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CEO Pay is Obscene, right?

Posted by revkharma on November 12, 2015

Much has been said recently about the ‘outrageous rate of pay’ received by CEO’s in American Companies. Not just the rate of pay, but the ‘ratio of CEO pay to the average employee’ in the companies they run.

Often , and frequently in the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, a number is tossed around which shows the drastic and, by implication, immoral disparity, stating that on average American CEO’s are paid somewhere between 295 to 333 times the pay of the average employee of their company. Additionally  there is an accompanying outrage at the fact that CEO’s are receiving huge raises, while employees / workers pay is flat or reduced.

Here are some statistics provided directly by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics to shed some light on this mess

  1. What is the ratio of CEO pay to workers.

The common answer is in the range of 300 to 1.

This is determined by a several widely reported studies:

While the huge multi-million pay packages of a few hundred CEOs get all of the media attention, what usually receives much less attention is the small number of CEOs represented in the annual salary surveys, especially compared to the total number of CEOs in the US. For example, the WSJ’s executive compenstation survey last year included only 300 CEOs at large, U.S.-traded public companies, and the AP analyzed compensation figures for only 337 companies in the S&P 500 last year. The AFL-CIO did an analysis of the CEOs of 350 companies in the S&P 500 in 2013 and then computed a “CEO-to-worker pay ratio” of 331 times, up from a ratio of 300 ten years ago and 200 twenty years ago.

But as they say, facts are stubborn things.  The key detail in the above referenced studies is the number of companies surveyed, which is fewer than 400 companies. These are also among the highest performing, largest grossing corporations in America. This cherry picking will necessarily distort the results.

When the analysis is broadened to cover a more representative sample of  companies, with data supplied by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics:
 The BLS report provides “employment and wage estimates by area and by industry for wage and salary workers in 22 major occupational groups, 94 minor occupational groups, 458 broad occupations, and 821 detailed occupations


The information then presents a far different picture. In fact, the average pay for 246,240 CEO’s surveyed totals to $180,700. While this is surely not minimum wage, it is not exorbitant for someone who is charged with running the entire company.  When this figure is used to calculate the ratio of pay for CEO compared to average worker, the true figure drops to less than 4 to 1, or 3.83 to 1 for last year(2014).

  1. Why do CEO’s get huge raises while workers do not?

Once more, lets look at the BLS numbers for some factual answers:

For the larger sample of CEOs reported by the BLS, their average pay of $180,700 last year was an increase of only 1.3% from the average CEO pay of $178,400 in 2013. In contrast, the BLS reports that the average pay of all workers increased by 1.7% last year to $47,230 from $46,440 in 2013. That’s right, the average worker last year saw an increase in their pay that was more than 30% greater than the increase in pay for the average US CEO.


So, when correct information is supplied for analysis, rather than skewed and partial figures lumped into statistics for a particular agenda we see that the rallying cry of the ‘Occupy’ crowd and the socialists and the various political activists, we can see that American CEO’s are paid more than the workers in their companies, they are not ‘immoral and outrageously more’. And once again, those in rank and file of most companies have received pay increases, on average proportionally more than the CEO’s of the companies where they work.

All of this is actually beside the point. The purpose for bashing CEO pay is focused on a purpose of causing a move toward Federal Government regulation of the pay of CEOs of PRIVATE COMPANIES. There is absolutely no constitutional justification or provision for any such role for government, and no amount of skewed analysis of defective statistics should change that.

Here are some sources of reference for the above information:

Bureau of Labor statics report:

American Enterprise Institute analysis of CEO pay:


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Washington Bled to death. Will History Repeat Once More?

Posted by revkharma on July 1, 2009

In December, 1799 at the age of 67 retired President George Washington was riding his property, inspecting and marking trees to be cut. Washington was reportedly still in fine health, a physically strong and strong willed man, full of vigor.

While he rode the weather changed, and he continued to ride in rain and snow and freezing temperatures. From his own diary of the day he reports:

Morning cloudy, wind at northeast and mercury at 33. A large circle around the moon last night. About 10:00 it began to snow, soon after hail and then a settled rain. Mercury at 28 at night

He returned home, retaining his wet, cold clothing.  He grew hoarse, his throat raw and irritated. That night he awoke, feeling ill. The following morning he instructed his aide to ‘bleed him’ a procedure common at the time, and one which Mr. Washington believed would help relieve his distress. At Washington’s directions, his aide removed somewhere less than a pint of blood from the great man’s vein.

During the next days several physicians attended President Washington, continuing to follow the practice of bloodletting attempting to rid him of the affliction which weakened Mr. Washington. Sources put the amount to be in the range of  5-7 pints of blood removed from his body.

One of the physicians attending to the former president proposed:

that the President’s worsening respiratory condition made it imperative that his trachea be perforated. This newly described procedure, attempted as a last therapeutic resort, had been reported to save the lives of patients in extremis. Both Drs Craik and Brown decided against permitting Dr Dick to perform this procedure even though the latter assured them that he would assume all responsibility in case of unfavorable outcome. Dr Dick subsequently noted in a personal correspondence: “I proposed to perforate the trachea as a means of prolonging life and of affording time for the removal of the obstruction to respiration in the larynx which manifestly threatened speedy resolution.”

Accompanied by various poultices and applications of salves, the medical treatment was unhelpful. George Washington died December 14, 1799. There has been much written analyzing the medical treatment.  Practices which seem barbaric to us were commonplace at the time.  However there is a general consensus that Mr. Washington succumbed to asphyxiation from a throat infection, and his condition was severely weakened by the shock of removing nearly half his blood at the same time.  Speculation abounds that had he not been bled, he may have survived the infection. To any modern medical observer, in fact to just about any layman, the practice of removing blood seems wholly dangerous.

In the spring of 2008 the United States began to suffer from economic crises. The bloated housing market was beginning to collapse, creating a ripple throughout the economy in ways unexpected by government economic experts.  As the ‘housing crisis’ worsened, it infected the financial markets, causing investment companies, insurance firms and banks to shudder and those which were weakest began to collapse. The US Treasury and the Federal Reserve formulated a plan, and began to print more and more money,pumping funds into the economy, lending it to various struggling financial industry powerhouses. Despite running near record budget deficits, the US Government borrowed more and more money to finance the expansion of government aid to weakened companies.

As the Bush administration exited, the Obama administration entered the scene. Looking at what had been done Obama, and his Treasury Secretary decided that not enough had been done. (The Treasury Secretary had been a principle architect of the first bailout) The economy continued to stumble, growing weaker and weaker. This was the justification for much more bailout on an amplified scale. The Obama Administration ran up current budget deficits which dwarfed all previous such overspending. In his first proposed budget Mr. Obama has,in one year, exceeded the deficit spending of the previous SEVEN years of the Bush administration. His proposed deficit spending in fact will eclipse that of all previous administrations combined from G Washington to GW Bush.

Such inflationary spending will sap the energy of the US as surely as the bloodletting did of George Washington. Rather than look at the facts, the government is merely following outdated, and dangerous economic treatments. Continuing to run such deficits and expanding the debt in a time of global economic weakness is not far from continuing to bleed the president, while newer treatments, such as  surgical opening the trachea could save him. Solidifying the currency rather than draining the lifeblood would be a better prescription.

Make no mistake, our economy is dangerously weak. The remedies being applied are akin to continued bleeding. We continue to manufacture currency with nothing to back it. As more and more money is printed, the fiat currency in circulation becomes more and more diluted, essentially valueless. The inflationary policies of the Federal Reserve, abetted by the US Treasury department’s  continued profligate spending on various ‘bailout’ and ‘stimulus’ packages weaken the economic body of the nation to the point where we will be unable to sustain ourselves. The continued selling of federal debt to foreign nations will choke us off as surely as an infected trachea choked George Washington.  Inflationary currency practices drain the lifeblood of the economy.  We are being bled to death while we choke on the political schemes of Obama and his allies as they attempt to fundamentally change the nature of our Republic.

The danger is carefully hidden from view, and shrouded in deception. Evan as unemployment continues to rise ( Remember the promise that if we enacted the ‘stimulus bill’ we would not see unemployment rise over 8%?) we are told that things are somehow improving. Look at reports today. The headline on a CNN report reads as follows:

Job market shows some improvement

While the actual text of the story reads this way:

The pace of U.S. job losses has slowed but the labor market is expected to remain weak, according to reports released Wednesday.

Automatic Data Processing, a payroll-processing firm, said private-sector employers cut 473,000 jobs in June, a 2.5% improvement from the revised 485,000 drop in May.

The June job cut total was more than expected. Economists surveyed by had forecast a loss of 394,000 jobs last month.

Don’t worry, all the blood being lost is a good thing, really.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time to find another doctor. Time for Obama and his crew in congress to stop before we die from all this helpful treatment they are giving us. Perhaps a tracheotomy,rather than bleeding, might have saved George Washington. Perhaps a sound dollar, based on something real rather than fiat currency, will save the American Economy. We can at least attempt it. Uncle Sam grows pale from his blood loss as we watch.

Keep the Faith

The Rev


Significant information regarding the treatment and death of George Washington was obtained from the following:

A Moment in Time

The Asphyxiating and Exsanguinating Death of President George Washington

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Who’s Really Heartless?

Posted by deaconkharmafuture1 on May 13, 2009

  Recently the governor of South Carolina refused to take some of Obama’s stimulus money. Notably, some money that was slated to go to the school system, here in SC. Law makers railed against him and trashed him, while prophesying doom and gloom and teacher cuts. Teacher cuts in a system that has shown behind in the national average sounds bad, right? A system that ranks low (37/51) in national standing would cut teachers? Say it isn’t so!
  There is much politics within the school system as well as surrounding it. What many don’t know or don’t understand is that many teachers coming out of college have to go outside SC to get a job. There are not enough the slots for them available here.
  Why is it that many new teachers must go out of state to get a job? Why is it that we must further cut jobs? One reason is the TERI program. The “Teacher and Employee Retention Incentive” program is what is both filling slots new teachers could have, and also eating into the state budget. This is a problem for new teachers, and the state budget, by allowing a teacher to continue to draw retirement and to earn teacher salary and leave, “at the rate consistent with their years of service”, on top of that. So rather than pay a new teacher a first year salary, also providing a job, you close up the job market and over pay a teacher for doing the same job. “The TERI program is designed for employees who wish to access their retirement contributions from the SC Retirement System, but desire to continue employment with the agency and retain the same position they held prior to entering the program.” Wow, Holy Double Dipper Batman! To boot, depending on which version of TERI, they can have contracts for specific terms so they are paid for the term of the contract rather than working as the need exists. What a deal!
  Another district did away with the TERI program and was then either able to hire new teachers or free up their budget without taking benefits  away from anyone. Hooray for one district to go ahead and open the job market and keep folks insured. Lexington 5 did not. Here is where it gets messy. TERI teachers are still teachers and thus with politics the way it is, and the public at large having the attention span that they do (Ritalin seems required as a whole), if you cut TERI teachers it will be reported as cutting “TEACHERS”. Oh how the Malpractice Media will swoon and faint in horror! But wait, if you cut TERI teachers, then the only thing they have lost is the EXTRA salary. You haven’t cut benefits for them because they already are taken care of, as retirees. You have only taken the EXTRA salary. Here’s how it is presented. Try to read that and see if you can tell if there was any determination between TERI and regular teachers.
  Ok, now that we have TERI out of the way, let’s analyze what happened Monday night at the Lexington 5  School board meeting. Last night Herbert Berg, “interim superintendent”, advised the school board to cut school compliance officers and other jobs that folks depend on to provide not only their meager salaries, but also their benefits. He didn’t cut teachers, the “mascot” of the school system. He cut nameless faceless “jobs”. All the while the double dippers, TERI teachers, can continue to occupy seats that would give young South Carolina teachers jobs and benefits or save the very jobs of those who depend on them for benefits. They continue their cushy job under the politically protective umbrella of the title “TEACHER”. Compliance officers and others, who depend on the salary and benefits, got the boot because double dippers are teachers too in the eyes of the media. Never mind that if they had been cut loose, they’d still have benefits and healthcare. Instead, the board and the superintendent cut those who shall remain faceless and voiceless. The reason was because politics dictated it, not smart fiscal policy.
  So who are the bad guys? Sanford has been demonized as the cause of the whole mess. Sanford only wants the budget streamlined. He is unable to micromanage the school board and their decisions. When bloated budgets and gross misuse of funds abound, who would you blame for looking out for the taxpayer? Perhaps we should even consider the legislative body that ignored fiscally responsible options that would have fully funded police, schools and jails. They ignored a fiscally responsible budget that would have upped the school budget by $2.57 billion. Read this piece at the bottom of the linked page: “It doesn’t have to be this way” By GREG RYBERG and TOM DAVIS, Guest Columnists on Nathan’s News blog site . Nathan Ballentine is a state legislature representative for district 71.
  So who here is ultimately responsible? Really, is it Sanford, or Berg and the school board that played politics with lives and healthcare of the voiceless? Ask yourself, who kept sacred, overpaid, cows when they should be considering keeping the folks who have nothing else to depend on?

Follow up:

  In a necessary follow-up to this, I am adding Florida’s recent legislative abomination. To keep it short and simple, the Florida legislative body has decided two things. First, they decided to raid certain “trust funds”. These are”trust funds” that come from payment of certain taxes and are sequestered to pay for the specific departmental budgets. One of the raided trust funds is the Concealed Weapons permit regulatory budget. Funds are paid into the “trust” to pay for background checks and the employees necessary.  The people’s trust in the legislative body of Florida is violated. Florida is in breach of it’s own laws.

  Second, the legislature has inserted an insidious measure to try and confound and damn any effort, by Governor Crist, to use a line item veto to block these travesties. To add this insult, the legislature has added wording in the legislation that specifically states that should any of their budgetary mischief be vetoed, they will directly remove funds from education to make up the shortfall. Once again education is being used as a blunt instrument with which to beat folks over the head who dare protect the people from extortion and graft by an out of control legislature. Will folks wake up to this in time? Or will we continue to ignore the mismanagement and mafioso tactics of our elected officials?


UPDATE: Stimulus money wins in court, but is it as stimulating as we were told?

 It seems Sanford has been told by the State Supreme Court that he must take the money that the legislature has demanded. Hooray for the jobs that will be saved by this money right? The rhetoric is already getting toned down on the ability of this money to save jobs. Already on news outlets, there are reports that jobs won’t all be saved and that indeed taxes may still have to go up and other things this money was supposed to help us avoid, will still happen. 

 Already a source, I have, has mentioned the superintendent has changed his rhetoric that all the jobs would be saved. He has changed it now to “as many as FEASIBLE will be saved”. But wait, wasn’t Sanford the SOLE reason for this bout of job losses? Now that the reason cited for the job losses is gone, why hasn’t the sky opened up and why don’t rainbows appear?

 Maybe this acceptance by Sanford of his court loss was to prove to us it isn’t him after all. Many are saying this court defeat is his way of getting out of the corner he has backed himself into. By accepting defeat he accepts the money, all the while he can remain the small government proponent. I am not so sure this analysis is quite accurate. I think it is, possibly, a shrewd way of showing the taxpayers and teachers exactly who is to blame. Watch and see how many still lose their jobs. I am personally anxious to see if my theory holds out on that. If I am right, watch and see if the news media reports the job losses now. (Below is from “The State” newspaper online)

“Where the money goes..

…K-12 schools $185 million

Lexington 2. Will consider repealing furloughs and salary cuts.

Lex-Rich 5. District had planned to cut 144 jobs, but now will be able to keep some of them.

Richland 1. District informed 150 teachers in April they may not have jobs. How stimulus money will affect those teachers is undetermined.”

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Budgets and Spending: Obama’s “Budget Cut”

Posted by revkharma on April 22, 2009

Imagine you come home one day, and find fire engines in front of your house, significant damage has been done, and the home is no longer habitable without major repairs.

You call your insurance company, and they come out and estimate the repairs.

You go to the office to review the claim and find out how much it will cost.

The Agent says ” Well we looked at everything, and the work has already begun! We hired the finest contractors, and repair crews.

They’re going to redo everything. We’re installing new sod; a sprinkler system is being installed.

Your neighbor’s home got some smoke and water damage too, so we have to repair that as well. Since your home is nicer, and you have insurance and he doesn’t we agreed to upgrade his house, and landscape his yard as well. We’re also putting in a pool for him to compensate him for his hurt feelings since you have one, and he is not as fortunate as you, and deserves one too.

So, your total bill will be $34,000.

You naturally get a bit angry, telling him that he is spending way too much of your money, and giving it to others who have done nothing to earn their own nice home and pool.

He nods, and then says, ‘Ok, you’re a bit upset, and I understand that, but the neighborhood will never get nice unless we prime the pump so to speak.’

Finally, he agrees that the bill is just way too large. He says he’ll call a meeting of all the contractors and have then cut back the amount they’re spending.

They get together, and he calls you when the meeting is finished.

OK, we did it. There’s way too much being spent, so I told everyone they needed to get tough and cut back on everything that is not essential. $34,000 is a lot of money.

So, we reduced the spending plan.

Everyone agreed to reductions, and we will cut the cost by a dime.


Do a fast calculation:

Obama is crowing that he has called his cabinet together, and demanded $100 million in budget cuts.

If you reduce it down, (yes, a hundred million dollars is a large amount of money) and look at that amount as a portion of the incredibly huge spending he proposes it is the equivalent of discounting a bill of $34,000 by ONE DIME.


If someone offered that as a discount, on anything else, anyone would laugh. Instead he trumpets that  as if it’s some draconian slashing of necessary spending in an emergency. I think it’s an insult to taxpayers, and shows once again his self centeredness. He seems to believe that since he ordered it, it MUST be important. His press secretary was at a loss yesterday to even make it look good when asked about the paltry nature of the ‘cuts’.

It is a sign of just how completely out of control the DC government has gotten when One Hundred Million Dollars is literally pocket change compared to the rest of the spending proposed by the president. No economy can sustain this kind of wild spending and the stress it will bring.  Continued spending at this kind of deficit level will bankrupt the treasury, and eventually induce inflation on a scale we have not seen in a generation. The scope of the debt being passed along to the next generation has never been seen in history.

If you follow the comments of President Obama, he often references events as to how old he was when they happened.  He dismissed terrorist charges against Bill Ayers by saying he could not be held accountable for things someone did when he was eight years old.  During the recent meeting of heads of state of the Americas, he responded to an anti American tirade by Hugo Chavez by saying he was at least glad that Chavez had not blamed him for things that happened when he was three months old. Noting exists for President Obama outside his life experience.  This mindset explains much of his actions and plans. Certainly he is incurring a huge debt which will have to be repaid by future Americans. However, when the bill comes due, Mr. Obama will no longer be president, and thus can say, “Well, I’m not in charge now. Someone else handed you the payment slip; you can’t blame me for it.” Or worse, he simply cannot imagine a time without him, so when someone says the debt will need to be repaid down the road, he simply cannnot imagine that time, so for him it does not exist.  On so many fronts this is a dangerous man we have put into the Oval Office. Our children and grandchildren will pay for the mistakes we are making now.


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Back Door Take Over

Posted by revkharma on April 20, 2009

In a move which is covered by a media smoke screen the Obama administration is now moving toward taking control of the banks to which it force fed loans under the Tarp plan originated under the Bush administration. Back then we were told that the banks needed additional capital in order to continue to make loans, or to stay liquid, or well, it seemed the reason varied with what the weather was at the time.

Recently we have seen several banks loudly announcing intent to return the money and, stunningly hearing the Treasury department resisting the repayment. Banks were obviously spooked by the termination of the CEO of General Motors, ordered by Il Duce  President Obama. They saw the future and decided not to play in that game. As the Treasury Dept stalled, the Administration has now come up with another scheme. According to a NY Times story , the Obama Administration plans to convert the loans into shares of common stock. The Times obligingly states this is so that the cost will be minimal. After all, with a trillion dollar deficit, they can’t possibly find another billion or so to save a bank. 

The real story is that once the TARP funds are ‘converted’ to common stock, the US Government, through the Department of the Treasury will be major stake holders in the largest banks in the nation. Without speaking the words, they will have effectively nationalized the banks.  The Times and other media outlets are aware that most Americans are leery of that, instinctively knowing that nationalizing the economy is not the best way to run things. (Medicare is great, right) So the stories going to print now position it as a money saving move, or one which will allow the banks to free up cash.

So, follow the chess board here: First, the Treasury essentially forces the banks to accept loans, needed or not. Demonize the heads of financial institutions who ‘Took government money then spent it on bonuses’ .Then they delay or refuse repayment of those loans until the final part can be put in place. Finally, convert the ‘loans’ into common stock, taking control of the banks in order to extend government control of the economy.

We are moving in lockstep toward a command economy with all the dangers that will bring to our system. Unless Americans speak out, and demand accountability this will all happen without anyone interfering. We will wake up one morning with the very nature of our republic unalterably changed.  All this is being done with absolutely no input from the people, the congress or any legislative support.  This is an administrative takeover of the financial sector. Find me ONE place in the Constitution that authorizes this.

Keep the Faith

The Rev

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EPA Regulations: A Danger To The Constitution?

Posted by revkharma on April 18, 2009

On Friday, the Environmental Protection Agency announced proposed regulations under which it will regulate Carbon Dioxide as a toxic substance. This means that without any oversight, nor legislative control, the EPA will give itself the authority to control virtually any productive activity within the United States. Any mmanufacturing, use of engines, construction of homes or commercial buildings, essentially all productive activity can thus be regulated or stopped by administrative rule of the EPA with no recourse other than expensive and lengthy legal action. And the legal action to challenge it would be likely to fail, as the EPA claims it was ‘forced to act’ by a two year old Supreme Court ruling. In  2007 ruling on Commonwealth of Massachusetts et al. v. Environmental Protection Agency et al, in a split ruling the Supreme Court said that the EPA had violated the Clean Air act by not regulating new car emissions as a dangerous substance. Chief Justice Roberts, in his dissent even went so far as to say the majority had used ‘slight of hand to even grant Massachusetts standing to bring the suit.”

Even if we were to accept the alarmist proposition that global warming is an imminent danger, and further to grant that carbon dioxide is the ( or even the strongest) cause of global warming, the proper place for a regulation which will force action in every area of national activity lies properly with the legislative branch, not in the Supreme Court.  Once the EPA had made the originaldecision not to regulate CO2 as a hazard, the court should not have the power to compel, at the behest of a single state, executive action. So, what we now have is an activist liberal bloc of the court, conniving with liberal states to force an administrative agency of the executive branch of government to take action against its own rulings.  Massachusetts is certainly empowered to promulgate any regulations it sees fit, and regulate any activity within the state. By gaming the system, we have one state essentially forcing 49 others to follow rules it desires to enact.

Even in the press release from the EPA states that the proper place for such regulations should be with Congress. However, even while stating that, they asserted authority to control all emissions of CO2. The scope of this cannot be understated. There really is no facet of economic activity which cannot conceivably be regulated now by the EPA under this proposed regime. Even should Congress intervene, any legislation would be reviewed and managed through the EPA and it’s enforcement regulations.

With one ruling, the Federal Government has now taken a giant step toward eliminating private control of industry in the United States. Anything deemed to produce carbon emissions will now be subject to regulation, taxation or direct federal oversight.

Once more, and with little fanfare or resistance our government by constitution has become a government by regulatory fiat. At what point will Americans realize that the dream of the Founders is being crushed? Have enough of the people been given enough government cheese that they no longer care what else happens?  If you don’t contact your representatives and demand they act to rescind this, everything in our economy becomes weaker by the minute. Soon, very soon, we will become a third world nation.

Keep the Faith

The Rev

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Economics, Population and Abortion

Posted by revkharma on April 12, 2009

I have read many different articles over the last few years addressing economic trends. In the last year they have focused on the housing bubble and it’s relevance to our current economic crisis. Inflated housing prices spiraled out of control, and eventually collapsed which created a chain reaction throughout the economy of the US and the world.  Often we are told that the economic problems we face will not settle out until the housing market rebounds. When we begin to buy houses again, at re-inflated prices the US economy will re-inflate and we will back at our old pace once more, spending money we don’t have.

This afternoon I opened my newest issue of First Things. It sat on my desk for several days, I have been apprehensive about reading it. The original editor and driving force, Fr. Richard Neuhaus died earlier this year. The journal has inspired and educated me for more than a decade since I read the first issue I encountered. His passing has made me wonder just who is capable of picking up the banner he so ably carried during his tenure.

In this issue there is an essay, dealing with economics and families. I have seen bits and pieces and hints about this, but Daniel Goldman had fleshed out and given life to the ideas as no one has ever done. He describes the theory that it is the distribution of young and old that has continued to refresh and renew our economy for generations.  The young families have need of houses and all the accessories which would accompany that. The older members of our population have need of investment and growth of financial security. This has worked for generations, providing a continuous cycle of growth and expansion, opportunity and advantage for all concerned.

The demographics since the late 1960’s have begun to erode this model. Increasingly families are smaller, fewer children means fewer and smaller houses. As happens more and more often, there are single parent homes and homes with no children at all.

Make no mistake here, I am not, and never will criticize someone who has a small family, or even no children at all. Not everyone is cut out to raise a family.

The problem here is not the occasional small family or childless couple. The problem is a society that has devalued the family entirely. We have created a new ethos where having a family and raising children is not only removed from the primary role of a society, it is now frowned upon.  Those who have a family are regarded as outlaws, and the green movement had demonized them. We are no longer sustaining our population. Societies are aging. We hear over and over that the US Social Security program will be bankrupt due to a lack of wage earners paying to support those receiving benefits. Virtually every Western nation is moving toward demographic extinction. In his article, Mr. Goldman displays a chart which shows the age of ‘Advanced Nations”. In 1965 the population aged older than 65 was approximately 10% of the general population. Those under age 4 made up about 8%. Projected for the year 2050, the trend shows a remarkable shift. Over aged 65 is projected to be more than 30%, while those under age 4 show less than 5%. Clearly this presents an unsustainable strain on the traditional economic cycle.

What is it that could account for this? Mr. Goldman’s article is not meant to address this.

However, as I read it a number kept presenting itself to my mind. I kept thinking of a number I have heard over and over. That number is in the range of 50 million.

That number is the estimated number of humans who would be current Americans had they not been aborted. Our culture of death has wiped out the hope of our generation.

All the economics lectures, and demographic analysis ever written cannot erase that fact. The Culture of Death that has enveloped our society has caused a devastating erosion to our ability to fund our own nation.

We can debate deficit spending, socialism, and capitalism, democrats and republicans in government, but we face a stark reality.

America is rapidly aging. We are aging as a nation because we have become essentially self-centered. The inconvenience of bearing and raising children has been alleviated by the simple answer of eliminating the children considered such a burden.

This is certainly one of a panoply of factors which include delaying marriage, reduced size of families, and many other fractured and altered family structures. However the fact remains, that had fifty million children not been murdered before they were born, we would be facing an entirely different demographic today. Perhaps individual wealth would not have grown so fast. Individual self fulfillment might not be such a sought after goal. We surely would not have a society which faces extinction simply because we are growing older and are not able to fund our expansion. One may debate the morality of the issue, and many do. The straight economics are simply numbers. We are dying, and we are not replacing our dying members. There are many ways to look at it, but there is simply no way to see it differently. We are paying the price of convenience. We are paying now for the elimination of a generation which we never permitted to exist.

The culture of death has created a wound in our society and the infection continues to weaken us. Combined with the unlimited demand for government payment for individual needs we are facing a bankrupt nation.  America, we are paying for our choices, no matter if we decide to face it or ignore it.

We can look at so many of the dangers we face as a society and point back to the devaluation of live embodied by the abortion culture. The devaluation of life spreads and creates an ethos of total selfishness which infests and debases every aspect of our world today. The total self absorption, the movement toward the importance of the self and the instant gratification which has been exalted as the pinnacle of achievement all flow logically from the mindset which decides that one individuals life is more important than any other consideration. We are no longer looking toward self reliance, but rather to self preservation. 

The nation which was formed with a minimal government to protect basic rights is now a nation which wants a strong government to provide everything at the expense of others.  Instead of a generation willing to go to war to save the world, we have a generation which seems to want to beg the world to save them.  Istead of raising children and providing for the future, we want to have the government raise and provide for us.

We have taken the dream of the founders and turned it on its ear. We have perverted the original republic and corrupted it to a democracy which feeds off its children instead of protecting them.

That cliff is getting closer and closer and the nation is sliding faster and faster into the abyss. 


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A dangerous wind is blowing

Posted by revkharma on March 31, 2009

When I was growing up, I was told I lived in a Constitutional Republic. I remember standing in the street during parades, my hand over my heart as the Flag passed me. We had memorized the words as very young children:

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America. And to the Republic, for which it stands…..”

We all knew the words. I grew up with that as my bedrock understanding of the nation, of the very world in which we grew up.

I went to school and learned in Civics class of so many things. How a bill becomes a law. The separation of powers. The right.. no the DUTY to vote. The incredible sacrifices made by the founders of our Republic, and those who put everything on the line to protect the liberty they believed–no the liberty they knew was bestowed on us by God  Generations of Americans understood this, and taught their children the fact that they were Americans and their birthright was liberty.

Today, I woke up and all that seems to have changed.

This morning I think instead of the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America, a land of laws and not men, a place where all are created equal, I awoke in the Fascist Republic of America.  Now, understand, I am not saying Fascist in the twisted and misused way so many illiterate college kids have used the term. I am not saying ” Amerikka” like the dolts of the 1960’s counterculture era.



(sometimes initial capital lettera governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc.,

  The President of the United States today announced that 

   GM was not operating the way he wished, and the CEO was required to step down. 

The President of the United States announced that Chrysler Corp, a privately held corporation will be required to complete a merger with FIAT within 30 days.

Now, AIG, for example has effectively surrendered control by ceding roughly 80 percent of voting stock in return for loans and subsidies from the federal government. While both GM and Chrysler have taken loans, they have not surrendered such control. 

The President has led the mob, staying a few steps ahead while those he selects have felt the heat of the anger of the rabble he stirs up.  Americans are told that the car execs are bad, and people scream for their heads. No one bothers to look at the union bosses, who have not surrendered a penny of their fat pensions and their salaries. If GM for example were to file bankruptcy, the unions would appear in court no better nor worse than any other claimant to GM’s money. Union contracts  would no longer need to be an anchor around the necks of the car companies, But the Unions have long been patrons of Obama’s Democrat party. In order to protect what he perceives to be his political base, President Obama has taken a step and seized control of two private companies. There is simply no justification, no constitutional foundation for this action. If, as he says, this is to restructure them to survive, he is doing something else here too. On Fred Thompson’s radio program on Monday, I heard him make a solid point. Mr. Obama is acting in the role of a bankruptcy judge. This is clearly a violation of the separation of powers. The political branch of government is not the correct place to execute a bankruptcy, it is the purview of the judicial branch. The President has taken so many questionable steps during his short tenure, but this is not questionable. I think it is clear to anyone without a set of political blinders on that what was done here is clearly unconstitutional. Yet no one seems to be making too much noise.

As I said, this morning I woke up in a different country. The constitution is dead. I think no one will appear at the wake. Everyone is afraid their business may be the next one seized.

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Are They That Stupid? Or Is This The Real Agenda?

Posted by revkharma on March 25, 2009

U.S.  Treasury Secretary, and admitted tax cheat Timothy Geithner said in an interview that he is not opposed, in principle to the Chinese proposal to create a new international currency to replace the US Dollar in all international trade.

“We’re actually quite open to that suggestion – you should see it as rather evolutionary rather building on the current architecture rather than moving us to global monetary union,” he said.

Now we need to be clear here, that what the Chinese are talking about ( and recently the Russians also proposed) is a “Reserve Currency” and not a global dollar of sorts. However, by directly stating that they wish to replace the current standard, the US Dollar, the world economic leaders are tacitly acknowledging the frail state of the US economy, and the continued decline of the power of the US Treasury to lead in economic affairs. Our currency has become so overinflated that is now teetering on the edge of worthlessness.

While The Great and Powerful Obama has insisted that he inherited a huge deficit, he in fact has done more by himself than any other president to damage our economic future. According to US Rep Michelle Bachman (R-MN) the debt to be created in the first two months of the Obama administration is greater than that of all other U.S. Presidents before him combined.  Pause a moment here.   Let that sink in. Add up the debt burden from George Washington through George W. Bush, and the total is still less than that incurred by our current administration. 

Next add in the dire predictions he made of economic collapse. Then the new stakes of his planned takeover of the us private sector.  This begins to look less and less like a stumbling reeling neophyte and more and more like some sort of Manchurian Candidate. 

Keep the Faith!

The Rev

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Incompetence: Coincidence, or Planned?

Posted by revkharma on March 6, 2009

This has been a dreadful week for the good old USA.  We can see the incredible danger we are facing when politics trumps all other considerations. Recall that as a sop to some of the old guard in the democrat party, The Great and Powerful Obama named Hillary Clinton,a woman of vast foreign policy experience. remember her tall tales?  How it was the fabulous Hillary who negotiated the Dayton Peace accords? Or how she dashed between flying bullets in Kosovo while representing her husband’s administration there? 

This week we heard of her offer to allow Russia to regain control of our new allies in Eastern Europe, if only Putin and Medvedev would talk nice to the Iranians. The Russians, seeing an opportunity, laughed at the offer, and so once more the USA looks like a weakling, pleading for help from stronger friends.

Obama himself showed a complete disregard for America’s longest, strongest ally in Europe, forcing British Prime Minister Brown to practically beg for the traditional press conference standing with twin flags.  Obama’s diplomatic tone deafness rang through as he presented Mr. Brown with a silly collection of old movies on DVD as an official state gift. Ironically, among the gifts given to Mr. Obama was a seven volume biography of Winston Churchill. Recall that the Obama administration returned the bust of Churchill that has been in the Oval Office since former Prime Minister gave to  the US as a sign of solidarity after 9/11.

Not to be outdone, Mrs. Clinton had a wonderful time in the last few days. First a in a ridiculous gesture, she gave a red button, so symbolize ” VP Biden’s pledge to reset our relationship”. After bragging how hard she had worked on getting the word exactly right. Afer her great show of intellect, the Russian foreign minister( speaking in English, by the way) told her that she had gotten it wrong. Instead of the word for ‘reset’ the magic button said ‘overcharge’. How appropriate.

Add to this, Mrs. Clinton had continued to mangle the names of top EU diplomats with whom she has met this week.

The crowning bit of public self humiliation was her lecture to EU leaders as to how she ‘could not understand the multiparty democracy’ which they practiced.

“I have never understood multiparty democracy.


“It is hard enough with two parties to come to any resolution, and I say this very respectfully, because I feel the same way about our own democracy, which has been around a lot longer than European democracy.” 

Never mind that the roots of democracy go back to ancient Greece. After all, everything is new now that Obama is here, isn’t it?

Of course she didn’t end there. She followed this by reminding her European counterparts that they should not miss the opportunity to take advantage of a good crisis’ to advance their agenda for global warming  and energy security. 

Lastly, we come to the US Treasury Department. Reportedly at least a third of all mid to high level potential appointees have some sort of tax problems keeping them from assuming a post.  Today we now hear that Tax Cheat Geithner had his choice for the number two slot withdraw her name, as she now believes she is not confirmable. To date, the Treasury Secretary has not named a single top deputy or assistant secretary to the department. Somehow this does not show the commitment Obama the Great and Powerful promised to use upon taking office to fix our economy right away.

The chaos and disarray are, I think not accidental. This group has no plans, other than to sow fear and confusion, while attempting to fix blame more than fixing problems.  The longer the dolts who voted this charlatan into office remain in the dark, the easier it will be for Pelosi and Reid to ram Obama’s agenda through Congress while Obama insists he’s fixing everything for us.

Those who see through this need be prepared. We will see just how bad things can get. Only of his agenda can be stopped can this Republic survive.  I know I have pounded this drum before, but we are in a dangerous time for our nation. I do not believe for an instant this is all mere coincidence. These incompetent appointments are not accidental. The worse things get, the more power the uneducated will permit to be taken from them. The worse things seem, the more the welfare serfs will agree to surrender to a ruler who promises to save them from the dangers that lurk in the dark and evil world. We remain ignorant at our peril.

Keep the Faith

The Rev

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