreciate your passion, and hope you will continue to work to right the country.

The Rev.

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